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  1. After passivating in citric acid what does it come out looking like? Is it a little dull and grey or bright?
  2. I've been making cheese knives out of stainless steel shorts, so unknown grade stainless. I recently saw a post on instagram where the guy was forging stainless jewellery and he said he was pickling and passivating the stainless in aluminium sulphate before polishing. Googling explained what the pickling and passivating process is but I couldn't see any references to aluminium sulphate being used. Also if the passivating process leaves a coating only microns thick wouldn't polishing wear that coating off? Does Anybody have any experience with these processes?
  3. So what tooling have you made for it Andrew?
  4. Happy to hear tips on how not to set my self on fire.
  5. I can see why early bolts had Sq. heads any idea why they are still used in certain applications like lathe tool posts? I guess the heads are smaller so they can be closer together
  6. Frosty the pipe coming off the elbow is only short as it has a shut off valve in it. I plan to put it on a stand with the gas bottle below and a reasonable gap between. does that alleviate your concern?
  7. Does anyone have access to either a Silver No.3. Or Buffalo Forge 66? im looking for details on missing parts so I can make something up similar to complete my latest drills.
  8. I started building this gas forge in December 2015 and it got mostly done with the exception of the mortar and paint. Now Feb 2017 it has got those two items completed and has been put to use. It even cooks lunch while cooling down. Started with corn finished with a few snags.
  9. If you want inspiration take a look inside this book. The Art of Fine Tools.
  10. Since we have a 3 week old baby and I'm not getting any sleep I'm staying out of the smithy until I'm not a complete zombie. Hopefully I'll either get used to no sleep or things will improve soon as I need to get things done. In the meantime I'm researching the New Kinyon Design power hammer which hopefully I can't maim myself doing in my sleep deprived state. Where can I find the latest iteration of the plans and have there been any advancements recently? Is there a PDF version? I did see a video of a twin rod head on YouTube as opposed to the specified square run in UHMW guides. i need to find out what equivalent parts are available over here and do a costing on it I noticed some double hit when you stop is this common to all, what causes it and how do you resolve this?
  11. It's been a long time since these plans were released. Has there been any further advancements made with the design?
  12. Photos have been emailed. Hope they are helpful.
  13. I have taken a bunch of photos with an imperial ruler,. We do metric over here. Give me an email address and I'll send them to you.
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