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  1. Funniest thing I've read all day! You're awesome Frosty! Ribbits...I love it!
  2. I agree with Frosty, i'd like to tell people I knew you "When..." And if that hot cut is still available, i'll buy it from you. Do you have a touchmark? I want to prove to people it really was one of yours!
  3. You're work is awesome! I had no idea you were so young, you far surpass my "skills"! Keep up the good work, I can't imagine how great you'll be when your my age! I like the rain gauges, where do you find the glass? That seems like a project I could handle!
  4. These are very nice! When doing the fork, or the heart, are you flattening the end, then splitting it? (I think I'd need a hacksaw, I don't think I could hot cut something that thin!)
  5. These are great! Ausfire, the cupped shaped berries of the gum leaves looked like candle cups to me at first, (Having never seen a gum berry!) That gave me the idea that you could easily add a candle cup to make a neat centerpiece...
  6. This video was made by John Bennett, an awesome smith who has a few great videos on youtube (I hope he doesn't mind my sharing the link), and I think it has what you're looking for. I loved this method, and it can also be used on bottle openers, key chains, or anything else you can think up! (Post pictures, we love sharing and "borrowing" ideas!)
  7. On a different note, where the piece meets the desk could cause scratches on the surface of the shelf. I would suggest a pad of some sort, maybe a small piece of that rubber cupboard mesh used to protect plates, cut to size and stuck on the hook. You'd want it grip well but not be noticeable. (It would even make the hook more secure) Just a thought...
  8. I think the unicorn horns look great, not machine perfect, but a bit askew, as a horn would naturally grow. I also think they'd be awesome self defense weapons for the ladies!
  9. Aus, I've seen the rams head tutorials where they cut down the sides of material towards the face, and lift up and curl to make the horns, but it doesn't look like you'd have enough material for that, did you split the end and fold it over for the head? It looks awesome.
  10. I had that idea last year! I was going to try using black pipe to make them, but I forgot all about it! Thanks for reminding me. I have a habit of putting great forging ideas in a book I keep, and then forgetting all about them!
  11. One more reason I need a power hammer!
  12. Wow, that's some serious tapering! I Like it! You could also make a bottle opener using the wrench end if you crush it down a bit, then it would be all purpose! (There were some done like that in the bottle opener thread!)
  13. Hello 7A749! Glad to see your work! My Dad was an old school tin knocker, and I dabbled a bit in some punched tin items, but never got to do any detailed forming like that frame, that is awesome, i'd like to see how it's done if you ever have time to make a video or two! My one suggestion would be to keep in mind that you may need a spacer or something on the other side of the back so it will lay flat on the wall when hung. (I made a picture frame once that always leaned towards the right of the room until I put a few of those felt discs on the other side!)
  14. Hi Beth!

    An old thread was resurrected on the site, and I saw your name and realized I hadn't seen you around in a very long time.

    I had always enjoyed your posts and seeing what exciting items you were working on.

    I hope all is well with you, and the lack of activity doesn't mean you've given up the craft!

    Drop a note sometime.

    Take care, - Jim (JimsShip)


  15. I found this pic., but there was no link to its origin, so please give my high praise to whomever created it! I love using old items to make new art, this is amazing. It says it was made entirely of old shovels. On a side note, I've been coming to iforgeiron for a few years now, but never wandered to the section, what a fool I've been! There's no much more to read and inspire me! I love it...
  16. Ausfire, your shop is very nice, but those cars in the back round are awesome!
  17. I like the square die, did you make that? Now I want one... Frosty's idea is also great, I'll need other shapes too...
  18. Safety equipment is a good idea, a nice leather apron or something. How about items like raw beeswax for finishing, or maybe some Mountain Flux to help with your welding. (When you're ready for it!) The idea of a membership is also a good idea.
  19. Ausfire, I love the cross/daggers! Can you show the steps you used to make them? They are awesome. The slingshot was always a great idea, but i've never seen then made with a rivet, usually you see the spike split and drawn out to make the U. Cool stuff.
  20. If you google you'll find all sorts of stuff. I used to make tiny leaves out of the heads for bookmarks. I'm still looking for that perfect horseshoe nail ring jig, doing them on the cone is very time consuming! I did save this PDF of making the spoon jig, but never made it. (There was an awesome thread here that got really heated on the subject of whether the "spice spoon" was in fact an actual historic implement or just a fancy tale created by those who would use it for their own habits!) Horseshoe_Nail_Spoon_Jig.pdf
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