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  1. I was hoping he had a source for Dire Wolf Jaw tongs.
  2. Thanks for the replies. What kind of Wolf jaw tongs do you use Frosty?
  3. As a beginner with a limited budget I'm tempted to buy offset (gooseneck) v-bit tongs. They "seem" to offer the greatest versatility. I'm specifically looking at the Off-Center brand offered by Blacksmiths Depot. Is there a downside over the inline pair? Thanks.
  4. If nothing else, I can imagine a one-off porcupine sculpture. Maybe wood body covered in stainless steel quills. Heat up the tips in your forge or with a torch and then burn them into the wood. Or pre drill and glue. One off in that you could put it in your office. If your confident in your sterilization methods maybe you could sell them or give them away.
  5. Are those stainless washers or galvanized?
  6. Is each tooth a single piece bent in half and slid over the central piece?
  7. Maybe not efficient as the previous methods, but I could see getting the arcs from slicing thin sections of pipe and the cutting the slice in half or thirds. Would probably only make sense if you had a band saw or big cutoff saw.
  8. Two of these would be great for picking up 8 lb pork butts after smoking them.
  9. Some morning doves a while back when I kept my forge in the backyard instead of the garage.
  10. Compared to a lot of forums, IFI doesn't have as many new threads. A 5 year old thread could easily be on the second page. Plus I imagine very few people worry about checking the date. I use forums as a source of information and ideas. I'd say from that perspective having the same information presented from multiple view points is value added.
  11. Did you make them straight then bend the bit? Maybe with a piece of the target stock in the bit?
  12. On a related note, what would be the safest way to make the cuts for a split cross using a portaband. Feels like the fingers are awfully close with 1/2 inch stock.
  13. Hot cutting is a new fangled invention by blacksmiths to lazy to pound the stock into the shape you want. Humbug!
  14. My brother-in-law says he can do the 9" portion of 1 3/4" at his work. I'm still going to explore the VoTech angle. May end up with a hybrid machining/forging approach. I appreciate any tips/tricks I can get...theoretical or otherwise.
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