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  1. Most Columbians that have an M are 100lbs according to AIA. The pictures don’t show the opposite side and it is hard to judge the size by the pictures.
  2. According to AIA it is from 1903. Very fine looking Trenton! I always love that statistic about accidents within 3 miles of your home. There is only 1 place we all drive to and from to the most and thats home, so of course thats where most of the accidents happen. I am also amazed at how many vehicles you see with unsecured loads or that are full of stuff. All potential hazards if things go bad.
  3. 68095 is approximately 1907. We have a member who is collecting Trenton data so if you could post pictures especially of the side with the logo and weight.
  4. The 4 is probably an A. The S/Ns never got that high before they started putting an A as the first character. A13485 would be 1919. Weigh it on a bathroom scale if you need to know the exact weight. The weight stamps were usually very close. We always like to see pictures!
  5. By 1901 the S/Ns were in the 4000 range and 1900 is the first year of production so can’t be any earlier. I have not seen or heard of any other anvil reference material. That was the driving factor, according to Mr. Postman, for his greatly appreciated research and writing of the book.
  6. The earliest Arm and Hammer Mr Postman posted in AIA is 162 and had an approximate date of 1900. Appears to be in great condition!
  7. Anvil does not need to be dead flat. Please NO MILLING!
  8. In my opinion a restored anvil should be only lightly wire brushed and still have the nice dark patina.
  9. S/N 537 should be from the first year of production, 1900. Looks like its in excellent condition!
  10. So much of communication between people, especially with strangers, is in body language. There are both pros and cons to not being able to see the other participants. One of my rules is that if I wouldn’t say it directly in person you don’t say it. It is very easy to say derogatory things to or about a person when not facing them. Going for an inexpensive poor quality speaker phone for your conference room is false economy.
  11. The specification brochure you provided a link to tells you every thing you need to know. My understanding and limited experience is Monel can be forged but it is tough stuff even at high temps, not cutting edge hard though.
  12. Looks like a cast iron anvil. Do a rebound test before buying!
  13. Found a before and after picture. There must have been some underlying issue! With 2 garages on the ground floor the rear wall would have to be a very well constructed shear wall!
  14. We did fine here, some broken trinkets and decorations, lots of stuff fell off shelves in the garage. You can definitely tell the direction the waves came from. If you look close you can see the double garage door under the big windows. I think the stairs used to up to the front door.
  15. The inbound Glenn highway and what used to be a 2 story house. Miraculously I have not heard of any fatalities or serious injuries. There must have been some unknown issues with those poor peoples house. The minimal damage to residential housing is a testament to modern building engineering.
  16. Here is an aerial image of Vine road Frosty is talking about!
  17. Should be from 1904. As long as the rebound is good and it rings good dont get hung up on measurements. The were made individually so each one has unique characteristics.
  18. K.I.S.S. Large Kids play bucket filled with water, place propane bottle in water, a weight on top to hold it down and keep upright. Not dangerous, not hazardous, inexpensive, no power required. Can run 2 3/4” burners on a 20lb bottle till it runs out and maintain 50 psi outlet pressure. If you want to keep mosquitos from breeding a little common dish soap in the water stops that.
  19. Metric grade 12.9. 170,000 psi tensile strength alloy steel. Bout a $10.00 dollar bolt! Info from McMaster Carr catalog
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