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    still in Smiths Falls Ontario
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    Smithin, Old trucks,buckskinning,old stuff,horses,silver jewellery,old guns,cannons,


  • Location
    Smiths Falls , Ontario,Canada
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    horses,old things, steam,reenactments
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    Gas fitter

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  1. sfDuck

    Fireplace Tools

    HI Jeremy , I"m a long lost friend, DUCK, Quack Quack! My Truck broke and so am I. But I got a lift to town .Man I sooo missed getting to the site.Talking to another Smith WOW! I,m 70 now and don"t move too well. But manage to keep the anvil ringin. If no one remembers me just follow the cwracker cwrumbs to a time long ago. Tell everyone I miss em, oh ya Thats one FINE SET! See ya in the Funny Papers
  2. If you polish the edges and carefully heat them they turn blue and brass hilliate, wire brush and grinder all change the colour for a dramatic look. And for those without Plasma cutters can use grinders with sheet steel, different size cut off wheels thicknesses leaving the ragged edges.
  3. When children learn their letters the next thing is usually drawing. Axes have a nice size space to work with, and maybe a nice keltic knot. Blacksmithing is a lot of fun, teaching just adds to the fun! Glad to see your having so much.
  4. Hey mate I'm doin fine just busy at home and internet is free at the donut shop
  5. This is for an outdoor sign the logo is made of copper and it needs to be green for a shamrock. ten years is tooo long to wait. Anything faster?
  6. Its a cow. Put its tongue up its nose then everyone will recognize it!
  7. Making rams for .......Dodge trucks............horse heads. and putting a ring around the whole thing was something they did on the old hood ornaments. I saw an amazing oldy of a flying duck on a hood and all the edges were rounded off. Many were conceptual ideas of birds and airplan with a lockinges with coloured plastic inserts. An important thought how to make them vandal proof, screwed from the inside with a locking hood.
  8. I tink I fingered it out, some folks like. skulls and some funny faces.......which one am I not .skulls, they remind me of the expressions on most folks faces. Till they see somtin cute or funny. Nomat er way ya go your work is.................supperlative!
  9. I hope you make a good profit, blacksmiths and starving artists are related I think?
  10. .Das.......Getting into art and selling it is alot like finding a customer with deep pockets and wants to restore and rebuild old classic cars. hard to find critters
  11. Great opener, put it together with an armoured hand and and use them to cut real roses in the garden?
  12. Richard we want to see all the clutter too! It gives us ideas, Really good work, You should be teaching.
  13. Thats eggzackery the way I remember I them being when I'd tilt my lance at one. Well done fellars. I had a pile of scales left at the bottom of the anvil t5he last time I forged a dragon.
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