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  1. You hear what they are saying about its value. But, apart from that, good job on asking.
  2. I really like the different layer densities.
  3. I would have to agree though, that I'd rather listen to a real expert with plenty of real experience (which many of those here are, and which I most certainly am not) instead of a self-declared "expert", whose "expertise" is in error. I note that though it seemed to be implied, he does not say that he has been hammering steel for years. He says that it has been years since he thought he would start hammering, and that over time he has acquired some knowledge, but he does not state that he acquired it by experience. I have learned many things here myself in the same way, though I have
  4. or the folks who "know" stuff that just ain't so. I have to be careful sometimes not to accidentally fall into one of those two groups...
  5. Well, yes, it is. Obviously if were to blow coals out of the forge it would be too powerful, but I believe that you can have so much air that it actually cools the fire down.
  6. looks like the mi..hs might be part of "smiths"
  7. The only thing I can say as "criticism" is that the handle grain might be better off running directly up and down the handle to help prevent breakage.
  8. Ok, so since nobody else appeared to have taken it up, I did. I know that it didn't turn out as even as many of you can make it, but it was good practice tapering. Oh, did I say I took three forging sessions and who knows how many heats? (and yes that is my foot)
  9. Yes, many times, though usually not more than a day or two. Often hymns or choir anthems, or something I like to whistle. In the latter category would be stuff like the Arkansas Traveler and the Irish Washer Woman--fun with places for embellishment.
  10. I assume you figured out that the computer probably will not be well served by hot steel...
  11. I suspect that this thread could get really long over time...
  12. And if it gets too cold it might make it more likely to try to pop out, I would think, as it would have more resistance. I have a minor scar on my face where a dagger blade (before I decided that I was not ready for such items) did that too. I was wearing my safety glasses, but I think maybe I let it get too cool and might not have had the right tongs (or not had them positioned correctly). It was a learning experience, but could have been bad.
  13. "Despite the very long list of woods below, very few woods are actually toxic in and of themselves. But what a great number of woods do have the potential to do is cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. However, all woods produce fine dust when worked, which in turn can damage your lungs and cause a number of other adverse health reactions." This was quoted from the first article mentioned above. So simply handling something like Sassafras occasionally is not a problem in and of itself for most people? Also, what level of exposure does the chart assume? Just wondering.
  14. True, but for a large hunk of steel, terminal velocity is significantly faster that.
  15. Oops, that's supposed to be Sear's tower.
  16. I had a math problem once about dropping objects from the Seas tower-- 208 mph when they hit the ground...
  17. beech

    First Gas Forge

    At least you're not incorrectly calling it "smelting" like some who've been here...
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