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  1. Some type of broach to make a square hole? Dunno, that doesn't explain that big ole spike on the on end.
  2. This can sometimes come in handy as well. Called auto flex-pipe. Used to be used to make cheap repairs on exhaust pipes but I think that won't pass inspection these days. Still may be able to find it in your local auto parts store. Or your friend at the muffler shop may either have some or be able to order it for you.
  3. I'll find the YouTube on the knife and watch it tonight!
  4. Enjoyed the spoon a fork videos. Looking forward to watching the ladle! Was one done on the knife? edit to add: The ladle looks great like the other pieces. In fact the ladle and fork are really cool !
  5. That video blows my mind. Two gross of blades per day just is literally, mind boggling. I worked two years with a master jeweler from Izmir Turkey. He was phenomenal in that, every move was calculated, never a wasted motion, never a need to go back and "fix" a boo-boo. The gentleman in the video reminded me of that, no wasted motion. Perfection that can only come from a God-given gift and decades of mastering the craft. 33 years as a bench jeweler, even having acquired a "master" status and yet I know, I'm not there yet. Amazing and a thing of beauty to watch a true craftsman work. Art and technique beautifully blended together.
  6. Yes, pritchel hole and handling holes underneath horn and heel. That's about all I know. Do not know if pritchel hole is original or not.
  7. haven't seen it in person so cannot use chalk etc.
  8. Hello, newb here. I know you folks are bound to get tired of answering this question but, can someone ID this anvil. Sorry this is the best photos I have as it is a CL listing. I haven't seen it in person. Listed as an "English" anvil, 130 lb (I think exact would be 129 according to stamp) Looks like: MI HS or maybe MI H8 or even SMI H8... From the picture I can't ID stamp between those initials nor what is below. Can't find anything with googling except possibly a Mousehole though that isn't quite right...not sure. Any help appreciated.
  9. What very limited experience I've had with forging with wood ^^that ^^ has been my experience. When the air is on it will eat that wood like there's no tomorrow!
  10. I believe this is the forge he uses. Lots of info and YouTube videos out there using this forge and forging with wood fire (converting to charcoal as your forge) http://whitloxhomestead.com/
  11. First post here just to say I think the video was very informative, helpful and well done. I agree the picture in a picture is very helpful as is the text. When I get a little further along with forging this will be one of my first projects. Thanks. (By the way, I appreciate the constant tweaking to get it "just right" to your eye. I'm a bit of a perfectionist myself!)