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  1. two hammers I received today

    I received this great pair of forging hammers today from Jackpine Forge (Nathan Robertson). 2.5 lb cross and straight peins out of 1045 steel. They look and feel amazing, can't wait to try them tomorrow.
  2. Oh lord, I cant see

    I use shade 5 welding glasses, then judge temperature by comparing the steel color to the tip of a thermocouple I have in the forge.
  3. Dragon Faced Fire Poker

    Serious nice work there, wow. Love the twist.
  4. bicycle chain kitchen knife

    Thanks a lot. I did a few quick wipes with a diluted mix of ferric chloride and white vinegar.
  5. bicycle chain kitchen knife

    Not really, it's pretty solid.
  6. bicycle chain kitchen knife

    Thanks Will and bnewberry. I try to tessellate the chain evenly and tack weld it in place before forge welding. It is a crappy material to work with but looks neat in the end.
  7. bicycle chain kitchen knife

    I forged this kitchen knife out of bicycle chain with a 1080 steel backer. It is hollow ground and has a single bevel edge (for left handed use). The cutting edge is entirely 1080 steel, the chain is just for looks. Redheart wood handle.
  8. 13th,14th and 15th ish pair of tongs

    These look really nice and symmetrical. Wish mine were that good, the one pair I made is an abomination.
  9. I made this rivet heading/upsetting tool today based vaguely on pictures I saw online. I think it will work all right, I plan on using it to make some tong rivets soon. Stupidly, the center of mass makes the spring side dip down when trying to clamp it in the post vise... I might shorten it up someday so it doesn't take 3 hands to use this thing. I'll also take a die grinding bit to the countersinks and round them over some more tomorrow. I clamped a shim in the jaws when drilling the holes so they will grip the rod well. The holes are 1/4, 3/8, 5/16, and 1/2".
  10. O1 spark test

    I've noticed that O1 spark tests differently than 10-series high carbon steel. The sparks seemed closer to how mild steel behaves.
  11. Temperature reading

    Chile forge recommended this one to me: I ended up ordering a slightly different one with better shielding on the wire. I use a cheap PID controller that accepts K-type thermocouples as my reader. This is the part number I ordered, works great for me: TJ36-CAXL-14U-18-SB
  12. 1.75lb Bow Tie axe

    Excellent axe. Is it wrapped or punched? I've never tried one, but really want to.
  13. Green woodworking tools

    Very nice work. The hatchet and spoon gouge are my favorites.
  14. Damascus Fork

    This is mild strapping, I have the original box and looked up the part number. But maybe it did have some carbon migration. The heat treat on the original was to try and make the etch cleaner and strengthen the thin prongs (which backfired on me). This one I left soft, and it seems plenty stiff enough to use.
  15. Damascus Fork

    I forged this pattern-welded damascus fork out of bandsaw blades and pallet strapping. It's just a simple twist pattern, but I think it came out well. My first attempt at making one failed, as I managed to snap off the tips after heat treatment when trying to un-bend them from a warp. So this is the second fork from the remainder of the billet. I didn't bother heat treating this one, I don't think it will need it (and the pallet strapping is mild steel anyways).