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  1. What did you do in the shop today?

    I used the punch dies in my guillotine tool for the first time yesterday, they work great. I made a handled hammer eye punch (punches making punches, kind of redundant). Also made an eye drift, forge-welded a hammer together (mild body with high carbon faces), and tried making another eye punch out of a RR spike but it kind of failed. This punch is made from flea market mystery steel, so who knows how well it will hold up. From previous forgings with it, I think it's maybe a lower or mid carbon steel. It does seem to harden in water, but not oil. Tooling I've made with it before has been a bit soft, so we'll see.
  2. Damascus with only hand hammers?

    I've done a few pattern welds, and I only have hand hammers. It can be done, but is an absolute bear to draw out when over 1" diameter... I would keep it 3/4 and below in the cross section. I like bandsaw/strapping damascus, I do it by first grinding the set off the teeth and grinding the black coating off the strapping. I did a fluxless weld on it with my latest billet and it worked well.
  3. notching cutting edge insert

    I've also wondered if this is necessary. Theoretically, if the forge weld was done properly there should be no need for this step. Plus, it might introduce open pockets inside the steel.
  4. Knife Making Log Class 103: Grind and File

    The photo links are not working, could you re-upload them somewhere?
  5. two hammers I received today

    I've been using these hammers pretty much exclusively on my recent projects and they work far better than my ebay specials. I seem to get fewer glancing blows that put big dings into the work, and I like the balance and feel of the handles a lot. But I think it was good that I used the ebay hammers for a few years to get my hammer control down before springing for these. Here are two projects I made with these hammers: A cable knife, still in progress: Some snake candle holders from railroad spikes:
  6. Zebra Hammer

    I tried to forge the peen but it pretty much laughed at my feeble attempts to move that much steel. I got it part of the way then ground the rest. Probably more grinding than forging by the end.
  7. Zebra Hammer

    We'll have to see I guess. Both metals have similar carbon contents and other alloying elements, and should be at about the same rockwell.
  8. Zebra Hammer

    Thanks a lot. The head is almost exactly 1 lb. Total with the handle it weights 1.2 lbs.
  9. Zebra Hammer

    A 1 lb pattern-welded cross peen hammer I forged from 1080 and 15n20 steel. The eye was hot punched instead of drilled/milled. I gold plated my logo, though it got a bit messed up in the acid etch. The handle is ash with bajan mahogany pieces laminated on for extra thickness.
  10. two hammers I received today

    It's Jackpine forge, you can find them on facebook
  11. Forged 1084 and walnut hunter

    Looks great. Nice clean plunges and sanding. Love the walnut too. How are you getting such an even hand sand finish?
  12. First patternwelded knife

    I like this knife a lot, the thicker layer in the center looks great. Did you have problems with the brass delaminating from the handle after epoxying? That always seems to happen to me, can't get anything to stick brass to wood properly. What epoxy are you using?
  13. New forge and anvil

    Do side drafts have a fan inside? Looks like some good use of scrap.
  14. bicycle chain kitchen knife

    Thanks a lot, it ended up pretty unique. Chain is a to work with, though. The upper billet was an earlier attempt, with chain on both sides of a 1080 bar to make a san mai billet. Unfortunately, I tried to do a fluxless weld which did not work at all... it basically fell apart. I did make one ugly little knife from about 2 inches of it that pseudo-welded (the small knife in the rough ground photo above). Here is a pic of it finished, I'm not too happy with the result:
  15. two hammers I received today

    I received this great pair of forging hammers today. 2.5 lb cross and straight peins out of 1045 steel. They look and feel amazing, can't wait to try them tomorrow.