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  1. I came across the following editorial article in "The Blacksmith & Wheelwright" (Volume 37 No. 1 Jan 1898). I know the topic gets some airplay now-a-days and liked how the skeptical reply of Mr. Schmidt echoes the wisdom we still hear today. Thought I'd share: Several years worth of this periodical exist online and it is often an interesting read. Additionally the many ads (just as bad as trade journals are today : ) are great to look at and imagine what it would have been like to have access to such a plethora of tools from many vendors.
  2. Know I'm late to this conversation, but that looks an awful lot like a looooong pipe wrench sans the top jaw and frame.
  3. This is great, I have dreams of machining my own castings or forgings at some point, like you I like the whole process as much as the destination. Great problem solving and man I really want a mag drill there's been one on cl locally for 6 months now but I just can't drop $500 on a single tool right now. Keep learning and sharing!
  4. Mine is cast so no ring, however that didn't stop me from wrapping it in way too much mooring chain 115lbs of chain is definitely over sized for a 95 lb anvil but I couldn't resist setting how it looked for a couple minutes!
  5. Eli Taylor

    XL tongs

    Not quite the same, but these guys videos (they have several) they use some cool shapes of large tongs
  6. Eli Taylor

    XL tongs

    These are awesome, think about how many pairs of tongs you could make from those tongs TONGCEPTION!
  7. Would I be wrong in assuming that you cannot really estimate a scale loss % (by volume) due to the fact that it depends (in no small part) on the number of heats?
  8. Interesting, I never knew a difference. I wont claim to understand all you wrote, however it now makes sense why I see L-Lysine on the bottles. LOL I can think of a lot of movies that would have ended a lot quicker if the defending force had access to Shaped Charge Recoil-less Rockets! Who knew what kind of expertise was lurking on the smithing forums Now off to lookup Great Bellows plans for my and my son to build!
  9. Ah yes, the "Grey Goo" scenario! Seems to me Michael Chrichton addressed this in Jurassic Park with the Lysine Contingency. The end of the novel has the escaped raptors seeking out plants that are rich in naturally occurring Lysine I cant bring myself to quote Jeff Goldblum...but you know the phrase
  10. This is how most Sci-Fi horror films start... Innocent solution to a problem, not fully thought through. Bacteria with plastic eater gene gets released into the wild, and within months all plastics/polymers are in a state of heavy decomposition. All electronics as we know them are now inoperable...a side effect is that the Blacksmith is now back in demand as we've regressed 150 years
  11. Yeah, I actually didn't know what they were called either, just knew they were slim chisels Expanding is dangerous, that just means more empty space that will be filled at some point!
  12. These are great and simple (hand-in-hand), good idea! I might also wrap a portion of the bending mandrel with some sandpaper to give the insides a quick polish (since its a bright finish) Definitely stealing the idea
  13. Yeah, I'm excited about the rasps too. There were actually some cold chisels and wood augers in the same pile we picked up. Also, I don't think I posted a pic of what was in the "misc barrel of star drills" we picked up last week, but here it is all laid out:
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