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Found 25 results

  1. I just bought a Fisher anvil. Haven't weighed it yet, but I was told it's about 80 pounds. It has 1882 on it. The top edges have a couple of chipped places, but not bad. I paid $150 for it, any idea if I over paid?
  2. New Member. Thought I'd kill two birds, say hello and give some info on the anvil I ended up with so it's available to anyone who might find it useful. Really appreciate the wealth of knowledge on the site! I haven't had a question yet that I couldn't find a relevant discussion about and being "Rigidizer drying as I type" green there's been a lot. Looking forward to progressing and hopefully being able to contribute. I have every intention of using this little guy as is to it's fullest and would appreciate any input especially in regards to the repairs, (I wouldn't hit that with anything harder than your purse,etc). I don't have any history on the anvil itself. The gentleman I bought it off had a shed full of anvils and chuckled when I asked if he did any blacksmithing himself. Just buys and sells... . Sorry If the picture quality isn't great. I assume it once had a pritchel hole and suffered a pretty substantial failure there and was filled in with the weld? Marked "Fisher" on the front of the base. With a proud "9" above it. on the opposite side "1887" with "3 11" under it. Possibly some well worn markings below that I can't make out. Weighs in at 85 lbs. Stands 9 5/8" tall, 17 3/8" horn to heel, face is 3 1/4"x 11". Foot profile is 9 x 8 1/2 and a 3/4" hardie hole pretty well rounded, might have started 5/8"?. Rebound is at about 75% with the rust still on(1" ball bearing). No ring to speak of as I've read is normal for Fishers, "city anvil". The welds are not as hard as the face which I hope Is a good thing meaning the temper wasn't messed with? Hopefully I uploaded the pictures right. Thanks for looking. Alex
  3. Hey Fellas Long time lurker but first time Posting. Hoping that NJ Anvil Man will chime in. I've always been a picker and an Antiques guy. Tools & Iron have always been my love and I've owned many anvils through the years. Looking to see what the more seasoned veterans think of my most recent find. A marked Fisher Saw Tuners anvil in amazing condition, weighing in at a marked 260#. Thanks for any info.
  4. Thanks to njanvilman ive been able to identify my anvil and thanks to a bunch of old fashioned elbow grease I've finally got my stand done, my anvil wire wheeled and a nice coat of lindseed oil cooked on. Even made a nameplate at work for free identifying the anvil in case i kick the bucket so the next guy will know what it is haha. Tell me what you think. Constructive criticism is welcomed. PS I know the anvil needs to be attached to the stand. Right now I just have it routed out and set in the pattern.
  5. I've already hit up njanvilman about this, but thought I'd toss it out there to the forum as well. I just got this fisher, (at least I thinks it's a fisher) for $275 and I think it's 100lbs. That's about all I know about it! Could you guys tell me anything more about this anvil? I appreciate any help you can give, I really love knowing the history of things. Plus I want to know if I made a good buy! Quote Edit Quote this
  6. I'm totally new to smiting and have just recently started picking up some equipment. Yesterday I picked my first anvil that appears to be a Fisher from what I've read. What can anyone tell me about this find and what do you think about it? I really wasn't concerned whether it was a fair price or not... I really just wanted to get started acquiring equipment and it was within 20 minutes and seemed to be in good condition. I'll post a few pics for reference. Thanks!
  7. Greetings! I just purchased my first anvil after a couple years of wanting to get into forging. It is a Fisher-Norris anvil from 1891 and has a scale weight of around 146lbs. Found it for sale in Philly and had to jump on it. I have a question about the numbers on the base that I believe is "12 8" or "12 6". Was curious what that number is. Also, any other information about the anvil I just purchased as well as thoughts on the quality/condition would be very interesting to read. Fyi, I only have a basic knowledge of Fisher anvils and how they are cast from a few hours of research. Thanks in advance!
  8. I am finally back at work on my Fisher & Norris book. I would like to survey the IFI community as to what size FISHER anvils you presently own, and their vintage(date on the base, if present). I am trying to get an idea of what sizes are there, and to graph the results. Please also include any special anvils and their sizes(sawmakers, farriers, chainmaker). Thanks in advance. I will add in my museum holdings to the count.
  9. Hey everybody! I recently aquired my first anvil it's a 104 pound beauty with a little bit of cold chisel damage on the face. Rebound is good and ring is minimal due to its cast iron construction which is fantastic due to my close proximity to neighbours. I've been told that this anvil is a fisher but I've had trouble finding any defining markings. There are some on the side but they're pretty illegible. I apologize for the lack of better pictures I'm posting from the break room at work which unfortunately is not blacksmith related lol. I'll post better pictures later. If anybody has some insight as to what make this is it would be greatly appreciated! I also was wondering about proper stand construction. I don't mind the height that its at now but what worries me is its cast iron construction. Is there a possibility I could somehow damage my anvil by hammering on top of another piece of metal? Or worse what if one of the legs cracks off and my anvil kisses the pavement. Any advise is appreciated, for the record I believe the current stand is part of a cream separator. Thanks for reading Spencer Dirks
  10. I was offered this anvil from one of my dads patients. It was her fathers but he passed away a couple years ago. She's asking $295 for it but I think I could get it for $275. It looks like it says "Tent, apr, 24, 1877" on the front end, followed by "FISHER" below that. From what I understand, fisher anvils are very sought after, is it worth it? I'm not sure how heavy this one is but they said it's probably around 100lbs. I haven't seen it in person yet so all I have to go by is these images. but from what I can tell it doesn't have any noticeable cracks or chips and is described as being in good condition. What should I look for when I go to see it? She's also selling the forge but she wants $450 for that and I figure I could probably build one for cheaper. Thanks, Evan
  11. Hey guys, long time reader, made an account recently, and now I have something to post. Had been looking for a chunk of steel to hammer on, and found this Fisher on Craigslist. A wire wheel and some hot steel should shine it up nice!
  12. Just found this anvil on Craigslist. I paid $2 per pound, which I though was fair. Condition looks decent, although I'm not an anvil expert. Any thoughts on the face condition? would it be worth a light flap wheel resurface or best to keep it how it is? I'm not a blacksmith, just a tool junky. thoughts? thanks.
  13. I have a Fisher #4 chain vise that I have never seen anywhere else. I was told by many it was a homemade setup and recently found the original 1889 patent application on Goggle. I have searched for years to find another one of these. Amazing what you can find it you search long enough. If you know of another like this let me know. Sorry, it's not for sale.
  14. Looking for some advice. We are clearing out my Father's ranch and we have a 1940 Fisher Anvil on a stand. I would like to know what it's worth so I can list it for sale locally. I have a basic idea but want to make sure and thought this would be a good place to ask. It probably weighs about 200 lbs. Thanks for your help. Mindy
  15. I recently sold this very early Fisher 74-pound anvil on eBay to a buyer in West Virginia. The buyer received it just as it was described and pictured but decided they wanted to return it so they claimed that it was a fake, counterfeit, or reproduction so that eBay would force a refund. It is obviously not a fake, counterfeit, or reproduction, especially since no one has ever made one. The buyer is just stupid or had buyers remorse and couldn't think of any other way then to lie to force a refund. Doesn't he know Fisher anvils do not ring, ever! I even presented documentation along with contacting Josh Kavett to get his stamp of approval on its authenticity but the buyer still claimed it was fake and eBay sided with him.
  16. This is probably the best condition pattern I saved in 1999 from the Crossley factory before disposal and demolition. A unique feature of this pattern is that the Eagle logo is on an internal cam setup that allows the Eagle to move out and make the impression in the mold, then be withdrawn into the pattern to allow for the pattern removal(so as not the break the mold.) The top black part is the preheat pattern. This made a void in the mold for the molten iron to preheat the steel for welding. Remember, these were cast up-side down, so the black part in the mold was the lowest part.
  17. Wanted to share a recent acquisition with the group and get some opinions. I picked up a Fisher Number 2 20 pound anvil at the ABS hammer-in in Tulare last month on impulse, its a little torn up on the edges but for 20$ i couldnt just keep walking, so without further ado here are some pics :) The only markings i have been able to discern so far are the FISHER logo and big numeral 2 under the horn, and the letter A towards the base under the heel. there is a visible circle in the casting on the underside of the base, presumably where a sprue was cut off. Anyway, i picked it up to be a bench anvil for light indoor cold work on non-ferrous metals. to which ends, i need to clean up the horn and face and polish them. im not going to remove a lot of material, just shine them up, but i wanted to ask if there might be any significance or meaning (to the museum for instance) attached to it that might be larger than pressing it back into service. Thanks for looking!
  18. On a trip this past summer into NYC, I managed to find a painting with an anvil. Note that it is titled "The Coppersmith", even though most of the tools depicted seem to be blacksmithing tools. "Artistic License"? Here is the information card that goes with the painting.
  19. 118 lb Hay Budden recently acquired for the museum collection. The anvil is in great condition. I have not checked the serial number yet. Interesting that it came with a multi-slot half round swage that is saddle shaped, and fit this anvil perfectly. It even has a hole that will line up with the pritchel hole for a pin to drop in, keeping it from moving. I am wondering if it was made by HB for this anvil, or was an aftermarket addition. There are no marking that I can find on the swage.
  20. Quad States was good for the museum this year. Only one Fisher added, the 20 lb, but added three bicks, an oilfield anvil, a colonial anvil, two random block anvils, and some other goodies in the picture. Reminder to all that my museum is open all who have an interest, no admission costs ever, donations gratefully accepted, and I always have Fisher label t shirts. Just message me before you come to find out if I will be around, and to get exact directions.
  21. I recently acquired a fisher #4 vise(6-1/4" jaws, 120lbs) and built a new home for it. I used 3/4" thick plate for the top and bottom, 12x12 & 12x18, the legs are 3x4x1/4" tube filled with sand, all that comes to about 230lbs and right about 350lbs with the vise. Cutting the legs on the Grizz. "Milling" 1/2" Holes Marking holes for the top plate. This is my first big welding project(big for me anyway) my little mig is a little under powered so I did 3 passes, seemed to hold up well and I didn't think my welds were too terrible. "Mind the puddle not the spark" is what I had to keep telling myself. I would have used the stick welder but I have to get a new cord for it. Just over 50lbs of sand. The paint is a walnut color, it was still a bit wet and in the sunlight its more brown but in the shop its a nice dark brown not quite black, goes well with the old tools. The leg had a crappy plate welded to it already so I made a better one. Though I was too much of a noob to remember when I drilled all the holes, these were supposed to line up with threaded holes in the base but I accidently drilled them 1/2" instead of 27/64". These pins hold it really well since there was a lot of down force on the leg anyway after bolting the vise to the top plate. HEAVY and ready to anchor to the floor! There are 3 holes to use for anchoring, 2 in front and 1 you cant see that is in between the 2 back legs. I wanted a stand that would protect the screws as well, this seems to work.
  22. I recently picked up this little beauty. From reading the forums extensively, I believe she's a Fisher Norris Eagle from around 1870. Other than the raised eagle emblem on the side, I've found no other markings. She is 105 lbs, face is pretty flat other than the obvious wear on the corners, and seems solid. Bottom surface is also flat. I have yet to put the metal to her, but the weather is improving and hopefully we'll get to know each other better soon. (I better stop, this is starting to sound creepy.) I know we have some very informed members and am hoping someone can confirm my beliefs and possibly answer another question. Is the groove on the underside of the tip of the horn a defect or a design feature? I can swear I've seen something similar before but have no idea what it would be suited for. Any other info you feel inclined to share would be appreciated as well. John
  23. First attempt at posting a photo(without my techie daughter to help!). My stack of 15 thirty pound Fisher anvils in the museum.
  24. This request for information got hijacked about current anvils out there, so I am re-posting it: I am looking for any information about early, big FISHER anvils. I am trying to establish when Fisher & Norris began producing their larger anvils. From my inventory: 1850's: Largest is 150 lbs. 1860's: (Small round Eagle with the wheat) Largest is about 180 lbs. 1870's: Largest is 500 lb. Also have a 400 lb. This was the era of the Centennial Exhibition in 1876 where the Fisher display had many large anvils including the 1400 lb anvil. So: Does anyone out there have or know of any FISHER anvils bigger than what I have listed from the early production time? If my museum inventory is any indicator, they did not begin producing anvils of over 200 lbs until the early 1870's. This was when Clark Fisher took over after his dad, Mark Fisher passed away. Thank you for any information or photos of early Fisher anvils.
  25. Hey guys - I'm new here and have found a decent anvil (still need to inspect it in person). Can you guys tell the weight by the number? He thinks it weighs around 130# - Does this sound right? Anyone using this anvil? Happy with it??
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