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  1. standard motor for weight is 5hp per 100WT at normal speed, with a mechanical you can get away with less.
  2. most of these alterations will require more power.....
  3. I think you could try everything you mentioned. but of the lot of them increasing the travel would be my first move as the ram does not seem to be moving that much.
  4. basher

    Weight of anvil question

    I have many anvils in all sorts of weights up to 900lb, I use 100kg anvils most (225lb) a little bigger or a little smaller is just fine, much smaller and I can feel it (i notice that sub 150lb anvils are too small for my work). all my really big anvils have gon into storage as they are awkward to use in the space I have...
  5. basher

    Graphite/Beeswax Punching Lube

    I have used powderd plumbago graphite in water which coats and cools punches (the graphite floats on the top of the water.). the farrier punch lube has citronella candles as a carrier. I now use a low smoke press tooling lube which is good. it all works well and better than coke dust.
  6. John nicolson of massey power hammers has a 100 wt pilkington or alldays for sale...he also sells anyang presses which are quite amazing. I have just bought one! I also have an older pilkington for sale.
  7. basher

    Largest vintage anvil

    1000lb + are quite rare , loads of 700's and 800's out there...I have a 900 a couple of 800's and a few 700"s. I used to have an 800 and then 900 as my main forging anvil but it was too big for my forging space so now use smaller anvils.
  8. basher

    some for the Kitchen

    I have just finished up some kitchen knives. The posh one with silver and saxon patternweld was a commission . the others are ones I just finished
  9. basher

    When to start knifemaking?

    There is no basic progression to follow and no need to start with blcaksmithing before forging blades. They are just different similar things and both take time to learn.
  10. basher

    Purpose, Profit, or Potential? I read your posts and normally I have no idea what you are on about ....a different language, or a diferent world ...But I do read them! This one makes more sense to me and mirrors the conversation I have had again and again recently with other smiths (self employed mainly) . That is the trick of balancing purpose (the main drive for most of us) with profit ( the thing that enables us to carry on). I have no faith in potential having been false sold it numerous times. When you start purpose is cheap and profit is hard won, you can bask in a self indulgent work rich slavery that glows with self respect and achievement , normally at the cost of (or at least in opposition to) profit.....and if you survive you will start making profit . The point will come when you are enslaved to it and have to work a personal value of you'r own satisfaction in the work.......and these things will battle and if you are lucky they will find peace together.. trying to do the work you love and make money...Having your Cake and eating it.
  11. Using a gas axe (oxy propane Torch) is the best way of controlling the twists and the only way to get them really flowing into one another by leaving a controlled amount of heat in the previous twist that is very slightly untwisted by the action of the next twist done in the opposite direction.
  12. If you are running a 3 phaze to 3 phaze inverter it does not make too much diference as the VFD will run both but single phaze to 3 phaze needs to de wired in delta at the motor....sounds to me like this could be the problem... (as I have had similar issues) but just a guess.
  13. Dan is your motor wired in star or delta?
  14. basher

    EN45 steel

    I think EN45 does not have a direct equivalent steel the closest I have found is 6150 (though not exactly the same). Its not at all like 1045 which has a close UK match with EN8. As Tim mentions above the austenising temp is 100C higher than most plain carbon steels. this also seems to make this material prone to a thicker than normal layer of decarb. I normalise and harden at 900C I have used this material for big knives and swords with good results as well as crossbow prods, I have found a temper of 250C to give good results for swords , 430C for springs.
  15. basher

    UK steel sources?

    If you are looking for carbon steel furnival steel in chesterfield phone Andy , great to deal with sells 15n20 , en42, En42J, cs80, cs90 en9 en8 and loads more. Steel is sold in industrial lengths so do not expect to get small pieces , 5m and 7m bars and 1m sheets… start to think of steel by weight, my last order cost between £2.50 and £6.50 a kilo depending on grade. generally the cost goes down dramatically as the quantity goes up.