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  1. Not at all. I am still really looking forward to forging on this anvil. It's actually really killing me that I don't have a coal forge yet. I simply listed it there to see if I would get a high enough offer because I did put myself in a bit of a financial bind and found out a few days ago that I owe Uncle Sam a hefty sum. To be honest, I kind of panicked last night, while submitting the tax forms, which is when I listed it. I don't expect I shall get an offer at that price point, but I figured, as crazy a price as it is, that is about the minimum that I could stand giving it up as I may be able to get another shortly after. To be clear, this isn't the direction I want to go. I am trying to find another route, including working a lot of overtime, at which point the listing will be removed. Because the offer on this anvil was very fair and I didn't want to see someone else take it, I ended up leaving myself with no room financially, unfortunately. I'm already signicantly in the red without another paycheck until next Friday without having paid taxes yet. Probably TMI, but I'm pretty stressed out about it.
  2. Hi Thomas, Already read that article actually along with a great video — whose name I cannot recall — that discussed that very topic. I'm definitely not the type who is looking for a 90° edge. The most I would look for is a properly radiused fuller edge, however, for this anvil, I will not be doing that. I stand far more to lose than gain. I am very excited to forge on this anvil in its current condition. Thanks for the advice!
  3. Thanks for the welcome! I am definitely very happy with my find. I agree. At first I was going to do a little bit more restoration work, such as cleaning up the edges, but quite honestly, I would hate to ruin the patina or ruin the HT by welding improperly. Hey Anvilman, My family lives in Maryland, so I am back and forth. I had a feeling it may have been a batch number. I appreciate the insight as not being sure of what the number stood for was nagging at me, ha. I will certainly do that. I would love to take a drive up there at some point as well -- sounds like a great way to spend a day, although my girlfriend may not agree lol. Thanks for the info! Yeah..I may be a wee bit obsessed at this point. Guess I came to the right place!
  4. Greetings! I just purchased my first anvil after a couple years of wanting to get into forging. It is a Fisher-Norris anvil from 1891 and has a scale weight of around 146lbs. Found it for sale in Philly and had to jump on it. I have a question about the numbers on the base that I believe is "12 8" or "12 6". Was curious what that number is. Also, any other information about the anvil I just purchased as well as thoughts on the quality/condition would be very interesting to read. Fyi, I only have a basic knowledge of Fisher anvils and how they are cast from a few hours of research. Thanks in advance!
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