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  1. Made a Forge, Doesn't Work

    Thank. I apologize too
  2. Made a Forge, Doesn't Work

    With your COGS so low and the margin hi! You should start a forges business I m done !
  3. Made a Forge, Doesn't Work

    Sorry guys but isn't easy. I made my burner myself and they still cost me 10$ each. Look at the Oliver upwind thread to see what I m be able to get ! Amazon IS the cheapest place to buy regulator. It's 45$ for a 0-30 psi + 15% taxes. ... 50$ Great for you in USA at 20$!!! 1/4 valve 10$, fitting 5$ for the regulator and 10$ for the rest on the gas line Everybody seems agree for 30$ of kaowool. Rigidizer 5$, BUT it's 45$ for the kastolite (20lbs propane tank) and 20$ for Metrikote.... no shipping fees, in my case 50$ ! The shell maybe free or 20$ for some cutoff wheel, welding rod, time and so... That's what I see, that's what I get ! Some people are very proud when the pay hi, some when they pay low. Î don't care!! But don't try me. to believe that you can achieve something paying less than the cost of the hardware ! I know Wayne , i know amazon, I know McMaster Carr.... and i do the garbage of my neighbors ... I think than I'm not a kind of person spending is money by windows... A decent forge is minimum 150$-200$ from scratch. Anyone willing to sell me his for 100$, I'll buy it !! Now i shut up !
  4. Made a Forge, Doesn't Work

    It's sure that if you buy used, you get stuff free or you're giving a 0$ value to the stuff that you already have, maybe ! But for someone who starts from scratch, I think that CAN BE a misleading info. That's my point !.
  5. Made a Forge, Doesn't Work

    Not agree with your numbers... Regulator = 60$ Safety Valve and fitting = 30$ Kaowool = 30$ Kast-o--lite = 40$ Burner = 40$ All others stuff...= ? $$$ I have about 12 forges done, and the cost all much more than 100$ ! Anyway, that's not so important.
  6. Made a Forge, Doesn't Work

    Agree. The problem is that not so cheap of doing it yourself and you have to follow exactly a reliable «recipe».
  7. Made a Forge, Doesn't Work

    Welcome, You have a wrong burner and no regulator... dont't expect much ! Please, read forge101 and burner101, everything is there.
  8. Oliver Upwind burner

    3 more tonight : N - O - P
  9. New hydraulic forging press WIP (pic heavy)

    Yes, the upper die will be 6x6
  10. Dragon breath color ?

    Why the dragon breath is green ? He put a hammer head, it's not a flux question... ???
  11. New hydraulic forging press WIP (pic heavy)

    Yesterday I worked on my project. The frame is almost finished.
  12. Nice find Peter W. 150 lbs.

    I follow the Thomas Powers rules and I just can't pass on this one ! Yes I've 3 anvils now. Maybe it's too much but... sometimes the deal was just too good. Also, I can start a museum of the anvil, they are rather rare in our region ! LOL !!!
  13. Not bad ! Under 1.80$/lb.
  14. DIY anvil stand

    Not stupid... just one kind of clown ! A great forum is always attractive for trolls
  15. Homemade Forge Build

    He gets what he wants : attention !