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  1. Hi Jon, I did it ! I will receive it this week-end !
  2. I have not forged a lot lately. To start again, a new tongs.
  3. Thanks jlpservicesinc. But I don't recommend it to a newbie. It's not easier or cheaper... My anvil was a no brainer.... but PLEASE don't do that on a «still good» anvil !
  4. Little update. I have to finish the dies and adjust the guide.... I'm not far from the end of this project !
  5. Yes we built the heel AND the horn. We used a mix of 7014-7018 and MIG w/gas. The core of the horn is a 2 inches 1040 shaft, in the rear we took 1/2 inches plate to make the sides and support for the hardy hole. The face is untouched and the rebound is almost equal all over the anvil.
  6. You're right ! Nice catch ! ... but not just the heel.
  7. Merci Hans, j'ai bien noté les conseils. Votre série de poker et rack est également dans mes plans.
  8. Thanks a lot for the comments. It was in the plan to put some walls around to keep the coal. So far, it's not a problem to control the air gate and the clinker breaker. I'll use it a little more before make changes. I'll keep you posted !
  9. Here's my first real coal forge. The firepot is from Newman, Ontario, Canada... it's built very heavy duty ! I love that !
  10. 2 bench grinders, 3 handsaws, some saw blades, 1fire poker.... for....