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  1. It followed me home

    Nice find today... files, hammers, chisel, HD gloves...
  2. Survey : Budden > Wright > Norris

    LOL! The Fisher, wire brush and head&shoulders, everything will be fine ! For the HB, I didn't see it «live» but I don't think there is some repair on it... anyway, my friend will use it for his students,... better beat that one than his good one. The price was very good for both....
  3. Survey : Budden > Wright > Norris

    Finally my friends bought the Hay Budden and the Fisher...
  4. Survey : Budden > Wright > Norris

    Btw... just for fun, today Fx rate : 1 CAD =0,799173USD
  5. All anvils are 200lbs+ all are in good shape, all are sold for $2.50/lbs... Witch brand you chose 1st, second and third ? 1-Peter Wright 2- Hay Budden 3- Fisher Norris Thanks,
  6. New hydraulic forging press WIP (pic heavy)

    The «heart» is in place !
  7. just because i like making knots

    Beau travail, j'adore le rendu ! (nice work, I love the outcome)
  8. Salut from Montreal!

    Bienvenue. Nous sommes quelques uns autour de l'Ile
  9. "bonjour" from france

    bienvenue et tu fais un beau travail. Au plaisir de te suivre
  10. New hydraulic forging press WIP (pic heavy)

    There is no problem. Jim Batson wrote the book how to make a forging press. You can find it on the web. For the specs, numbers are always more pessimistic than reality. I would not go with a 1hp or 2hp engine ... but a 3hp would be enough for my pump, I would bet a $ 2 there on it ... as for the Pats at Superbowl 2018. LOL !!!
  11. New hydraulic forging press WIP (pic heavy)

    jtknives - I have the Jim Batson book, and a 3hp would be suffisant for my setup. My first forging press was a converted artisanal log splitter and I have got great results (1.5hp and power steering pump). I'm very excited to see that one on duty. Thanks for the maths !
  12. I love the title of the video «An exercise of stubbornness» ! LOL ! Great job , really !
  13. Press from Harbor Freight

    No !
  14. New hydraulic forging press WIP (pic heavy)

    I took up the weld all the way between the main beam and the table beam. I also added a belt to hold the cylinder in place, it is not yet installed in the picture. I still have to do the motor support and then install the hoses. It going ! Merry Christmas to everyone !!!
  15. Worst I have seen

    ...What about this one ?