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  1. SLAG Merci beaucoup l'ami ! Frosty Muriatic Acid.... for 4 days.... I forgot it ! That's why I filed the center of the lip.... the acid ate it.
  2. Found this little dude last night. Now in my shop ! I’m really happy !!!
  3. Pnut I would like this one... It's my Angele Bohemian 80kg (176#) The little is clearly older than the Bohemian. But the have the same nose transition
  4. New in the shop... no clue about the maker. IMG_9240.HEIC
  5. I don't know... taken from a sissy bar of an old chopper.
  6. My first try with the stainless, really not easy to move this stuff.
  7. Thanks Das, I'll experiment with the press for the ashtray !
  8. Hi Jon, I did it ! I will receive it this week-end !