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  1. Pnut I would like this one... It's my Angele Bohemian 80kg (176#) The little is clearly older than the Bohemian. But the have the same nose transition
  2. New in the shop... no clue about the maker. IMG_9240.HEIC
  3. I don't know... taken from a sissy bar of an old chopper.
  4. My first try with the stainless, really not easy to move this stuff.
  5. Thanks Das, I'll experiment with the press for the ashtray !
  6. Hi Jon, I did it ! I will receive it this week-end !
  7. I have not forged a lot lately. To start again, a new tongs.
  8. Thanks jlpservicesinc. But I don't recommend it to a newbie. It's not easier or cheaper... My anvil was a no brainer.... but PLEASE don't do that on a «still good» anvil !
  9. Little update. I have to finish the dies and adjust the guide.... I'm not far from the end of this project !
  10. Yes we built the heel AND the horn. We used a mix of 7014-7018 and MIG w/gas. The core of the horn is a 2 inches 1040 shaft, in the rear we took 1/2 inches plate to make the sides and support for the hardy hole. The face is untouched and the rebound is almost equal all over the anvil.