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  1. First Belt Grinder on its way!

    I just bought mine with a 8 inch. contact wheel. I'm going to put a 2hp engine with stepped pulley on the engine and the grinder. That should give me 6 speeds. I will put pictures later. I want to highlight the excellent customer service at Coote. Thank you Norm!
  2. It followed me home

    I trade this little one for 3 bottles of wine... It will be my first Gunther repair attempt....
  3. Swage block (60#) and stand

    Just finished it today !
  4. F&W with a Crown

    I'm in Canada it's 1.35x the US price....
  5. F&W with a Crown

    lol ! I ask for the maker. I try to put together some info about the logo of differents makers. I know that i should buy the Richard Postman's book, instead of asking.... but it's 135$ !
  6. F&W with a Crown

    Any idea about this one ?
  7. Yet another anvil identification

    Looks like a Vulcan for me.
  8. Anvil identification required

    To evaluate the price and the condition there is no problem. I used TPAAAT quite often! In this case it is really the curiosity to know the maker.... Personally I guess it's a Mousehole or Wilkinson
  9. Anvil identification required

    John_zxz is a friend of mine. It's been 2 days that we browse the web to identify it. Nobody has a clue ?
  10. When too much... IS too much !

    I began to explain to him and he flushes his post... Another desperate cause that wants likes more than real advice.
  11. When too much... IS too much !

    that's was I think.... but i hurt the feelings of the kid when I said that isn't (maybe) an efficient forge....
  12. How many burner : 20# propane tank

    I just use fire brick... good enough !
  13. Naturally Aspirated Ribbon Burner. Photo heavy.

    Still good ?
  14. When too much... IS too much !

    A guy posted that on a local FB group. He asked for advice... I'm speechless... How tell him something positive about his built ?
  15. How many burner : 20# propane tank

    It's finished since a long time. The video show it.