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  1. Try the term "pump rod" also. It might help. TPAAT works on other stuff too.
  2. Scrambler, is that inspired by jlp's "black widow"? I quite like the toe clearance.
  3. I've used an oxy/acetylene safety cap; just kept sliding it through the coil.
  4. Another suggestion, make your rings as a continuous spiral around the mandrel, like a big spring. Gives you leverage from the straight stock & you only have the initial flat on the start where the end is clamped. The rings will come out almost the same size that way. Cut 'em apart afterward.
  5. aessinus

    some old tongs

    Like outside snap ring pliers?
  6. Ack, sorry boss, Fingers working faster than brain. Should have said "INSIDE" diameter. It was a 12" air tank from loooong ago. I did snort coffee though. Thanks for the Seattle Pottery Supply lead. I'll add that to my material vendor's list.
  7. At least in the 2nd photo it has scale under it, so that the corrosion should lay off a bit.
  8. Frosty says the question does belong here, not Burners 101. Here goes. I want to reline my forge & was wondering since 2" wool was recommended, why not 3"? I can stand to lose the 2" off the diameter. I've never used it without the firebrick volume eliminators. I'd also be interested to experiment with any new-fangled face coats that anyone has rumors of. My maintenance mgr at work wants me to get this one tuned up so he can duplicate it for the repair/r&d shop...
  9. How many links do you have in the length? I'll have to check this evening, but I seem to recall my old leather tugs have chain ends like that for attaching to a single-tree. Store-bought, fancy, pulling gear, maybe for shows/contests? Before tractor pulls there were draft pulls.... Gee, the size didn't click. My chains aren't near that big, but the fullers do look familiar.
  10. I want (need) to use that material for my re-line. I'm a klutz. Also, since 2" of wool is the recommendation, why not 3"? Voted, btw. Should I move the question over there?
  11. Slick rack, especially the extra legs for short stock. Are you aiming to put a little lean-to roof over it to keep the snow off?
  12. Thx, JHCC, never heard of one, but HF has one for 25 bucks. Should save me hauling my supplies up to work (access to our handy shop oven vacuum). It might require some dithering over or adding a reservoir chamber as the gas releases from amongst the wood fibers.
  13. Mike, did you ever receive an answer? I can't, for love or money, locate anything regarding pricing on their site. Their order form even has a blank to populate. Their claim regarding the 311 foam blocks, "2000ºF, white hot, parts can be immersed in water with out cracking.", sounds awesome tough. As a material resource for work, I've just got to have some to trial. I can envision a forge for our tool fab shop....
  14. Had to enlarge the pic & rotate to be sure. I read the s/n as A21313, but the 2 & 3's are inverted....?
  15. What is this permissions of which you speak? Just kidding, the article loads way down the page after article list. <Pg dwn> a couple times when you think you should have it.
  16. Frosty beat me to the thread files. As a maintenance guy, we swear by them to repair "hammered" threads on our machine tools & equipment. Slag, thanks for the tip on the jeweler's saw. I have one at the home shop, now the maintenance guys get a couple too. Good excuse to hit the craft supply during lunch.
  17. Makes it nice to drop by the welding supply for 25' joints of used 3/4" sucker rod - $10 each. Known steel, fairly clean, the last foot at each end is already upset to ~1-1/4" for top/bottom tool blanks, punches & drifts. They keep it on hand for high end horse fence mostly.
  18. Also abrasive blast or a good strong pressure washer will make the grain "pop". Some oaks will gray up nicely afterward by painting with ammonia cleaner to give the aged look.
  19. I too am beginning into burner trials. A major portion of my needs are in jewelry-sized work; I started out with 3/8 & 1/4 inch endeavors. Thanks to everyone for posting the moon-sized mass of information. I'll keep reading. "Mikey burn and frost bite" forced me to post. Now I'll clean up the coffee I spat all over my desk.
  20. Large conference room door for a bench top - solid core, glued, maple 1=1/2 strips. Just the 6' top weighs over 100 pounds. The hole for the handle is right under my drill press spindle.
  21. 1st pic, 2nd item down on left. Looks like a re-use of the hinge from an old folding buggy top or doctor's hack. Blacksmiths tend to reuse things occasionally; I happen to have a set of dividers that g-g-granpa made from the same type hinge.
  22. It appears that it is a constant 160 graduations per revolution, approx. 51 unit diameter. Could it be a traveler wheel in millimeters & fractional inches? 6.29 diameter? So hard to tell from the photo... intriguing. I ignored the strange, repeating "betwixt" numerals, but they seem to fall in patterns every 10 units, digits 1-8 only though. Maybe an octal to binary translator....
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