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Found 59 results

  1. Old or New?

    Hi all, I'm new to smithing and looking to get myself an anvil but with little experience in these matters I'm not sure if I should go for the older anvils off Ebay, like this one These seem to vary from 50kg to 150kg (110lbs-330lbs) but often the edges seem dull and its difficult to tell if it's a cast iron ASO. Or I could go with a new one, for a similar price 50kg (110lbs) which is as heavy I can get on my budget. I intend to use this to recreate historical weapons, starting small at 1st but eventually I would like to move on to swords etc. and I would like to try my hand at Damascus one day.
  2. Hi guys new here. Tonight I found three anvils for sale and a pair of tongs. One is 142lbs it has a laminated surface about 1/2 inch thick. Two is 197lbs. It says 200 on one side and has a 6 digit number on the other side. 1 inch handy and a Pritchard hole. Three is 285 lbs for markings there is only one. It is an oval on the side at the waist with the number 15103 stamped or ingraved into the oval. The oval is raised. Your thoughts on price. Brands. The guy wants 700.00 for all three and a pair of tongs. The pics arein order 3-2-1
  3. I found this anvil today at a trade day . The lady that owned it wanted 350.00$ us I know some of the people here are compiling a list of these anvils so I took pictures of it for you guys the weight was 105 pounds
  4. Pricing

    I need prices on anvils, tongs, hammers, and forges. And I don't mean the cheap prices just the ones to get started. btw I live in alaska Mod Note: post edited
  5. I have been offered this very early PFP Peddinghaus Forged Anvil. its 568 lbs. has a few chips on the edges.. its said to have remarkable rebound and offered to me at just under $2000.00. any thoughts or concerns about this anvil would be appreciated either good or bad.. I don't know much about Peddinghaus... only what I've been finding to read.. seems mostly positive.. thanks, JT
  6. Hand Forged vs Drop Forged Peddinghaus PHP Anvils... which is better?? or isn't either better then the other ?? JT
  7. picked up this little fellow yesterday doesn't have much of a use or rebound.. lol.. its only 7 1/4" long 2 1/4" wide 3 1/4" tall no hardy hole just a pritchel hole. but.. K R Wilson Buffalo NY. has some interesting history and association with Henry Ford ...
  8. I ran across this North German Double Horn Anvil. seems to be a pretty good price at less then $3.00 a LB. and weighs in at 685 lbs. !!
  9. here's a unusual looking Hay Budden Farriers Anvil I ran across. I've never seen one shaped quite like this one .. JT
  10. any thoughts on this Fisher Anvil ?? is it delaminating ?? or just casting marks ?? thanks, JT
  11. take a look at this choice anvil for sale on Craigslist for just $240.00 !!
  12. I just won this Saw Makers Anvil at auction.. its much larger in person then the photos indicate .. the photos aren't very good and I don't have it in my possession yet, probable won't until Saturday to look it over better.. Its quite tall not sure of the exact height or weight and measures 17" X13' so its pretty heavy.. I don't see any online that really look exactly it.. from the photos does anyone have any ideas of the maker ?? I will show more photos of it once I get it home.. thanks, JT
  13. Any thoughts about this Bullock H. Cannon Co. Chicago Anvils value ?? its 200 lbs. made by the Columbus Anvil and Forging Company. the seller will take $700.00 for it.. thanks, JT
  14. I was just at an auction and watched a 50 pound Blackhawk anvil start for $100us dollars and quickly went to $245 U.S. Dollars 4.90 a pound. I told him for that per pound price I've got a couple of anvils I might sell him. that was before the auction 13 percent and sales tax
  15. I picked up this Factory made Anvil stand a couple days ago and I should have it in my possession on Monday. Its base is 14" X 15", the top is 11 1/2" X 12 1/2", its 14 3/4" tall and 3/4" thick with reinforced corners.. it last had a 250 lb. Fisher on it and is almost a perfect fit for my 290 lb. Peter Wright... JT
  16. well we have yet another fine Anvil up for bids this week at the same small local auction house !! have to see what this one brings !!! lol
  17. I just picked up this Anvil today from the shipping Co. I bought it off eBay after it had been listed a couple times as pick up only . the seller said he had it sold once but returned the money after finding shipping was to expensive through UPS.. ( I use a much cheaper freight co.) the seller relisted it at a lower price and added a " make offer " option.. I made a overly low offer to accommodate the shipping cost expecting a refusal or counter offer and walked away and didn't look again until the next day.. I was very surprised he excepted the offer !! the seller was a older gentleman of 80 yrs and was selling it for a old friends wife after his friend had passed.. it was in his friends auto body shop when he bought the shop and remained there the next 40 years that he ran the shop before he died.. it was covered with gray primer overspray which was about 1/8" thick in places and a couple globs of solder on the horn.. the globs came right off with the presser of a thumb nail.. I wire brushed it to get the overspray off and reviled all the great forging marks !! it has a great ring and exceptional rebound !! I will wire wheel it with a angle grinder tomorrow for better results..
  18. here is a poor abused Anvil that's at a small local auction this week... a sad sight to see how someone could do this... beat almost to smithereens and it's still getting bids !!
  19. Happy New Year everyone !! I picked this up recently... what do you think this is ?? is this a very old spoon forming anvil ?? its 2 /34" tall and the top is 2 5/8" X 2" and weighs 4 lbs. 6oz.
  20. Minty 573 lb. Austrian Church Window Anvil !! does any one recognize the make of the last photo ?? JT
  21. hello, I ran across this Arm & Hammer Anvil said to be 400 Lbs. I can't make out much in the photo.. its 38 3/4" long with a 25 3/8" X 6" face. It stands 15 1/2" tall and has a base that's 15" X 13" with the photos I have I was wondering what a fair market value would be for it ?? thanks for any responses .. JT
  22. I got my 240 lb. Soderfores Paragon today.. it took a few days longer to arrive then expected.. it didn't get picked up when it was supposed to .. it was a good thing the seller did use those heavy duty zipties !! they held the anvil in place very well as the tie downs worked themselves loose and really did little to nothing to hold anything in place.. actually a $20.00 waste of money.. part of the pallet even broke and those zipties held it all together !! it was to dark to get more photos when I got home from work but will add some when I get a chance .. JT
  23. I bought this 240 lb. Soderfors Paragon Anvil today.. I don't have it in my possession yet, I should have it in about a week then I will thoroughly clean it and post more photos of it.. I think I got a good deal on it at $2.83 a pound.. does anyone have any idea what year it may have been made ?? thanks, JT
  24. Good evening All, i just joined the forum and saw Frosty appears very knowledgeable and commented on Swedish anvils. Could you help me with this one I bought today and cleaned up. It is a Sodefers, with a Paragon stamp. 120 pounder. I cannot find much info on the year of manufacture and the import info. Anything you or or other members may know would be much appreciated. Thanks, Rick
  25. Hello I'm looking at this coach makers anvil.. the owner says he can find no markings on it.. its a massive 405 lbs. it has two lines going across the face that can be seen in the photos.. should this be a concern ?? its said to just be the way the face was welded to the base in three pieces ?? thanks for any comments !! JT