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  1. thanks, didn't quite get the motorcycle price, but got another happy customer.......that's better to me.....
  2. Ask a blacksmith to make you a motorcycle. This is what you get.
  3. Thank you made an auto punch for my press. Does anyone know anything other than coal dust to use as a punch lubricant?
  4. he he no....picture just looks that way....
  5. Somebody got a new hammer!!!!! Possibilities are endless........
  6. Sorry. Can’t post videos from other than phone. Will try pics later. Here what I was trying to show in video. Hardpiped propane in from tank location. Regulators at both locations. Prepped for future bigger tank outside. So far so good.
  7. yikes.....it was a nice try...
  8. Hardpiped in propane. 2 pounds -2000 degrees. Pretty cool. Almost dialed in. Sorry if video too hard to download. 9B4DA289-5F10-46A1-A444-83C578C2CA58.MOV
  9. I built this forge if i need to work on pass through work.
  10. thanks guys as far as the pass through option on the forge, I did have my buddy leave both ends open but i have the back side packed shut with brick as it sits against another layer of fire brick and then a wall. I plan on using the oval gas forge for any pass through needs.....(I know, what a luxury....) my thought with this forge was to build it big enough for the odd shapes i am encountering but to be able to shrink the internal volume by packing it with soft bricks.....we will see. I have an air curtain built for any dragons breath on the front but with the doors shut it seems fine as far as the control panel, Plus, I know a good electrician if it decides the heat is too much, and i can always place a larger fire brick above it. next on the agenda.....treadle hammer......