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  1. No. 3/4 square stock.
  2. Thanks. No. That's neighboring garage. (I wish it were) my shop is an old chicken coop im gearing up for a makeover though I gotta do something about the beard. Will improve on next version
  3. Thanks Frosty..
  4. First attempt at wizard. Not sure about the beard.
  5. Very cool. Looks good
  6. Thanks Frosty.
  7. Tonight's work. Knife for buddy. Dragon theme. Cable pattern weld. Not really a big knife maker but he did me a few favors.
  8. Thanks
  9. Thanks
  10. Thanks.
  11. Trying out new dragon design. Old designs.
  12. very cool shop
  13. I've been an industrial electrician for my entire life. As long as the duty rating and the load of a Motor are matched to its task it will be fine. If this motor had a continuous duty rating and it were substantially undersized your statement may be true. But even then I have seen motors way undersized for their tasks/duty cycles last for years.
  14. motor is operated via foot pedal which in-turns operates the coil of a motor starter.