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  1. I find standing on wood a bit Better on my back as opposed to the concrete. Also I liked the look of it and wanted to try it. I made the blocks 3 1/2 inches thick out of wolmanized 4x6
  2. Thanks, they were kinda handy to rig off of to get hammer into shop...
  3. Finished lighting this morning
  4. Finally finished monorail and moved hammer into shop. Started conduit for electrical/lighting.
  5. Thanks guys. I should have mid-span support done for monorail by Saturday. May put hammer into shop but have to work late all this week. i also have to go back to guys house who sold me hammer to get a few remaining parts for it. Cant wait to get back to forging.
  6. Monorail supports mostly complete with one to be added in middle. Monorail hung. Its getting there.
  7. Got it. Thanks.
  8. No I didn't stop on scale. Just focused on getting it home in one piece. I'll measure it up better. But I do know that it will take up about 50 inches of shop space with a 36" base and the counterweight figured in. Any idea how old this hammer is?
  9. Finished the endgrain floor in front of anvil/forge/power hammers. Brushed in sand. 1 more task I can add to the things I don't want to ever do again.
  10. Any idea how old this hammer is?
  11. wow, cool.....!
  12. I like the anvil stand. nice shop.
  13. I'm not sure ...
  14. Success new hammer home
  15. Thanks that's funny because we had chickens in there for a few years when we first moved there 20 years or so ago