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  1. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Worked on our trellis today. Made first bracket. 3 more to go and 40’ of fence. Also. Winterized bikes
  2. Church sign

    Thank you
  3. Church sign

    yes , they love it. thanks
  4. Church sign

  5. Church sign

    Sign done. Wife just needs to do final lettering.
  6. My first bigger project

    Very good. Thanks
  7. Did you get that hammer from a guy in Ypsilanti mi by chance?
  8. Church sign

    thanks frosty sign is from work.....
  9. My first bigger project

    Any suggestions on where to buy rivets in bulk? I have a need for more than the 1 or 2 to make out of 3/16 round stock..... maybe 1-200?? I've done the obligitory google search..... thanks in advance
  10. Church sign

    Just about ready for paint
  11. Church sign

  12. Church sign

    Update on church sign. Starting to come together
  13. Church sign

    Started church sign for small church we go to. Not sure about something on it can't quite place it yet Going to have grapes wrap around the top so I want to leave it more open on top panel. Plan will be to have a scroll panel on top and bottom of 4x4 wood sign which will be held by 1"X1/4 flat stock. My assistant insisted on being in photo
  14. Digit-al card holder

    thanks... don't really know how to photo-etch.....