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  1. The hand thing is actually a fountain........I guess a flashback from earlier days.......tried to upload video fountain_3287.MOV
  2. Had pleasure to do small repair to a piece a guys grandfather made while he was in a world war 2 work camp. Absolutely beautiful and finely crafted also made some lawn art for the wife’s garden Also made a treehouse lamp for our great room.
  3. New addition to back shop. Cnc plasma. Hoping to add another dimension to work
  4. looks great, what type of finish for weather protection?
  5. thanks, but, my shop has far greater abilities than I do........ I am blessed though to have a nice shop......
  6. No doubt Jim. A small upgrade. Just spoke with Dave yesterday about it. He laughed. The shop will eventually be a “u” shape. So this fits in the big picture. Both the hammer and extra space should open up more work possibilities. Excited to get underway. Just too wet to dig right now or footings would be done by next week.
  7. Ok. New hammer won’t fit in shop..... time for an addition. Goal is to get hammer inside by fall. 12x12 addition laid out.
  8. Got the Oiler going. Added compression bypass valve. Took apart both valves and freed up Linkage. Meggared the motor. Just need to build an inner cone which is missing and she’s ready to test. After that, time to start the shop addition.
  9. thanks, what model oiler did you go with?


  10. I talked to my local nazel gurus they said use some glass tube thanks
  11. Thanks guys. Couldn’t be happier with condition. Story is that it was sent out for a rebuild and then moth balled and stored inside when the hammer finally came back. Next on the agenda is a shop addition once things dry out. Any ideas of where I can get a sight glass for this?
  12. Proud new parent of an 8000#2 ounce baby boy. Nazel 2b serial 1607
  13. also, is there a reference for foundation plans? ive found some for a 4B, but I'm looking for one for a 2 piece 2B..... I would imagine they shouldnt be the same...
  14. How does one go about finding the origins of a nazel power hammer using the serial number thanks