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  1. layout /work tables

    very cool shop
  2. Forge rebuild.

    Looking to overhaul coal forge as I accumulated enough favors to have Mason buddies brick entire forge and I’d like to make some functional improvements as well. Would like guys opinions on two things. I currently have a 12x9 firepot but it seems small sometimes when I’m doing gates etc. what are the favorite sizes and why. I am doing more and more scrolling and like the coal forge as opposed to gas. Also. Would like to upgrade to a modern blower and would like thoughts on any models. Going to keep side draft hood as I have no complaints I’ve included pics of current setup. Thanks.
  3. ID help

    What Would be a reasonable price for one of these? im stuck at work and guy wants to know what I’m willing to cough up With just a picture to judge it with any ideas?? thanks
  4. Any help with an ID on this one. Another posdible opportunity
  5. I guess now that you point it out its obvious....... thanks
  6. New acquisition. Many ideas on maker?
  7. More pics looks to be Erie. Friend says it huge. Hopefully get measurements tomorrow may have to just buy/sell as this is too big for me anyone interested PM me
  8. I’m waiting for more pictures. They just started job today and apparently it’s mine for the taking. Not sure if it will be feasible for my shop.
  9. Potential new hammer. Masked for more pics. Many idea of what kind this may be? from an aluminum plant friends are demoing
  10. Mailbox

    Thanks guys.
  11. Mailbox

    Mailbox almost complete.
  12. Church sign

    Perhaps my critics have over looked the statement that the lettering had yet to be finished in the last pics and should hold their comments until the finished product is shown???
  13. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    very cool.