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  1. Thanks. Starting on 2nd version to hold up my shop sign. A little bigger and more abstract thumb is roughed in at this point
  2. I drilled from the back at an angle. Ran the wires through the chase like the web look
  3. Thanks. I think they'll be handy to have around. I had to say it
  4. Pics of back. Couldn't get good ones once it was assembled and coated.
  5. Yes. Thanks. Just a concept at this point. I will bring some stuff home from work to shrink wrap the connections. Right now I've just got them insulated with hot glue. I would bond the frame if I am to give as gift /sell etc.
  6. Thanks. Was going for the creepy crypt keeper hand look. Thinking possibilities of use are endless.
  7. Prototype hand lamp. Need to work on fingers. But very fun
  8. Getting there. Exterior paint almost done. Installed light fixture and some brick for a entry I salvaged from mill. Working on light fixtures for other end. Just prototype st this point.
  9. Thanks daswulf
  10. So far. Great. My home made one hits much harder but this one has much better control. I was going to sell the other but have decided to keep it.
  11. Added easier on/off for hammer
  12. Been on a wine bottle holder kick lately.