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  1. Added time clock from flea market to track time on projects. needed a clock anyways.
  2. Rebar Wine rack for friend. Similar to others I've done.
  3. Thanks
  4. Decided I can no longer live with a little detailing anvil. Had piece of 2" plate laying around. Pretty soft. But I can already see the great things we will do together.
  5. I like the leaves, very nice. Well done
  6. very cool.
  7. That might freak the guy out. But anything is possible
  8. Added acorns. Just need to heat treat and blend the welds.
  9. Person wanted a "log" to mount some European mounts on. This is what I came up with. Making die for acorn swage today
  10. Thanks gentleman. ( I'm sure I'm using that term very liberally hehe ) ball weighed in at just a pinch under 35 pounds. These days anyone can seemingly sue anyone for anything, but I've done all I can to protect my self. The rest I trust in God for and worry very little about
  11. If it is directly across from the forge than it's the footing for the power hammers. If it's in the corner by the door it would be a sump pit. Thanks
  12. Very cool