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  1. No clue, but I am about ready to sacrifice a pellet stove for a stand and rheostat controlled blower.
  2. No, the vice isn't included at that price. But it sure isn't going to win any beauty contests. That price might be right if those pinecones get included tho...
  3. Thanks again Thomas, I will take a look closely at it... but his $1k asking price is sounding more and more insane.
  4. Thank you Kozzy, that is exactly the information I was looking for. Yes it has a blower, however the seller has mentioned that the "tube" it attaches to is cracked. I have a feeling that tube might really be the tuyere, I will take a good look and get some pics.
  5. There is one for sale locally... the price is insane but... I am a sucker and will probably go look at it. What are some problem areas I should pay attention to? It appears to have been left outside for a very long time and is part small pond and part bog... surely cracks and depth of the rust will be a concern... but what are the typical known trouble areas to check that a newbie like me would likely not be aware of?
  6. Nice, I just found one myself today.
  7. It has T 85 stamped on it, there is a trace serial number too
  8. I will get to the weight shortly, no coyote or bird. Aren't these Trenton's made for Sears & Roebuck?
  9. $250 at an antique hoarder barn. Nice and ringy, 1" bearing bounced back to about 6 1/2" from 10" on the drop.
  10. Great to make your acquaintance Michael... I miss Germany. I was in Berlin 1991-93 and again for six months in 1997.
  11. Sargos

    Today's acquisition

    As always, thank you for your input.
  12. I have come across a possible find, a Buffalo Forge with blower with original cast legs... but quick over the phone price was $1,000. Seeing as I missed out on one with an anvil for $100... I would assume that the person selling for $100 just wanted it out of the way and the person selling for $1,000 is hoping to get lucky. I am guessing I can build a nice coal forge at the $300-$500 mark.