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  1. Why is my leaf spring steel cracking?

    For reasons of possible failures is a great reason to "NOT" use it for anything, especially any tooling that gets used with a hammer.
  2. Books?

    Good info I find, I print or copy and paste to a file off web as most times like has been said forgot to bookmark it or it's off web when I look for it again. Web is great but save info you like or it will get eaten by the web while you are away.
  3. cold steel spring back

    A starting point would be a 10% tighter radius, although this is just an approximate starting point. The spring back varies on cross section sizes, material batches, hot/cold rolled....etc. Trial and error is the path. I've made benches similar to that and cold bent everything - yes its time consuming but with an original pattern to compare to they can be done, but still does take some time.
  4. Questions about Time with a Forge

    The most accurate answer to your questions would be.... take a beginner course in blacksmithing to get a cense of blacksmithing in general, by doing this you will work smaller stock and get a whole lots of info as to what you ask, then you will be able to answer the questions yourself easily. You will then have a greater appreciation towards blacksmithing, Making Swords is far beyond blacksmithing experience wise. Again - do yourself a learning experience and take a beginner class on blacksmithing - whether you use it in the future or now - it "WILL" be worth your while for experience and knowledge of blacksmithing. Your questions have been asked here many times about gaming, proceed with a simple course and please come back to let us know what your feelings toward blacksmithing are afterward.
  5. Damascus earrings

    Looks good, You could cut them down to half as wide and still see plenty of pattern and loose lots of weight and grind to half the thickness also to loose lots of weight - then She will be very happy.
  6. Also look at the simple air hammer plans from the ABANA (American Blacksmith Association of North America) web site
  7. Buy a set of proven plans and save yourself alot of trouble and questions, you can still modify them to your liking but you will save yourself time and everyone else's time. Also you will learn something by studying them, they are cheap compared to the build.
  8. Questions about building a forge

    Have you read the many threads about building a forge in the forge section of the forums here on Iforgeiron?
  9. It doesn't have to be a very big "V" just enough to hold the round from rolling away. Even 10-15 degrees on each side is plenty if the slitter is centered properly. One could also use a half round bottom tool with clearance for slitter and swelling during the slitting/drifting. Skin the cat with what means are easiest for you.
  10. I agree with the ball valve, mount it sturdy and you can extend the lever on the ball valve for more control - with a linkage to the treadle
  11. Thomas is right actually. But it's easy to get confused on how to make a slit the right length to correspond to a certain size drifted hole. Just trying to help clarify that. Sorry for the confusion
  12. A simple "V" block to hold the round centered on the slitting chisel will work fine, with a relief in the "V" block for clearance for the chisel I believe that Thomas should have said make the working end of the slitting chisel slightly less than 1/2 the length of the circumference of the final drift.
  13. A nice forging . What is it ?

    The crossbar/toggle is for a stop when used in a rotten stump as Thomas said.
  14. Maker and weight

    Why do you assume it's a Fisher? Where on the big blue marble is it?
  15. Can You Please Evaluate My Tong Design

    Be patient, its only been a day since the original poster posted this, some don't have access to the net 24/7 to respond.