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  1. It appears that they were placing the dogs in the same spots as before - so can I assume that after servicing/inspecting the chimney they remove the dogs on the way down and also fill in the holes with mortar ? I can see the removal to keep kids from climbing the chimney. Interesting subject no less.
  2. jeremy k

    DFPROF2 + 1D 2 no reading on regulator

    Have you set the regulator?
  3. jeremy k

    Drilled (no crayon) ribbon burner

    Cement or castable refractory?
  4. jeremy k

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Working on a 9ft X 15ft US flag for a local town ( 4th of July celebration), will be lit with led rope lights, star panel is back lit w/ led rope on back side of star cut outs and reflects off back sheet 4" away, you can see star details even at 200 + ft away at night. I should have whole flag lit after dark tonight. Working on welding the rest of the spacers etc today.
  5. Gas may be your best bet due to the chimney issues?
  6. jeremy k

    Pig roasting spit

    The one I had had a 1" Stainless steel solid bar for holding pigs.
  7. jeremy k

    New forum index.. "Shears"..

    Why not have a shear section just for the shear fun of it. People cannot use a section in the forums if its not there.
  8. jeremy k

    Leg vice help

    I'd say both are bent - easy fix with a little heat. I have repaired a few of mine by doing this (heating the eyes and bending back to where they should be), they all are still working fine.
  9. jeremy k

    Rest in Peace, Larry Langdon

    Sorry to hear that this is true, the times I talked with him on the phone, he was very friendly and helpful.
  10. jeremy k

    Rest in Peace, Larry Langdon

    I haven't been able to find the obituary - is it the Larry that had Monster Metal for sure?
  11. jeremy k

    Counterfeit Yellin Ironware

    Even then - Yellin may have not actually done the forging - as his workers most likely did to his drawings - lots of leeway there on authenticating in my eyes. I could reproduce many things that look like originals if I wanted to.
  12. jeremy k

    Swage Block Stand Design

    Somewhere I believe I have printed out pics of a few different views of the factory made ( saw it originally on a European blacksmithing supply site I believe) adjustable stand in my pile of blacksmithing related pictures (cant seem to find any other views on the net lately) - as I wanted to build on like that for a long time for a large swage block I have - like yours is a bear to man handle. It does essentially all that your stand does.
  13. jeremy k

    Swage Block Stand Design

    Nice - looks very similar to a European stand I've seen before - I'll have to make a stand similar to that for my 15" x 15" x 4"
  14. What are you looking for that is not in the owners manual?
  15. jeremy k

    How to repair a fisher vise screw

    Clamp it in a piece of heavy angle iron, lining up threads as close as you can - then grind out the accessible area - weld, then turn over and do the same for the other side, this will be the best way to get the threads aligned and stay aligned during welding - you may have to tweek it a touch to straighten after all welding is done, but it shouldn't be much. Then touch up the threads with an angle grinder with a cut off wheel to get into the threads/ or file etc.