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  1. jeremy k

    Show me your Bottle Openers!

    Here are the tools (nothing fancy) I used for the Owl bottle opener, L to R : Chisel Flat round punch Flat slot punch Large curved chisel Eye punch Small curved chisel Piece of 1/2" x 1/2" square stock
  2. jeremy k

    Show me your Bottle Openers!

    I recently was surfing the net and cannot find were I saw a similar opener, but I have a client that loves owls so I made this one as a test piece. I started with 1/2" square stock. Half round chisel is shown in pic below for trimming after hot punching, then shaped over the horn of the anvil. 2/20/10 JFK
  3. Steve - he answered your question of were he is after you asked.
  4. Index your punch 180° every 2-3 hits during punching.
  5. jeremy k

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Here's a picture of the rose as I unfold the pedals and shape them. I use a very small cross pein to texture the pedals before assembly. Pedals are shaped with small scrolling tongs.
  6. jeremy k

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Try putting a little crinkle into the pedals and then adding come heat coloring - I use copper flashing.
  7. Please take pictures of the process when you do this and let us all see your progress.
  8. jeremy k

    Glass Anvils!

    You realize this thread is from 2014 and the original poster has not been on the site since then. Always good to check the last first and last posts dates.
  9. jeremy k


    If you wire a billet correctly, no wire will be introduced into the billet during the forge weld, as there is never any welding done where the wire is. The wire is trimmed back as you proceed with the welding. It's not rocket science.
  10. You should ask the client what its use is for, if its a bottom tool to be struck you may need to change your heat treatment.
  11. I saw a forge welding demo where an onlooker threw a penny in the forge to mess with the demonstrator, the demonstrator was peaved but continued his demo and on first try successfully forge welded a bunch of electrician's pliers, wire strippers together to make a knife for a retired electrician. I know this because the demo was in my brick forge at a hammer-in I hosted. The demonstrator who did the forge welding said it's not the penny that causes problems, it's the fire management for forge welding that counts for a successful weld. I saw, so therefore I believe.
  12. jeremy k

    I wanna make a viking sword

    Can you show use a few pics of some other blades you've made to work up to this sword?
  13. jeremy k

    etching pattern welded steel

    Are you sending between etchings to keep the high spots polished?
  14. jeremy k

    Not my Craigslist add with my photos

    I just don't understand why they would not have posted pics of the machine that they were actually selling, even if somewhat incomplete, the old sales ads are easily found to show what they are.
  15. jeremy k

    Not my Craigslist add with my photos

    Kinda funny cause it's still on my property and I wouldn't sell it for 3X that much.