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  1. Press design critique

    Sorry I was being sarcastic. I built a 24 ton press frame with "steel" and I have used it to make spring swage blanks from mild steel that are 1" thick and 2-1/2" square - even at a good heat it takes 2-3 heats to get the final shape I needed squeezed into them. Upsetting a 4" high carbon round would take a considerable more amount of a press to achieve a good upset on 4". Building a press from wood to do what you are wanting to do, in my opinion would be "upsetting" at the very least. Steel is your friend. Good luck
  2. Press design critique

    Your looking to upset a 4" diameter round???? On a wood based press? Please don't forget to post the video, you might be on to something.
  3. DIY leg vise on YouTube

    Don't under estimate hole saws - although I was just cutting thru A36 plate - but I cut 2 holes 2" diameter thru 1" thick plate in less than 45 minutes with a cheap Ace Hardware hole saw and A Millwakee mag drill on low speed. The hole saw - other than the paint worn on it was still like new when I finished. Also - no oil (such a messy deal) just compressed air to keep it cool. Just the other day I used a 1-3/8" hole saw to cut a couple holes in some 3" pipe for welding in a pipe sleeve for an adjustable hinge with threaded 3/4" rod. I love hole saws!!!!
  4. Hand forged tongs from rebar

    Torch needs a good thorough cleaning.
  5. IMG_20171201_112956614.jpg

    Branding iron I made for local event before Christmas. Made with 1/8" x 1/2" flat stock. Branding image is 2" x 7/8".
  6. I seen no metion of oil in the above link, and it said he was trying to "bend" metal. Still wouldn't want to be him right now.
  7. Same thing? - after all it did last over 20 years.
  8. New flypress stuck tooling

    Then it sounds like a small burr inside the hole is holding it - you should be able to knock it out with a wedge between the 2 pcs or thru a hole drilled thru the holder?
  9. New flypress stuck tooling

    If the ground shaft bottomed out, then it may have upsetted itself into the tool holder while you were trying it out. That's a stuck situation.
  10. The hammer in the original posting above is not in the Pounding out the Profits book that I could see on a quick flip thru. Although that book is just on American made hammers - the above hammer may have been made somewhere else around the big blue marble. The picture below with the "thru hole" is like the frame of the 1900 year Little Giant I had, but I had the DuPont style linkage on mine Vs. the ball coupling.
  11. Storing Sanding Belts

    Like storing a lot of things - store in a cool dry place.
  12. Sorry, I assumed it was a Fairbanks from the mention of that name, After re-reading I see your trying to identify your hammer. I cant find my book at the moment to have a look.
  13. Hard to say - you'll have to research the Fairbanks hammers. The book "Pounding out the Profits" is the only place I can think of that would have some info on the Fairbanks hammers.
  14. The early Little Giant I had, was serial # 144 made in the year 1900, I never did get a clear picture of before I sold it. In 1901 they changed to the angular ram according to the book "The Little Giant Power Hammer".
  15. The early Little Giants had the same style thru hole in the frame.