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  1. Thomas - you are correct - just as a picture of my shop with my go to anvil that is a Peter Wright - doesn't mean my shop is In England.
  2. jeremy k

    Railroad spike Shoehorn

    Most anvils have a built in radius to use between the feet.
  3. jeremy k

    Riveted Fireplace Screen Doors

    Al - if I recall the mesh I used is #6? Most fire places have a lot smaller mesh size( more wires per inch ) this one is exceptionally bigger, hence the beefier mesh I used. Can't recall the supplier off hand, somewhere on the east coast I know. I don't buy mesh very often, so ever time I need to search for a supplier.
  4. jeremy k

    Riveted Fireplace Screen Doors

    Thank You Marc.
  5. Hammer textured frame and door frames, hand riveted with pyramid shaped rivets with rounding hammer. outer frame is Approx. 53" square, scribed to fit the stone on all 4 sides.
  6. jeremy k

    Di-Acro 1A Bender

    Yes if you have the equipment to make one - Although machining and heat treating - it isn't bad, and it fits the first time.
  7. jeremy k

    Di-Acro 1A Bender

    Why not get ahold of the factory for replacement parts :
  8. jeremy k

    A cool souvenir

    That's what I meant by a flaw in the flange - they had to cut it off clean to square it up.
  9. jeremy k

    A cool souvenir

    More than likely it was cut off to trim or square up the end of the rail if they were going to weld the rails together, it appears that it had a big flaw on the bottom flange.
  10. jeremy k

    Who keeps the plans?

    So do the people who suggest improvements ("IE" engineers, architects, etc.) get paid for their input?
  11. jeremy k

    golf club head

    Blown sheet metal forms are fun to do, but the key is to have good welds around the edges. The sheet I've used has been 16Ga. - play and have fun!!!
  12. jeremy k

    golf club head

    Yes John You are right - Elizabeth Brim did those - I knew it was a woman but couldn't put the right name with it right away. Elizabeth and Dorothy are great contributors in the blacksmithing arena.
  13. jeremy k

    golf club head

    Frosty - Did you say Pillow?.... Frosty - are you thinking of Dorothy Stieliger? (spelling?) I made this pillow as a blow up form back in 2013, never did get around to putting the fringe on it yet. Yes, a golf club head could be done with the inflation method easily.
  14. jeremy k

    golf club head

    Ahhhhhhhh - got sucked into a thread title that was from way back in 2016 ARGHHHH!!!
  15. Sorry - no photo shop - yes heated and hot punched in one taping to the foot - got a cramp in my leg by the time they took the picture, - definitely not a recommended procedure - just a doable possibility if needed - I did hot punch the hole 3/4's thru the first side though, during that picture. Oh and I noticed I do have an IFI shirt on.