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  1. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Mark - in that case - you did well, I was not referring to you personally - the picture reminded me of many demos Ive seen that the demoer has their back to the crowd and talking away from them - which makes for a hard demo to watch and hear.
  2. Preventing equipment sweat

    A fan is your friend. - a cheap box fan run 24/7 - prevents any metal sweating in my shop.
  3. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    The worst thing I see at demos, is the person demoing puts their back to the crowd to shield what they are trying to "show". You'd be surprised at how often that happens.
  4. 3 way pass thru

    I did not see that detail of the slotted head machine bolt, - I took it for a riveted over tenon. I had to enlarge the picture a little more to see that. With 123 grilles to make - setting up a milling machine to mill the ends for a tight fit up would be the way to go on the 45º intersection ends. - Good Luck
  5. 3 way pass thru

    Only 1 rivet per scroll, nothing but tight fit for the 45° points of contact. If you look close the lump/s you think are brazing, it is the casting "Behind" the grille.
  6. 3 way pass thru

    Jim - am I seeing things? - the scrolls are riveted.
  7. 3 way pass thru

    Not exactly what your describing but maybe an alternative to your design. This is a base of a coat stand I made back in 2010, 3 legs riveted tenon's equally spaced around the center post. It was 1" legs into 1-1/4" round post if I recall.
  8. Forced air burner tube getting red hot

    2" pipe - not length.
  9. Forced air burner tube getting red hot

    The size of your forge is nowhere near what the drawing is. It appears way to small for that size burner.
  10. JustAnotherViking - I think you hit the nail on the head - but - Theres no App for that? - seems like there's an App for everything now days. - Just kidding
  11. I think Brian Brazeal, along with Uri Hofi were a few that started the hammer craze -- Alec(learned from Brian) and many others have just been making hammers that in some cases, use the same forging process, looks and even stampings to help them sell. As Jennifer has done and has done well - made videos showing how to do forgings - I have not decided to spend the time and money on the equipment involved in doing how to videos as much as some day I'd like to. Another one of those "Investment things"
  12. Jennifer - you are correct - I was just trying to say that people don't charge what they should to cover those expenses. This is mainly I believe because there are so many circumstances, such as retired from their life supporting job and just wanting something to do even if they only barely cover costs of blacksmithing, and many other scenarios.
  13. Starting a 1 person blacksmithing business, - Capital investment - that is every hour of thinking and every $ that goes into that starting at the very first thought of doing it. Your time is worth something - your time learning/practicing is the investment - lets put a $$ amount on that - does one ever recoup that? by charging a flat rate(usually barely covers the current working expenses and a wage for that person). One actually has to make more than what you think to cover replacement equipment / tools( normal wear and tear). I agree the actual charged wage is not universal for all areas of this world due to many factors. What I think would be a more relevant question would be - How can we train people to understand that as a craft person with a very high learning curve of learning (blacksmithing), that our time is very well worth other major professions. Even more so when one gets to the crossroads of hobby/part time to going in full tilt, because by then you will have realized how much tooling and yes more equipment is needed. All this does take time and money - That is the "investment" Have I paid for my investment - over the 30 years of metal working - most likely not but I consider that the cost of doing what I love to do - work with metal. I have expanded my capabilities thru tooling and equipment over the years so in that I can do more of a variety of blacksmithing - its a forever learning occupation. Thank you all for your replies to this thread - I have found it very interesting.
  14. Now you have the idea. Good job.