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  1. Ohhh ... I got ya !! yeah that's crazy !! must of been a lot of force to do that !! that's to bad .. I would have passed on that as well..
  2. njanvilman said the jaws on these vises were originally welded on from Fisher .. I can see where mine are welded .. he said this is correct and the way they were made.. those on the one you were looking at are probably factory correct ... JT
  3. Hello njanvilman !! I've wire wheeled and cleaned that area but see no signs of a date on this one.. JT
  4. Here's a 240 Lb. Paragon I have. JT
  5. I'm not sure yet.. I cleaned it a little to see it better, mostly just built up layers of old oil .. might just wire wheel and oil it. or just leave it as is.. it defiantly won't rust !! lol
  6. I bought it from a retailer in Austria .. I got it added to a large shipment coming over so I got a much better deal on shipping. all in all still much cheaper then I could have ever gotten one this size here.. about $3.80 a lb. JT
  7. jlpservicesinc by this photo it looks like 1 1/2" its 14 1/2" tall and 30 1/2" long .. JT
  8. been waiting since late January ... here now and in route .. should be here tomorrow .. 573 lbs. !!
  9. well I brought it home today !! now that I can get a better look at it its actually a #4 and has 6 1/4" jaws not 6 1/2" and weights 120lbs. on my bathroom scales ( must be getting weaker feels much heaver.. lol ) still heavy though.. jaws look good and have good serration still , I can't see a date although it could still be hiding under some grime.. on the front it looks to have possibly said " Fisher " and under that maybe a design ( possibly the eagle ? ) and under that " Norris " then up and down under that it says " Trenton " JT
  10. Hi John, thanks, I was going to pick it up today... but looks like Saturday morning !! JT
  11. I googled Wilton Power Screw Vise and there is a site ( Popular Science-Jul- 1967- Page 146- google book result ) this shows a drawing of a cut-a-away showing the inside and telling a little about it... not much.. but at least a look at the internals .. it won't let me copy it so you will have to look it up.. JT
  12. HaHaHa !! good one !! unfortunately I once got caught up in a auction on eBay for a antique bicycle part.. waiting for the last second to put a high bid in figuring no one would get over me... but as luck would have it so did "Jessie James" (antique bicycle owner and motorcycle fabricator) at the same time... only mine was a larger number WOW !! what a slap in the face that was !! it took a while to get over that one.. lol thanks !! I'll probably go pick it up Thursday or Saturday .. JT
  13. Okay ! thank you all for enlightening me about the 3 leg stands ! I guess my hesitation was unwarranted .. all your experiences have proven that... I will look into changing my coarse.. JT
  14. oops ! ouch, that can hurt !! lol thanks for the info.. JT
  15. well.... I didn't say I didn't get it !! lol I did !!, just not for $83.00 lol.. I decided to go for it after you said the were going for quite a bit ..