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  1. well another one of these Clark Trucloader forklifts followed me home on Friday. it was a 4 hour round trip drive. once again these are the smallest ride on forklifts ever made and can drive through a man door. they weigh about 2500 lbs. and have a lifting rate of 1000 lbs. and take up about as much room as 2 trash cans.. these don't pop up often and when they do... they seem to sell quickly.. I bought this one with the idea of having a parts truck, but once I looked it over its actually in pretty good condition..
  2. I just picked up this old Woodward & Rodgers sensitive drill press.. its been converted some what and does work.. but for $43.14 I couldn't pass it up.. probably from around 1903.. here are a few photos of advertising I found... first ad is from 1890, second from 1899 third from 1902 and forth from 1903.. JT
  3. mini vise

    thanks Scrambler82 !! the vise is only reason I bought the lot... not sure just how long they were made.. not much info to be found about it.. very neat little guy though !! possibly a jewelers vise ? but I'm with you on this one.. just for viewing !!
  4. mini vise

    picked up a collection of mini tools. the vise is marked pat. June 16 1885 H&B..
  5. Well I ended up getting this old 7" swivel jaw bench vise today at a small local on line auction for $211.00 its at least 200 lbs. and 31" long closed and 13" tall.. its a monster looking vise in person.. it has no makers mark that can be seen... G-ManBart told me it looks like a Prentiss vise.. thanks for all the info Bart !!
  6. Austrian Anvil

    nice anvil !! I don't know how to date them either, I have one like it also, that weighs in at 573lbs.
  7. HaHaHa !! that's funny Lou !!
  8. This will be following me home tomorrow !! oh the ease of moving heavy anvils and any other heavy items... even it close tight areas !! this is the smallest forklift ever made !! its a Clark Trucloader !! made from 1945 - 1967... it weighs 2500 lbs. with a lift rating of 1000lbs. and 9 ft. max lift height.. its 28" wide and 52" long not including the forks.. takes up about as much space as two trash cans !! and fits through a man door !! the orange one is mine, the other two are to show the size better.. the man standing next to his is 6' tall..
  9. picked up this old Chas. Parker Vise

    thank you guys !! I'll have to try and look it over and make a decision ... it does have 7" jaws.... JT
  10. picked up this old Chas. Parker Vise

    I see, what causes a vise to unscrew a few turns before the jaws start to open ? I noticed that large one does that..
  11. picked up this old Chas. Parker Vise

    what price ranges do these large vises generally sell for ??
  12. picked up this old Chas. Parker Vise

    yes it does.. I see no makers marks on this vise but is so massive in person..
  13. picked up this old Chas. Parker Vise

    the one I'm looking at has a swivel rear jaw .. did chipping vises have these swivel jaws ?? that's nice !! photos just don't do the size of them justice !! the are so giant in person !!
  14. picked up this old Chas. Parker Vise

    yes its cleaning up nicely.. and it does weight in at 105lbs.. I think I may put it up for sale and get my money back.. I found a very large 200lb. bench vise I'm thinking of buying..
  15. picked up this old Chas. Parker Vise

    I'm a little disappointed in this vise, it was misrepresented in the description.. its actually a no.975 but hard to see clearly with the rust and built up paint. which means its a 5" jaw.. well it is what it is and I will be cleaning it up today and post more photos..