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  1. well I got this home today.. not out of my truck yet !! lol this thing is HEAVY !! half ton truck and it made it squat some.. its actually 46 1/4 " X 39" X 27 1/2".. I thought the top was 3/4" thick but its a full 1" .. the webbing underneath is 11/16" thick.. I can't even budge it to lift one corner or even slide it... even on a bed liner.. I will weight it tomorrow at work .. I'm guessing in the neighborhood of 800 lbs. + --…. hope my little 1000 lb. rated forklift will lift it !! lol JT
  2. Hmmm, I don't know for sure just what it's initial use was for.. or what the hole was cut into it for.. under the 3/4" thick top it has several heavy cross braces going back and forth .. I can not lift one side of it... it cost me $100.00 USD must weight a few hundred pounds..
  3. Thank you Kevin, I was also seeing bending jig with the holes in it or adding more if need be.. JT
  4. I haven't has much to post here lately but this Very Heavy welding table ? is following me home tomorrow.. its 46" X 39" X 27" tall and 3/4" thick top plate.. many uses come to mind with this.. including mounting my 200lb bench vise to it and is just about the correct Hight for my large post vise as well..
  5. picked up a couple of larger post vises

    it finally warmed up enough to bring this guys back out !! here they are after disassembling and wire wheeling them, and a fresh coat of oil..
  6. BIGGUNDOCTOR. that's a good idea.. I too was thinking the same thing for this one.. I have property on a island and I'm looking at a log cabin with cathedral ceilings .. I was thinking of doing just that.. either standing it on the transom like in the photo or hanging it on its side on a wall.. its a flat bottom boat... I have several other nautical items including a life sized hand carved sea captain from the late 1800s or early 1900s holding a real harpoon in one hand and has a parrot standing on his shoulder.. also looking into a 1930s of 40s motor for the boat.. JT
  7. A beast

    Nice !! how heavy is it and how wide are the jaws ??
  8. well not blacksmith ordinated this time, but this pretty cool very good condition 12 Ft. old wood boat from the 30s or 40s begged me to bring it home ... I couldn't resist ... JT
  9. 4 1/2" leg vice

    Hello Howling dog forge ! I can't help with the makers marks.. but for those points for and aft of the jaws... I can't say for sure.. but I have a photo of a post vise with what are probably pipe jaws that are attached under them.. could possibly be for this purpose .. its the second vise from the left.. JT
  10. Corn as Fuel

    yes it was in wet years with high moisture... pretty crazy to see it !! it didn't completely pop like pop corn but did pop about half way..
  11. picked up a couple of larger post vises

    thank you , I had no idea of the tapered pivot bolts it very well could have been.. I will take a closer look when I take it all apart.. thank you for the heads up !! JT
  12. picked up a couple of larger post vises

    yes it was missing the pivot bolt and it does have a boss to hold it from turning . I don't think it is a tapered hole though as the 7/8" bolt went through both holes snuggly and the jaws line up properly.. but when I take it apart to wire wheel it I will defiantly look into it closer. I agree I would like to have the correct type bolt there.. thanks, JT
  13. Corn as Fuel

    I have worked in a grain elevator for 40+ years and have seen field corn actually "pop" several times over the years coming out of dryers !! so it can " pop " !!
  14. picked up a couple of larger post vises

    I don't really know what brand it is. I was just going by what I've seen other earlier Columbians have, with chamfered legs and beveled cheeks that the pivot bolt goes through, and most seem to have a "rounded head " pivot bolt that this one originally had. what are your thoughts as to the maker ?? JT
  15. picked up a couple of larger post vises

    thank you !!! the light weight one. lol.. does say Columbian hardware, Cleveland on the mount.. I'm not sure on the heavy weight.. thinking possibly Columbian also ... it would have had a rounded head "carriage head type" pivot bolt originally ..