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  1. I may have to adjust the height a bit, but it should be close.. I have some thick steel at my disposal that I could ad some height if necessary.. I'm also making a massive one for a 400 +lb. Anvil that will be made of 3" X 3" 3/8" angle iron frame with 1/2" plate steel sides and a 2" thick 100 lb. top slab of steel that will be adjustable for height with a sand pad. I have part of it made already, will be posting photos of it when done.. Hello C-1ToolSteel !! still weighting on my last acquisition.. its in the states now, maybe I will have it by the end of next week or beginning of April .. haven't looked to much lately.. pretty much have my fill.. still watching that Fisher double screw Vise.. may own it tomorrow evening.. JT
  2. I picked up this Factory made Anvil stand a couple days ago and I should have it in my possession on Monday. Its base is 14" X 15", the top is 11 1/2" X 12 1/2", its 14 3/4" tall and 3/4" thick with reinforced corners.. it last had a 250 lb. Fisher on it and is almost a perfect fit for my 290 lb. Peter Wright... JT
  3. I went and looked a bit closer at this vise today.. its very heavy but I could pick it straight up by its post a few inches off the floor .. but wouldn't want to carry it far.. I think probably 150lbs or so... my friend thinks more like 200lbs.. but I don't think I could have picked it straight up if it was that heavy.. the jaws measured 6 1/2" wide.. I was also wondering about that coloration around the jaws... JT
  4. okay thank you !! I will look into it closer .. JT
  5. thanks for letting me know.. doesn't it look like the jaws may have been welded ?? should this be a concern ?? JT
  6. Hello John, so this is a Fisher Vise ??
  7. I ran across this Trenton Post Vise.. I've never seen one like this.. does anyone know about this type Vise ?? do these jaws look to be altered ?? thanks, JT
  8. check on YouTube there are a lot of people restoring them and show them completely disassembled and reassembling them.. should help ..
  9. I don't know them real well but I looked up Wilton vise's and under replacement parts it shows a blow up of a newer one, its pretty simple not much to go wrong, I would suspect a sheared pin.. I just bought this one a few minuets ago on a small local on-line auction . its a model No. 600 machinist vise with 6" jaws and 23" long.. its a heavy massive vise that's hardly been used... they sell new for $1199.00 !! I bought it for $417.00
  10. actually that was a Indian Chief Post vise. it sold for $159.66 and weighed 65 lbs. plus it was in very good condition...
  11. now that I cleaned it off better and looking at it in the sun light I believe it says Indian Chief .. heres a closer up of the image..
  12. good morning Frank and John ! thank you for you help. I have some running I have to do today but I will try to photo the Indian Warrior image and put it on here so you can see what I see.. JT
  13. hi Thomas, that's what I thought.. but any idea of the maker ??
  14. I just picked up this leg vise at a small local auction and came from the Kneeland-Bigelow Lumber Company in Bay City Michigan.. it has a Indian with a headdress facing to the left and what looks to say "Warrior" under the Indian and 65 under that.. they can't be seen in the photos.. the jaws are 4 3/4"... I've read that there are vises that are called Indian Chief and have also read that Canedy-Otto made some vises with a Indian logo on them.. does any one know of a Indian logo with " Warrior " underneath ??? JT
  15. well thank you for sharing your knowledge Thomas its well appreciated !! JT thank you C-1ToolSteel !! I'm getting my ducks in order and closer to pounding some hot steel !!