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  1. ok thank you guys !! the damage was my biggest concern.. just wasn't sure about it.. so.. just radius the entire edge until its gone ?? JT
  2. so is this 438 lb. Kohlswa anvil with the original cast iron base, with this damage on one side, worth $1800.00 ??? heres a photo of the other side with the base.. thanks, JT
  3. I believe Kohlswa's are cast steel anvils..
  4. I saw the crack extending also.. ??
  5. is the chipping on the edge of this a real concern ? its a Swedish Kohlswa .. thanks, JT
  6. as for their weights I believe there were several this one is mine and weighs 290 lbs.
  7. no not worth the trip, even offered to have a blacksmith near him look at it for me and he would not respond by phone or email...
  8. I went as far as telling him I would have a blacksmith in his area come over and check it out for me and if it is ok I will buy it ....... cricket ..cricket ... silence .....
  9. something very strange is going on with this anvil !! I talked to the seller and was ready to buy it.. he was very nice about everything and said its a good deal and priced it to sell !! .. I then asked about its rebound and got a lot of beating around the bush !! from.. its probably alright ... I'm selling it just the way I bought it... I won't confirm either way if its good or not !! ..then told me he wouldn't even confirm that it was indeed 685lbs ... that is just what the guy he bought it from told him.. and he has no way of weighing it... and if you send me the money the anvil is yours !! I asked about the anvil on top and he was quick to tell me it is a 40lb. Hay Budden !! I asked if he was a anvil collector?? and he said yes.. he has been collecting anvils for years and has many.. but... he has no way to check the rebound on this one ??? I asked if he could bounce a ball peen hammer on it and some of his other anvils and see if they are the same ?? then he sent me a email saying he didn't think I would be happy with the anvil and wasn't going to sell it now.. ???? I believe there is something wrong and he knows it... but in his words "I won't confirm either way"..
  10. here's one on eBay right now ( link removed ) at 686 lbs. with a buy it now of $6100.00 or make offer.. so at 2K the other one is a deal and looks to be in better condition !!
  11. no its real and the owner wants to move it on to a new home.. I think he just has the smaller sized one sitting on top to show the size..
  12. I ran across this North German Double Horn Anvil. seems to be a pretty good price at less then $3.00 a LB. and weighs in at 685 lbs. !!
  13. sorry Black Frog, those are the only photos the seller has in his ad..
  14. here's a unusual looking Hay Budden Farriers Anvil I ran across. I've never seen one shaped quite like this one .. JT