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  1. not sure if this is an appropriate place for this but hoping it falls under 'fabrication' and some folks here might be able to advise. I'm looking a good way to cut stainless steel (milk can) without work hardening it and cutting on a curved surface. I don't have access to a plasma cutter and not sure what the best approach might be. Hole drill on low speed? Step drill bit? It's a $130 investment so I'm nervous about ruining it and don't want to experiment. I haven't worked SS before. Thank you!
  2. I thought it must be really hot in there from the number of guys that get pulled out by medics. BTW - I really liked what you said about praying for your work.. and how you don't know how God feels about Forged in Fire but you know how he feels about you (or to that effect.) That was great!
  3. I really enjoyed watching this episode, nice work! I'd love to hear about the behind-the-scenes details too. All of the guys seemed really good this time. That first round strength test was brutal... I think that guy has a sadist streak in him.
  4. I really enjoy most of his interviews and the "free form" style of just hanging out and talking about random stuff. Looking forward to watching the one he had with Elon Musk yesterday.
  5. OH! Perfect! Thank you very much! Purchased.. and will post a review in the book review section after a read it
  6. Interview by Joe Rogan. Much of it is Joe asking questions like "what is tempering?" and "how do you sharpen a knife?" but I found it to be a very interesting interview despite the dumb questions. This guys work is amazing.
  7. not to be contentious but I spent a good deal of time looking through book reviews and searching. Looked through all 8 pages (twice) but no topics about pattern welding. I did that after searching for "books" and found a post about the section. Figured it was not quite appropriate to post a request for a reference in an area reserved specifically for reviews so I posted here. That being said... ANYONE HAVE A RECOMMENDATION? Ideally significantly less expensive than the cost of paying someone to spend a day showing me how to do it This is not my first stop.. I've been searching the web, searching amazon (found the $1,300 one already) and searching here and blade forums before posting. just to re-iterate.. looking for a reference that shows how to make the different patterns, what kinds of steels to use, how to make folds and cuts, how to do canisters... etc... I catch bits and pieces of info mentioned in forums but mostly people seem to keep this stuff to themselves. Unfortunately I can't afford a class. This is the most knowledgeable crowd I've found on the interwebs.. figured if there is a good book someone here will know.
  8. Can anyone recommend a good instructional how-to book for pattern steel? Patterns, steels to use, etching, canister methods.. etc... I'm clueless, looking for some clues.
  9. I love the way you did the handles
  10. for my scales, I just did four of some really porous spalted maple, and two blocks of pretty dense burl. They soaked up about 1/3 of my half gallon jug. They did turn out really nice though.. so if I had found an outstanding deal on ebay or etsy and paid $10 each for them I've already saved a bit (considering shipping costs) on just the resin.
  11. I found a pretty informative thread on a penmaking forum. Since nobody has responded here (and the viewing is high) I'll post the link for those interested. The short answer is "not really" http://www.penturners.org/forum/f43/alternatives-cactus-juice-140444/
  12. Thanks Jclonts, I got this same setup. Really happy with the way it performed!
  13. I'm doing my first round of scale processing, using a half gallon of cactus juice. I was wondering, does anyone know if there are alternatives for hardeners/resins that cost less than this product that do the job just as well (or perhaps even better?) It seems to be very popular. I'm using a vacuum for infusing and oven for curing process. I have several maple burls and some spalted maple and some other spalted wood I need to stabilize.
  14. Praying for you and your family Thomas
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