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  1. I Guessing You've Seen That Happen?
  2. That makes me mad just thinking about that stop talking about it
  3. Is a rounding hammer very usefull/nessary in blacksmithing? Is it something I should definitely have or not?
  4. Thanks For All The Tips, and you said you love pics so this is the first thing I've ever forged I just finished it this morning it's a knife made from rebar and btw the forge I made from the grill is dead my dad hit with the lawn mower and it fell and died so now I just have a hole in the ground lol. Thanks for the advice
  5. Yes I figured that out I fixed that by putting a sock over the end of of the blower which slowed down the air flow quite a bit also I dont connect it directly to the pipe I have it positioned a good foot from the pipe and it works pretty well but Im sure the sock thing isnt very good for the motor
  6. I use lump charcoal as the fuel and a leaf blower as the air source OK thanks Will do
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