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  1. Are “slot jaw” tongs available commercially or must they be custom made? I saw a pair being used on one of Black Bear Forge’s demos and they looked to be handy for various shapes.
  2. Built my 2nd set of tongs today. Sized them for 7/8 round bar. Fits 1 inch as well. Not the perfect grip into the bar I wanted. But they will do I think. Lots of practicing and lots of skills to be learned by building tongs I am finding. It is a pain to draw out the reins by hand but as I do it I am learning new technique, and proper hammer control. I went with the more extreme curvature because I think it looks kinda cool. Anyway from what I see out there they are far from perfect, but like I say, I had fun building them. Material I used is an old hex shaft that was in the scrap bin at work
  3. Hey it’s been 3 days since I turned on my first forge, read several books but have no practice, made 3 sets of tongs horrible but they work... will read more and try to forge something better cheers
  4. I recently received a set of antique colonial flat bit tongs. The tongs are in moderate condition for being that old one of the reins is just bent and wavy but the other has several cracks less than halfway down from the rivot I was thinking about taking off the broken piece and forging a new one so I can use them again. I hate seeing tools just sitting there and doing nothing. But is it a good idea for something so old? - Sergey
  5. So I have been reading through a ton of tong threads and I have my material picked out and I have came across several discussions that refer to bolt and wolf jaw tongs as the 2 most universal tongs I have been wondering if anyone has tried to make a hybrid tong between the 2 and if so we're they a success or were there detriments to using them? I've attached a rough sketch of my idea if you guys wanna critique it and let me know what you think.
  6. This first set is a pair of nippers I repurposed for 3/8 round stock. After using them a bit I think ill try to make a pair of scrolling tongs next. 3/8 is a little unwieldy. This pair I made from some tongs given to me when I first started. Initially they held 3/8, but I want to bring them up to 1/2in stock for future tong making. Any help to further my progress is appreciated. I was glad to have a day to just forge away, as these project took just about 3 or so hours. I am happy to report that with the techniques I learned here, I have little fatigue at this tim
  7. I picked up a set of large truck brake spring pliers for $10 and instantly saw the pick up or hammer eye tongs I've been wanting to make. Didn't take long and turned out pretty good. Nice steel too!
  8. Alright so made these now over the last few days. They are made from some 3/4 inch high tensile studs. Never doing that again by hand. Is there a specific name for them? Maybe v grove tongs. Also do feel free to let me know what could be improved. Cool with that. Cheers David. Hope it is alright to upload several pics as I wanted to show the steps I had to do to get them done.
  9. Hello! I'm relatively new to blacksmithing and bladesmithing (I'm also a college student strapped for both time and cash, lol!), but I recently got about 20' of 3/4" mild steel square stock and wanted to start making my own tongs so I can get rid of the Harbor Freight mechanic's needlenose pliers I've been using (they're good, but I want better <shrug>). My question is, do I have good enough material to make decent tongs, or should I look for better material? Also, any suggestions or tips on methods for making the aforementioned tongs would also be greatly appreciated. Tha
  10. I finished my replica Viking Tongs tonight. These are made from 7/8 inch wrought iron square bar which I picked up from an old cattle ranch bone yard. Overall length is 17 inches with 12 inch reins. The reins have plenty of flex and they are comfortable in the hand. See this link for a picture of the Viking era tongs I use used to make the replica. http://sciencenordic.com/viking-blacksmith-buried-his-tools I didn't really have any sort of scale to go by, so I printed the photo a couple times until I got a scale that seemed about right. The challenge was getting the two
  11. I need prices on anvils, tongs, hammers, and forges. And I don't mean the cheap prices just the ones to get started. btw I live in alaska Mod Note: post edited
  12. Made some tongs today in class at the tonapah mining park. They are bolt tongs with a different bend on the jaws. The idea is when your upsetting or hammering back on them they won't want to open up.
  13. Take a close look at the tongs this African blacksmith is using. This video has a close up showing the details. I have noticed that most of the videos I see of African blacksmiths (and other blacksmiths from around the world) use tongs like this. Notice how well the tongs grip the material and how easily the smith maneuvers his piece with those tongs. I see them mostly used for flat work like knives and hoes. Has anyone on the forum made tongs like this? If so, did you find them useful? Any idea why this pattern seems to be so common in so many places around the world? My next pa
  14. HoobaJibbs

    Pinning tongs

    So I'm having a bit of trouble and not sure if it has been addressed, but pinning tongs isn't quite working out as well as I think it should. I've made a few pair, but after those 3, I just haven't been able to get it right. The trouble I'm having is as I punch the hole, the boss caves into the pritchet and it may crack. I don't beat too thin but it still may be. Thickness suggestions? I read about using a nut underneath the boss as I punch. Using 1/2 in rebar, heating to a orange/yellow, moving it down to just over 1/4 inch.
  15. Just wondering if anyone knows where i could get a pair of tongs for cheap in the UK or at least an equally as good alternative. Currently im using vice pliers but im not having much luck with gripping the metal due to the smaller surface area
  16. Got a few things here I'm unsure of their use. Utility knife is for size reference. Tongs aren't too old I don't believe. I have a bunch of the + shapes chisels (?) and I have four of the old cone shaped iron pieces...hardy? The post is cylindrical so I wasn't sure if it was a hardy or not.
  17. pdesorm

    Mistery tongs

    Hello there, I am helping the local Colby Curtis museum and Stanstead Historical Society identify and label some blacksmith items. I do mostly small forge projects for fun so my worldly knowledge is limited. Any idea what these tongs would have been used for? I've also got a similar set at home. Thanks.
  18. Ok guys I'm in over my head. I started dabbling with blacksmithing built a trash can break rotor forge. I like to hammer when the honeydo's are done. Being a trucker I only hammer on the weekend. Now my set up is outdoors in my back yard. (my neighbors have horses they constantly ask me if I'm ready to make horse shoes and think it's hilarious) in my travels I recently acquired for free all these tools for ironworking. My question is how can i put this stuff to use. I don't plan on living in this house in a few years. So I don't want to build a shop but I really want to.
  19. StephanB

    Starter tongs

    I'm a new smith. Its a hobby that I don't want to sink too much money in. With that said, I'm hoping to make most of the tools I need. The way I understand it, there are a ton of types of tongs out there, all with different functions and jobs. My question is what types should I focus on first? I got started as a way to get into knife making. I'm playing around with small trinkets like bottle openers, key chains, ect... to give you an idea of my needs. I've been using vice-grips when the material is too short for me to hold on too for now. But I want to make things easier for myself and this wi
  20. just finishing up my first pair of v-bit tongs and they ended up with w few hairline cracks which seem to have shown up in up expected places. hoping to get some thoughts on what caused them and how to avoid in the future. i started w 10" of 5/8 square stock hot rolled mild steel .... purchased from speedy metals so pretty confident the material is as advertised. i dont have a power hammer so the reins were drawn out by hand. used a hot chisel and square stock to forge the bits. any thoughts would be apprecsiated. thanks
  21. Made a YouTube video of making some tongs, not a "how too" I'm not really at the stage where I think I can do a how too yet. Here it is https://youtu.be/IFV_1qNAy_U
  22. Picked these up at a flee market. The hinge and pin are beefy, overall weight is two pounds! The jaws are flared out in a radius, one jaw is one half inch longer than the other and the teeth are quite sharp like the jaws of a pipe wrench. The tongs appear to be drop forged steel. Anyone seen a set like this or have any thoughts?
  23. So I finally got around to using my new anvil only been blacksmithing for maybe 3 months off and on due to having problems with getting fuel but more to the point I finally got a well needed tool my first pair of tongs Wish i had some video to go along with the pictures but sadly I don't. Give me your opinions. These we're made from memory only I did not use pictures, references
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