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  1. For those interested in the subject. Check out the Gilgamesh Epic, and the flood story. And, also, Dr. Finkelstein's translations of some of the British Museum's vast collection of cuneiform tablets. (more than 400,00 tablets).. SLAG.
  2. Ms. Vicky, You are welcome. SLAG.
  3. SLAG, Here, The above search suggestions are good. Also, the local historical society, library, newspaper archives, old city directories, and genealogy society may be of further help. Cheers folks. SLAG Woops, Mr. T. P. suggested some of my suggestions before me.
  4. Mr. George N M, The 'acoustic' hand mower may, indeed, be seriously retro. But it is a great and cheap exercise machine. Folks try it, you'll love it. Regards, SLAG.
  5. JLP...INC.,The hammer on the left side of your picture, resembles a "Cheney nailer" The overall shape I mean. I believe that Lee valley tools Inc. resurrected the hammer, manufactured it and was selling them a few years ago. If so, you can see a picture of it, and how it was a revolutionary advance in the old technology of hammers. (I am not shilling for them and have no financial share in the said company). Regards everyone! SLAG.
  6. Jer, Bad news to learn the death of a family member. You and deb have our sympathies and support. SLAG.
  7. Frosty, You are not the only one to add borax to the clothes washer. SLAG.
  8. SLAG, here, A similar wrongful assumption happened in the case of old clothing. This was made by folks viewing the surviving artifacts and museum conservators. They assumed that the generally small size of women's dresses, and other items, denoted that women of those eras were smaller. What really was going on was different Smaller clothing survived better and longer, because they were less likely to be hand me downs, (again and again). The more common sized garments were worn out, and never made it to museums. SLAG
  9. Marg and I, Have added her name to our list of prayers and intentions. May her remaining days be peaceful and painless. SLAG p.s. Sorry JHCC I noticed your post after I composed mine. the plagearism was inadvertent.
  10. Mr. George N. M., So when was the execution?!! (Just kidding), you have a kind heart and it shows. Regards, SLAG. Mr. Frosty, Should the SLAG help set up a go fund me account in order to re-hook up your old land line? Let me know good guy
  11. Das, I have seen a diagram of such a shear in Moxon's tool book, circa 1705'ish. And some of them illustrated are large indeed. (in other words, good tools last for years and years). SLAG.
  12. Mr. W. B., cutting brick with out a masonry saw, can be accomplished with a series of drilled holes, and plug and feathers. (i.e. wedges). there are other methods and someone, on this site, will follow up with one or more of them. SLAG.
  13. Mr. S., Any wire wheel should do. Except knotted wire wheels. They are too aggressive and can chew up the metal. Welcome to IFI. SLAG.
  14. Mr. B. Bones, I missed your sad tidings. It is always sad when a family member dies. Your beloved cat is, now, in a better place. Pussy cats do not live nearly long enough. Are there any plans to rescue another one? SLAG. and Marg.
  15. Marg and I, pray that her hospice stay be peaceful and in comfort. Sincerely, SLAG.
  16. Herr Frosty, und Herr, Powers, Passing strange my telephone book said the same. But I, the SLAG, thinks that it may, still, mean "variable frequency drive". Let the readers be the final judge'(s). SLAG.
  17. SLAG, Here. Note to IFI 'ers VFD does not mean voluntary fire department. It probably stands for "variable frequency drive. Please do not take my word for it check it out here, vfd def - Bing Mr. Bing is usually correct. Sincerity, SLAG.
  18. Mr. Griffin, I use diclofenac anti-inflammatory for osteoarthritis in my hands and fingers. It comes in a compounded cream. It relieves the pain and has stopped joint deformation. I also take the pharmaceutical in pill form. Osteoarthritis is a wear and tear thing. If you live long enough there is a good chance you may develop it. Both of them require a doctor's prescription. Rheumatoid arthritis is a whole different matter. It is an auto-immune disease, and is beyond the subject matter of this thread and forum. SLAG.
  19. Ritual 'killing' of objects during burial rites are found at archeological sites all over the middle east. it was practiced by numerous cultures, and religions, for over many thousands of years. Such artifacts are found all over the world, e.g. in Asia and central and south America . examples of that are metal objects that have been bent, or broken in half etc. Smashed pottery is especially common. SLAG.
  20. IDFCW, Great idea/concept. Thanks. SLAG.
  21. SLAG, Here. Yes it is good safety practice to wear a respirator while grinding metal. But there is another potential problem when grinding inside. The dust settles on all the surfaces and floor, of the shop and its tools. Walking through the operation, later on, without a mask could cause problems. The fine, almost invisible, particles, will fly up into the air when we walk or handle tools. Those bits, that get airborne, are almost invisible. Also, The particles are both metallic and ceramic abrasive. They can do damage to lung tissue. Very fine particles are almost impossible for the body to dislodge. They physically abrade lung cells and tissue. If enough damage is done, we can come down with a condition called COPD, (i.e. chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder). It is a progressive disease, and medication can only treat symptoms, as it progresses. The only real 'cure" is a lung transplant. But citizens, there are two solutions to this problem. The first one is an elaborate air extraction system which collects the particles or vents them to the outside. The second, more practical solution, is to mount the grinder on a portable stand and grind outside. When I do so, I still use a respirator. The SLAG does not take chances! Regards, to all the folks on the forum. SLAG. xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx SLAG, Here , again. Has anyone mentioned sand blasting to operations that produce many crafted items*? Obviously it would only make sense where there are a lot of items to treat. A Dremel or Foredom would suffice for one or two creations. SLAG. *Other substances can be used instead of sand, such as walnut hull 'flower' or soda, etc. ** the site computer program has merged these two submissions. Even though they address two, somewhat different, subjects
  22. Mr. Arkie, Given your previous pricing experience with the Vinita mine. Perhaps that is the reason they shut down? So sayeth, the SLAG.
  23. Mr. Frosty, Good Guy, With the present "heat wave", Alaskan citizens can finally thaw out? Is this weather due to 'Global Warming".? Will palm trees soon invade Alaska? Only time will tell. Stay tuned, same time, same station. Sincerity, SLAG.
  24. JHCC, Nice scroll work. You can readily hide the weld by wrapping some iron wire around it, if you so desire. SLAG.
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