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  1. Gidday Mr. Tex, Mr. Arftist stated that he cut his hammer but did not raise the temperature of that hammer to draw the temper. Excessive heat will make the steel softer and softer as the temperature rises in the hammer. (or any steel for that matter). Frequent cooling of the hammer, (usually using water), will cool the steel before it gets hot enough to soften. Also using a slow rate of grinding will also not allow the hammer to get too warm. I suggest that you edit your your profile to indicate where you are situated. (i.e. Australia and the state or city.) There are a fair number of Aussies on the site. Check out the "Australia roll call" thread"( I think that is what it is called). If not, someone here will correct me, very soon. Regards, SLAG.
  2. JHCC, Sewing would tend to lessen the shear forces on the sleeve that is glued to join the abrasive belt ends. I seem to remember, a long time ago, seeing industrial belts having stitches. Some had steel staples to do the same job. Sewing thicker belts is analogous to sewing leather. Hole can be punched or drilled prior to sewing. A drill press would speed up the procedure. The holes can be reinforced with a coating such as nail polis. In order that they are not become the starting point of a tear. My suggestion was a long shot. But it may worth a try, if no other method works satisfactorily. Regards, SLAG.
  3. Fellow Citizens, I did a quick look through this thread, and did not see the suggestion that I will describe presently. My idea would require a suitable backing patch underneath the area of the joined belt ends. Use a suitable adhesive. You seem to be happy with Gorilla glue. Now sew the join , and maybe, also, both ends of the patch. Try using a strong thread like koban. And make sure the threading is taut enough to lie between under the particles of abrasive. The threading may be further protected by coating it with dilute epoxy resin or nail polish. Hopefully this glue and sew procedure will be satisfactory. Sinceriously, SLAG.
  4. SLAG

    Stephens Lever Vise

    Are the Stevens vises still being made and sold? SLAG.
  5. Glenn, So get thee to a dry cleaner. SLAG.
  6. T. P., You ARE so lucky. You are close to great gnarled scrap, And you can trip airport explosive alarms. SLAG. Mr. Dragon, Entropy lives!
  7. Mr. Powers, Concerning the EMRTC performance. I missed a good show, I'm sure. But did they initially consider the subsequent effect on the resell value of that car pre big bang? SLAG.
  8. SLAG

    Stephens Lever Vise

    Messrs., Flynn, and Frost, Thank you for the patent number and explanation. It IS much appreciated. SLAG.
  9. SLAG

    Stephens Lever Vise

    Mr. Flynn, What a fascinating looking vise. What is the patent number for it? I should like to have a look at it to see how it works. (instead of trying to figure it out by myself). Thanks. Enjoy putting it to good use. Thanks, SLAG. p.s. Where did you acquire it?
  10. Marg, And I*, Have added your cousin to our list of prayers and intentions. Ideally the malignancy has not spread and a lumpectomy should take care of the problem. SLAG. *(SLAG.).
  11. Mr. G.M.B.B., It is a beautiful logo. Use it in the best of health. Just for fun, you may want to spend a bit of time checking out other logos at the Trade Marks Office*. to see if it resembles other 'people's". trade marked logos. Regards, SLAG. You can search using the net.
  12. Smoking some Mandarin, Hunan, and Szechuan dishes can be done by placing the food item on a raised "grill" placed inside a wok with a top. Black tea leaves* are gently heated in that wok. Peking Duck can be cooked in that kind of set-up. A special smoker is, thus, not necessary. SLAG. * for example Lapsang Souchong tea leaves.
  13. The SLAG, Suggests that one more precautionary step should be added to the many Mr. Buzzkill has mentioned. That is namely: Get an attorney to prepare your last will and testament so your next of kin will be properly taken care of. Good luck! Sinceriously , SLAG. Foundry ... can be fatal.
  14. Roberto. I just bumped into this thread. Nasty business. I am glad that medications are helping. I sort of wondered about not seeing you on the forum recently. Hang in there. We are all on your side. Slow and steady wins the race. Regards, SLAG.
  15. Glenn Conner's son published a tutorial when he was eleven years old. He started smithing at six years of age. (look up "easy tongs" here). There are (or have been several other youngsters on this site producing quality work. Give it a try, it's a lot of fun. SLAG.
  16. Mr. Stevens, Please do not use a claw hammer. They are made for driving nails in wood. So the head is softer than other hammers. That head can start to deform and given a lot of use even spall off splinters. soft heads do not move hot iron very well. So the SLAG suggests that a ball pein hammer will work great. You can find such hammer heads at yard sales. Putting a handle on one is a simple job. Welcome to the craft. It's fun. SLAG.
  17. Senor R. P., Is your "cheesy Moon" sculpture for sale? SLAG.
  18. Messrs. Harris and Powers, Twist-top wine bottle closures, do not suffer from cork taint. Cork closures do. SLAG. Diethyl mercaptan is the main mal-odorous component of skunk spray, together with other mercaptan chemicals. Mr. Frazer I'm beginning to appreciate your sense of style. Pinkie finger and all.
  19. Mr. Frost sir, Curling is a late arrival in these United States. (it has been a winter fixture in Canada and Scotland for many years. So we have been playing catch-up and making a good job of it if I say so myself. Hang in there and only make judicious bets. SLAG
  20. Mr. Hammer of Grammar, (i.e. JHCC.) Did I not come across that phrase, (or something close), listening to the "Goon Show"? SLAG.
  21. I momentarily forgot what HAZ meant so I looked it up. It means "heat affected zone". Enjoy. Regards, SLAG.
  22. Mrs. Stebbins, $400 offer for a 200 pound anvil in really good shape and made by a top notch manufacturer is a sucker bid. The SLAG thinks that it is way undervalued. Even where it is situated in Concord Maine. Jennifer is correct, that there are a fair number of female members on this site. Many of them working at a high level of expertise. Give it a shot you might like it. Welcome, SLAG.
  23. Mr. Arkie, Gotscha. Thank you for your service. It is appreciated. SLAG.
  24. Mr. Hoss Cartwright a.k.a. Dan Blocker sadly died in May 1972. Sad that. SLAG.
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