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  1. New trenton anvil

    Great history. If only they could talk. George
  2. O'Neil implements co anvil ?

    What's up with the hole? Somebody been using it for target practice? George
  3. Anvil Identification (help)

    I wouldn't know but I'm sure somebody will come on soon that will.
  4. Anvil Identification (help)

    You're right, a PW it is. Go ahead and buy it. You'll be glad you did. George
  5. Anvil identification?

    Seeing that one photo with the angle grinder I knew would get your attention. If that device is close enough to be in the same picture frame as the anvil it's definitely way too close. Any grinding, welding or cutting equipment needs to be in a different building. George
  6. Motorcycle chain holddown

    Nice, good idea George
  7. Oh my word, they sure saw this guy coming. For that pile of rusty old junk? Yeah you got taken allright. However, not to worry. I'm sure there are plenty of guys on here that can help you recoup some of your losses even with all that rust. Is just the kind of big hearted fellows they are George
  8. Quarter Cracks

    Here's one done with nails and wire. Another of many methods to achieve the same end result:
  9. Shoeing Prices in OZ

    Well...... Never having been there I can't say, but I can tell you how to figure out what they ought to be. And if I were going there I'd be able to set prices accurately as soon as I arrived. To find prices in a given area first find a Barber Shop. Look at price of a haircut. Cost of shoeing a horse is about 8 times the price of a haircut. Barefoot trim is about 1/3 the cost of shoeing. Shoeing half a horse about 2/3. Is no surprise to me that prices over there are all over the boards. They are here too. Reason for that is sadly that entirely too many people just don't know the nuts and bolts of their own trade. Barbershop formula works. Is very accurate. George
  10. Need help identifying another anvil

    ACME as I think most folks around here know, was the logo used by Sears and Roebuck. Trenton and Hay Budden supplied anvils to them as well as other Hardware Stores. Looks like a real nice one. George
  11. Need help identifying my anvil

    Not too legible unfortunately. Wire brush it and clean it up best you can. Then rub talcum or baby powder into the numbers. That should help a lot. George
  12. Rockstar with all due respect, that's not logical. Are you implying that somehow or another their education and training somehow makes them less qualified and competent than someone without? XXXX? Yes unethical people can lie, but it's much harder to do if there's compulsory testing. Occasionally airplane pilots crash airplanes. Nonetheless I'd still prefer to fly with one who's tested, licensed and experienced. When it comes to them vs the amateur shade tree mechanic types you really don't want to keep score do you? Guilds are still going strong back in the old world as they have for centuries. USA didn't ever have too many of them anyway but the few we do have do great. American Bar Association comes immediately to mind. Screen Actors Guild is another. You belong to those organizations or you don't work right? Tell me just what is so wrong about that? Many people purchase weapons to defend themselves, their families and their homes. There is nothing wrong with that. I see that as good. Many people wore their country's uniform at some point in their lives to defend their respective countries. That's a good, noble and honorable thing to do. As far as people's trades, work, livelihoods, bread and butter. Their means of feeding their families. Why is protecting and defending that seen as a bad thing? I certainly don't see it that way.( but I am a Union thug to the core) What makes outsiders who are oftentimes no better than the barbarians invading Rome think they're entitled to anything? Certifications, Licenses, Endorsements etc are all about earning one's place. It's really that simple. Unfortunately too many people aren't willing to earn anything. I have no use for such people. George
  13. Need help identifying my anvil

    It's a Hay-Budden. Try to get the numbers off the base and somebody on here will tell you the year it was made Good score George
  14. Anvil Poll

    Actually, it has been done. The late Bill Pieh of Centaur Forge brought together a group of the best top hand Standardbred shoers he could find. He got input from everybody, put all the ideas together and had Kohlswa of Sweden make him a boatload of Horseshoers anvils which are still the standard others try to measure up to. Later, he also had Kohlswa modify it slightly as the first Bruce Daniels pattern. That and GE weren't really much different from the old Hay Budden pattern except for the Centaurs being of that fine Swedish steel. As far as that goes I can remember a pretty well known guy who used to be on this forum and others that used to watch every transaction he could find. If somebody was getting a good deal on an anvil someplace from someone that was pretty clueless and just wanted to be rid of the thing, this guy would contact the seller and tell them what his opinion on the worth of the anvil was advising them not to take any less than $_____. This individual ruined a lot of good deals for a lot of people and quite possibly can be blamed for much of the inflated costs today. He used to claim he couldn't stand to see people not get full worth although other people's buying and selling was none of his business. Post has been edited to meet the site guidelines.
  15. Old Anvil

    Along with the telltale scars of an angle grinder