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  1. TFS Anvils

    Turning cams are for cold shoeing cowboys who never learned to use their horn. JHM for some inexplicable reason only has one pritchel hole drilled dead center. Completely wrong for punching out a clipped horseshoes thus making necessary the slot in the heel. Normal made heel is much better for pulling clips on a heavy work horse shoe. Purpose is defeated with cams in heel. George
  2. TFS Anvils

    No experience using but looking at them they appear to be ok. Should serve your needs. Blacksmith style would probably be best choice. Not that there's anything wrong with using a Horseshoers anvil but most of the contemporary ones are loaded with unnecessary trash nobody needs like turning cams, hooking holes and such. If you do get a Horseshoers get an older style one. George
  3. Forest Forge Inquiry

    Is true they do but majority of it is for show and trying to keep up with the jones'. Essentially a van, pickup with camper shell or some other such vehicle is really all that's needed or necessary. As to the OP in the suburbs, a garage will certainly suffice. Also joining a local blacksmith club can help as many of them have hammer-ins at somebody's shop on a regular schedule. George
  4. Shop crane

    Looks neat. Question for the OP how did you install it? Did you go rent various lifts, come alongs and such? George
  5. Happy St Patricks

    All the best to everybody Saoirse!
  6. Small anvil collection

    Don't break it up. Add to it. Get as many anvils as you can. The fun that comes with aggravating people by doing that is priceless George
  7. S7 hot fit tongs

    Maybe so, I don't look at the trades as separate like a lot of people do. Not every Blacksmith shoes horses but every Horseshoer is a Blacksmith. Is a specialty within the trade. Many innovative ideas and inventions we take for granted came from the brains of Blacksmiths over the centuries. In many cases they invented themselves out of work. Horseshoers..... well, not quite so much. Why does everybody use side clips on front shoes? Why does everybody use Kerkhart shoes? The list goes on and on with the same answer. Cause it's what everybody else is doing. Even the word, The word "Farrier" didn't come into common American parlance before the 1970's Why do you guys all call yourselves that? Come on guys, I know I'm poking a hornets nest. Who wants to play? George
  8. S7 hot fit tongs

    Don't worry, I'll stir the pot for you. You stumbled upon something about horseshoers. They're copycats. Biggest ones I know. The whole so called "Rugged Individualist" and " Independent" labels they wear with pride are a myth. Truth is most of them have never had an original idea in their lives and will copy one another right down to the style of business cards. Go ahead guys, fire away George
  9. Peter Wright Farrier

    Interesting piece, I've never seen one before. Wasn't aware PW ever made them in that style. Looks like a real nice score George
  10. Horse shoes with Borium

    Anybody read this story out of Wisconsin? Crying out loud what will they think of next?
  11. Good deal. Not just on the anvil but on all the other stuff too. Should serve you well George
  12. Powerfist anvils

    There are plenty of decent American made anvils out there. NC is a poor excuse for a Horseshoers anvil and just barely out of the ASO class. Rather than be redundant I'll refer you to this thread: George
  13. Chunky old swage block and newly fabricated stand

    Nice job. Is it working out good for you? George
  14. New School to Open

    That place has been around for a long time. Was an old railroad shop if I remember correctly. They've been trying to figure out what to do with it for at least 20 years now as yours truly looked into the place back in the '90s. Biggest problem is the location. Johnstown is an impoverished, depressed, rust belt town that died with the steel mill. It has no real hope of recovery. If somebody out there wants to try a school while there are already plenty of them in better places, best of luck to them. George
  15. Blacksmith Sayings Proverbs

    9. To run roughshod