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  1. Here is another semi drop point hunter.....Blade is ground from 1.2442, bolsters and riveted pins are made from some Thai construction crap steel. It was shortly finished after that one...iforgeiron.com/topic/64008-plain-hunter/ which I saw it like wood for the fire now its bone for the earth. Cheers
  2. Thats what I thought. so the answer is definitely not" Yes" ....that aint a smooth transition...pretty coarse wedge
  3. Ridiculous 20, secondary 40....I am not certain what do you like to say/ask.... Mostly I grind blades down to a thickness of 0,20-0,30 mm so that they flex on my bare thumbnail. A blade that is ground so thin and sharpened with a primary bevel of 20 Degree , is not ridiculous at all. Well, that cuts like poison! Those 0,20-30mm can be easily stropped down to zero....rolled edge is the term, I guess. That is the old school and best edge You can get on a knife blade. Based on that, the "meat" behind the edge determines how strong Your edge will be.... So the secondary40 means the blade flanks?......please enlighten me Cheers
  4. Thanks for the fine comments, Gentlemen!
  5. Simple drop point hunting tool with 2442-blade, copper bolsters and Ceylon ironwood. Sheath made from water buffalo and high carbon spring steel clip. Cheers
  6. Somehow I missed that one.....IMHO slip joints are more fun to make then using them. ...and they come not easy off the bench. This one looks great!
  7. Frosty, Pnut, thanks for your comments! They are appreciated a lot!
  8. Here are three of my recent folders I made the last months. As they come in unetched Wirtz-Damascus with Padouk, O1 with Ceylon ironwood and etched Wirtz-Damascus with Indian almond tree. Liners are springy hard titanium 6Al4V, locking springs are high tempered1095 and the screws are hardened low carbon steel. Cheers
  9. Increase the carbon content of 1095 high carbon steel? it has already 1% Carbon!.. Steve said it already, Why?.......for what?......whats the point in this? I just dont get it.....thats not crazy, please forgive me with all due respect...thats very close to silly.....but I will not offend You, dont get me wrong here. It is contra productive.....it will go at least 0,10mm deep from both sides of the blade. Youre edge and tip will pop off due the lack of toughness, it turnes out super-brittle....and you can temper as you want....it wont change anything. Dont waste your time and money, dont ruin good American high carbon steel! do and try something more reasonable instead.....but like I said, no offence.
  10. Hi there my friend. first ....who would blame You for the amount of pictures? The more the better! for us looking at your skilled work is entertainment and we are not overfloated with that, arent we? To make a living with making knives(or another craft) needs a lot of discipline....I say, more than if You work for somebody from 8am-4am....it more easy to get distracted by some " knife playing in the backyard" ....of course said from my point of view. as ever you show a nice asian influenced row of wild useful tools all looking undestructable and pretty mean And....he year isnt all over yet....keep them coming! Cheers
  11. Yes, I have a website but it is way too old,....no update since years. http://messerboll.net/ I am working on a new website but it really takes time. best place to look at my work is in our German forum https://www.bladecommunity.de/index.php/Board/169-Daniel-Boll-messerboll/?s=17b8052193aff540cdd8f842863f4e71a30e2ada Cheers Thanks a lot, Chris!....much appreciated!
  12. Thank You, DHarris! Yes, I do my own leatherwork. Well, actually it is wrought iron. Cheers