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  1. Damascus chefs knife (pic heavy)

    After some contacts with stews, roast beef and acid containing vegetables the etch will not matter anymore...whats left that matters is the blade geometry. And this geometry looks just fine....very well done!
  2. Nearly two decades I had advantages through his work. He gave me his friendship, shared wisdom and steel with me. On my request he brought back long forgotten alloys that went out of production . When he created a new steel alloy he always gave me samples to try it out and helped me solve difficult problems with materials as well. When it comes to steel, to me, he is one of the top dogs on the planet. It is my honour and joy to spread his name. http://www.europeanblades.com/interview-achim-wirtz/
  3. Knife making - Starting equipment

    The bare minimum...? The bare minimum to make tools, knives, axes, forges, spears and the like is a pair of good trousers. ..like this sophisticated fellow shows https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVV4xeWBIxE
  4. Puukko images

    Well done kumppani! I like the combination of the handle materials a lot The only critique I have is the file work on the blade spine, a bit to coarse and IMHO always making blades looking less serious....but that is a matter of taste, You like it so its fine. The only Puukoos I have made I recently posted already...maybe makes not so much attractive sense to post them here again. But one or two images more of Yours would really enrich the threat. dont forget to show us the sheath when it is finished. Cheers
  5. Thark bush swords

    I like them both, but the upper piece is awesome....what an aggressive profile...wow!
  6. Road to Damascus

    Will, absolutely beautiful!...did You ever post that knife somewhere?...could be I missed something.
  7. Walk on the ruby

    Thank You, C-1ToolSteel!
  8. Walk on the ruby

    Thanks a lot, Guys! Your comments appreciated very much
  9. Walk on the ruby

    The materials are the same, Boehler TWR 1.2513, Ceylon iron wood and 6ALV4 titanium... reliable and proven as the design....and if You do something that many people like, get prepared to do it many times... ..honestly there is no fun in making, only concentration and discipline, the good feeling comes when its finished, than I can let go and enjoy what I have done.... so I appreciate new things that I can use like the detent ball which is made of artificial ruby. That stuff won't wear down in the next 20 years and it looks awesome... Even if You only can see it when dismanteling the knife for maintenance, which customers really should do with a fine mechanism. If You don't maintain Your gun, it will go down...same with folders.That's what I always tell customers...care for it! Back drop is phloem/bast from coco nut palm. Well, here is another one for the fridge. Cheers
  10. Puukko

    There You go!...You trying different styles, thats good...and this looks like a reasonable field companion with good old school "forest, field and meadow - steel" as the O1 is often nicknamed in Germany. Very well done!
  11. Tanto Fiction

    I am linguistically not sure what You mean with "gathering" in this case, if You mean having access, getting my hand on the material, then I just have to take it out of my stock...but if You mean how long it took me to decide what material to use, than the answer is, not long. Because mostly if I have an idea for a knife, the colors are an important part of the inspiration and sometimes materials or myself are failing and than I take whatever it takes(well,abandoning the inspiration of course)to get the knife properly done. It took me one year to complete.I never made a traditional Tanto and a lot of time I spend with research and educating myself in the Japanese way of Tanto making....it took me two handles, two sheaths, and a hand full of mekugi pegs and a lot of "discipline" to finish it. it was one of the most difficult knives I have made until today, and I once thought this is not in my abilities...several times screwing up major parts, putting them away until the frustration faded, and then made it new again and continued working on it ......that really felt like "the way is the destination"..... the blade is ground stock removal with my belt grinder. Thanks, jlpservicesinc!
  12. Tanto Fiction

    You just said the right thing, Thank You,C-1ToolSteel.
  13. Tanto Fiction

    Thanks a lot for the nice comments, Guys! Dave,.... Katanas, Wakizashis, Tantos are traditionally all take down. The advantages are easy maintanance and repair of all parts. The little tool is made of a bufffalo horn tip and ivory and it is to push the pin(mekugi) out of the handle. It seemed necessary and harmonious to me in a certain way, to finish this with a traditional stand. Cheers
  14. Tanto Fiction

    Thank You very much, Gentlemen. I appreciate it a lot.
  15. Tanto Fiction

    Strongly inspired and influenced by the Japanese movie "Samurai Fiction" I didn't followed the traditions in the process of making. Like in the movie, free style is one of the plenty ways besides tradition, that leading to the desired result. I took clay covered 1095, copper, some unknown hardwood root, gave it the overall length of 10 inches and get this fiction of a tanto. for those who are interested in the movie here is a trace to find, do not notice the synchronised versions, watch the original with English undertitels to get the full blast of fun.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TknAs5CrY9s Cheers