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  1. Bevy of bush swords

    Nice bunch of bush swords!.... I bet that cut already healed up....that job makes our body and defense system dealing easy with flesh cuts....already itching?
  2. The Ghost Dog

    Daswulf, Stormcrow, Thanks a lot!
  3. The Ghost Dog

    Thanks for the fine comments,Guys! I colored with gun blue from Birchwood and Casey.after some time the blue fades and changes in antique grey like its now. the bolsters are pinned with 3mm pins.normally I take 3 pins and press them in a vise. cheers
  4. The Ghost Dog

    Some kind of ancient warriors belt knife, ....from whatever culture. Blade is 205 mm long and ground from 1.2442 (115W8), bolsters made from mild steel and the scales are rams horn pinned with sterling. Overall length measures 305 mm so because its a warriors knife I wanted the sheath as martial as possible. I armored buffalo raw hide with steel and riveted it togehther with copper.All steel parts are counter riveted from the inside.The two massive liners are made from a single water buffalo horn which had a natural radius that allowed following the blade shape.The throat is also reinforced with buffalo horn bands......at the end it consists of 177 worked parts . Cheers
  5. PWS /San Mai Razor

    Very nice!.......and I really love the easter island head!
  6. My best and latest. Classic Bowie.

    Actually I needed to quote Thomas on a few things , because he said some good things....Thomas, You are quoted! But I will add something in my own words. I really like Your blades!.......and I like the small ricasso, ...maybe compared to the plunge line(which has plenty of empty space for a signature) , the latter is a bit to wide....the handle looks serviceable and thats what will work....all other aspects about the handle are a matter of taste....Thank God we are all different! .....but anyway, ...it is all about the edge !...and this edge looks superb!
  7. Bushcraft knife

    Clearly some routine showing up in those bush crafters of You. Seems that they are a good practice for Your skills....even the double line stiched sheath comes great... nice and sober job!
  8. when to grind the Uraoshi(back hollow grind)

    Making single bevel knives like a Yanagi ba is really tricky because of its tendency to bend while it is heat treated , especially when its hardened. Keeping it from bending towards the unbeveled side is more concerning than grinding the hollow on the flat side . So if You have a blade that will bend to the "weaker" side, You should not weaken the side even more due grinding it hollow. So it seems better to grind the hollow after HT, but I know two professional Japanese cutlery makers and they make it contrary. I would grind it after hardening, ....together, reciprocally with the beveled side It strongly depends on the parameters of the blade in length, thickness, mono steel or two layers etc, how Your blade will behave....You have to try that out and prepare to regrind or throw it in the trash can..... this guy does a great job, look at 4:20 ,...maybe this will inspire and help https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrphlV9mEa8 Cheers and good luck
  9. Knife making video questions

    Well.....like the somehow round end, cut side , sides are not paralel at all....maybe I should say,the shape leads me to believe that it was forged....but maybe he didnt forge, just cut it out and prepared it and after all it looks like this ....also possible
  10. Knife making video questions

    If You have the carbon bound due heat treating it will show some of that with the sparks and those have their form and color according to alloy..... Unhardened low alloy tool steel does spark but it looks different to me....just my 2 cents without guarantee
  11. Knife making video questions

    The shape of the piece of steel shows that it is forged. The heavy sparking shows that it is already hard...or hard enough to spark like that According to the carbon explosions and their form the spark picture looks to me like a steel with about 0.8% Carbon. Easy to see at 3:26 where he grinds the back of the blade...but due forging it could have some carbon loss that can make a 1%Carbon steel like 1095, look like 8.0% C...the colors in the video of course are also not true ...so if we had better, true colors the aspect of a piece of forged coil spring with obviously more than 0,6C could be added to the guessing .....so it could be 02,...besides this steel you can find in every corner of the world...like Diesel oil. ...and ferric chloride.
  12. 5160 failure

    ...maybe too much difference in heat on the whole blade while forging, ....or too much cold forging which makes lots of tension which can result in such cracks. in aspect that it is a wide blade I guess its both....but Daswulf is right, very little information
  13. The fortune cookie

    Thanks Guys! I gun blue the whole blade then I take a rag and cover the parts that should remain and then sisal polish it lengthwise. Cheers
  14. The fortune cookie

    A very close and old friend came south-east for a visit and stayed a month....it was a great time, like in our younger days. We celebrated it with a folder for him, he made the design and I made the knife. Cold work Tungsteen tool steel for the 8,5 cm long blade, 6Al4V springy hard titanium for the liners, clip and all mechanical parts are high carbon spring steel and some unknown hardwood root for the handle slabs. Cheers
  15. First Go at a Dirk

    I like dirks as well, if they are nice ...with gem stones and bulky weird butts and handle shapes they can be ugly as hell, but not this one.... This one has nice proportions and a beautiful defined strong blade Plain and functional, and the unspectacular wood fits excellent.....maybe a bit gun blue and steel wool would make it look antique what actually would fit the genre better....but anyway......beautiful!