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  1. templehound

    Buffalo stalk

    Thank You, Al!
  2. templehound

    Buffalo stalk

    Thanks Guys! Daswulf, it is not carried behind or at a belt, for this I think its definitely too small. Just carried in the pocket or bag.
  3. templehound

    Buffalo stalk

    I reduced the surface of the O1 blade flank by mixing up flat and hollow grinds. it stropps and sharpens easier and faster to a non bevel sharpness. Due to the climate and the dazzling tropical sun, the surface of the horn developed a beautiful texture and lightened up the subtle green color ...one of the cases where "destruction" causes beauty. It has a copper ferrule and the tang is riveted on the butt. Sheath is made of a bamboo stalk copper and ray skin..... Blade length is 90 mm and 205 mm overall. Cheers
  4. templehound

    1st Ones from Our New studio

    They are all quite impressive....but posting a few at the same time makes me automatically pick a favourite..... Man...the first one....that is a wild thing!...so beautiful!
  5. templehound

    Hunter gatherer

    Thank You, Thad! Al(Steamboat): ....its V-profiled....Thanks again!
  6. templehound

    Knife to cut a wedding cake

    Most impressive cake knife I have seen.... the damascus is simply stunning!
  7. templehound

    Hunter gatherer

    I used a coarse checkering file like the guy uses in this video.To start a guiding jig is needed like he did.You can do this with wood, clamps or even with a piece of wood super glued to the tang(without scales) It took me some time of practice to understand and to feel the moves. Because if Your bolsters have even the slightest taper the grooves will get a different depth.Then You have to lift the file on one side very carefully and file on.The better Your bolster forming is the better the grooves turn out. The two sides of the file have differences , so use only the same side of the file, do not flip it over and never file from the opposite direction! I use one side for Steel and iron and the other for non-ferrous metals like copper, bone and wood. Be nice to Your file cos those files are not cheap, costing about 40-50 Euros( +/- $) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZ1F7pM-x78
  8. templehound

    Hunter gatherer

    Thank you very much for the fine comments, Gentlemen! They are appreciated a lot Over the years I just getting frustrated with the shrinkage of so many natural handle materials.Using artificial stuff was never a option because I dont like them. Here in the tropics those materials tend to swell up, because of the high humidity. But in Europe with cold dry winters they all dwindling sooner or later, the more or less. In knife making I always welcome making the need a virtue. This was the best solution.It is much more effort to make but its worth it. So to answer Your question, IMHO this enhances durability, feels extremly good to grip and looks more beautiful to me.
  9. templehound

    Hunter gatherer

    The 100 mm long blade was forged from 1.2516 (120WV4) round stock. Bolsters and pins are copper and mammoth for the handle slabs. Overall length is 225 mm. Cheers
  10. templehound

    Submission to the stag

    Thanks, Guys!
  11. templehound

    Submission to the stag

    They are growing in the spring and are shed in the end of the winter. I always loved this fact, the stag dosent need it anymore.It is a gift of nature. It's just...You can have a room full of antlers, but so often not the right piece. According to this it depends what the maker expects which quality he needs and how the antler will turn out on the finished knife . .... let form follow function but both of it has to submit to the stag. So for me the consequence is, every chosen antler gets his own special designed blade. Sterling pinned Hungarian red deer, O1 blade and 220 mm overal length. Cheers
  12. templehound

    Knives Illustrated article

    Yo James, ...well-deserved! Congrats!
  13. templehound


    Thank You, James!
  14. templehound

    getting better with the cobras

    They are beautiful!
  15. templehound

    bending jig for blacksmith knives?

    Tai Goo makes (IMHO) the most beautiful knives of that kind, ...actually no jig needed. A jig might giving You less freedom in the size and design of the knife. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jugsVIhKr8k Cheers