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  1. templehound

    Some more puukoos

    TwistedCustoms: You are welcome!...I really like the definitions "ghostly and mysterious"...Thanks a lot! Mudman: Thank You!....well, do it, make one.. I learned a lot while making them that archetypal kind of knife contains fun as well as challenge. Daswulf: Thanks for You reply, bro! It is all about appreciation...its the motivation of keeping on posting.
  2. templehound

    Some more puukoos

    Thanks Lou L, You reply is a honor and a pleasure as always This one was more difficult to make because of the small margin on the handle material. So I took the blank of the blade and worked myself to the point where I was sure it would work.
  3. templehound

    Some more puukoos

    ...while making them, my good Sony camera had problems due our climate.Sony has excellent Lenses from Zeiss(Germany)but is very sensitive to tropical climate. So I had to resort on my replacement camera from Samsung which is much more reliable in humid climate but the difference in lens quality is enormous. But I hope the difference does not diminish the pleasure of looking too much.
  4. templehound

    Some more puukoos

    They were born and went their ways. Maybe You Guys like to have a look on them. They are made of cold work Tungsteen tool steel(as always) and handles are made from buffalo leather and bone. Cheers
  5. templehound

    It's only fair.

    Hard to tell, what You can do better, because the critiques that I maybe have are all about taste and personal preferences.....I like the knife with the wood handle much more because it is not so Spyderco-like as the other one and has a more beautiful blade shape......but as I said, very personal. What is most important to me are the edges of both blades....both knives have very nice edges and very accurate points....very well made!
  6. templehound

    maximising edge retention, A study

    Tough there is a difference between rigidly fixed blades in a machine and free hand led blades. ....the cutting test machine gives information about wearing resistance of the alloy / the steel...for precise non-dynamic cutting action but blades that are hold and used free hand experiencing a lot of different angles and stresses on the edge. It says very little about edge performance of hand knives, the knives we are dealing with the most Altough interesting.... Thanks for sharing!
  7. templehound

    What pin material to use on Damascus bolsters

    Thats a good one. I did this several times. Needs a bit patience to get it in precise on diameter. cross wise the steel etches a bit deeper, faster....but that blends the most
  8. templehound

    Water hardening steel

    Thanks for the explanation, Steve
  9. templehound

    Water hardening steel

    What?.....because of cleaning amounts You switched to water hardened steels?.....or what does it mean ..."to kick the oil bucket"? this is to me like, my car is covered with dirt so I decide to switch to walk on foot.... .,.....but what is the motivation and what are the expectations of Your knife making?....stay clean rather than worry about quality ? please excuse my frank thoughts....why dont You try stone hand axes or bone knives.....making them must be a much cleaner event without any oil, water and heat treating at all maybe I understand it completely wrong....linguistic difficulties are possible....in any case, no offence....with all due respect and humor ....
  10. templehound

    Bevy of bush swords

    Nice bunch of bush swords!.... I bet that cut already healed up....that job makes our body and defense system dealing easy with flesh cuts....already itching?
  11. templehound

    The Ghost Dog

    Daswulf, Stormcrow, Thanks a lot!
  12. templehound

    The Ghost Dog

    Thanks for the fine comments,Guys! I colored with gun blue from Birchwood and Casey.after some time the blue fades and changes in antique grey like its now. the bolsters are pinned with 3mm pins.normally I take 3 pins and press them in a vise. cheers
  13. templehound

    The Ghost Dog

    Some kind of ancient warriors belt knife, ....from whatever culture. Blade is 205 mm long and ground from 1.2442 (115W8), bolsters made from mild steel and the scales are rams horn pinned with sterling. Overall length measures 305 mm so because its a warriors knife I wanted the sheath as martial as possible. I armored buffalo raw hide with steel and riveted it togehther with copper.All steel parts are counter riveted from the inside.The two massive liners are made from a single water buffalo horn which had a natural radius that allowed following the blade shape.The throat is also reinforced with buffalo horn bands......at the end it consists of 177 worked parts . Cheers
  14. templehound

    PWS /San Mai Razor

    Very nice!.......and I really love the easter island head!
  15. templehound

    My best and latest. Classic Bowie.

    Actually I needed to quote Thomas on a few things , because he said some good things....Thomas, You are quoted! But I will add something in my own words. I really like Your blades!.......and I like the small ricasso, ...maybe compared to the plunge line(which has plenty of empty space for a signature) , the latter is a bit to wide....the handle looks serviceable and thats what will work....all other aspects about the handle are a matter of taste....Thank God we are all different! .....but anyway, ...it is all about the edge !...and this edge looks superb!