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  1. templehound

    Submission to the stag

    Thanks, Guys!
  2. templehound

    Submission to the stag

    They are growing in the spring and are shed in the end of the winter. I always loved this fact, the stag dosent need it anymore.It is a gift of nature. It's just...You can have a room full of antlers, but so often not the right piece. According to this it depends what the maker expects which quality he needs and how the antler will turn out on the finished knife . .... let form follow function but both of it has to submit to the stag. So for me the consequence is, every chosen antler gets his own special designed blade. Sterling pinned Hungarian red deer, O1 blade and 220 mm overal length. Cheers
  3. templehound

    Knives Illustrated article

    Yo James, ...well-deserved! Congrats!
  4. templehound


    Thank You, James!
  5. templehound

    getting better with the cobras

    They are beautiful!
  6. templehound

    bending jig for blacksmith knives?

    Tai Goo makes (IMHO) the most beautiful knives of that kind, ...actually no jig needed. A jig might giving You less freedom in the size and design of the knife. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jugsVIhKr8k Cheers
  7. templehound

    Dabbling with mosaic patterns

    Very nice!
  8. templehound


    Thanks, Joe Clit! I ground the plunge lines as crisp as possible on the flat grinding platen to grit 150, then I ground diagonal(cater corned?)on the contakt wheel along the plunge line with grit 240. In this case it was easy because there was no ricasso or shoulders which to take care of. Slack belt grinding is the enemy of crips plunge lines, so i masked the plunge lines with paper tape(only paper , no plastic tapes) and went to the final convex shaping to sharper geometry on the slack belt. followed by hand sanding. Grinding nice plunge lines is always something that is strongly depending on skills, tools and machines.Every maker has different conditions on all those aspects, so it is very individual how to get the desired result....but I hope this gives some ideas and helps somehow. Cheers
  9. templehound


    Thanks a lot for the fine comments, Gentlemen!
  10. templehound


    Just two convex surfaces intersect in the center of the blade's edge, from heel to tip. No advanced details in the grind, neither ricasso nor shoulders like it is on edged tools since hundreds of years. Timeless and as plain as possible with 1.2442 blade, copper ferrule and yellow ironwood handle. Blade measures 90 mm and 215 mm overall length. Cheers
  11. templehound

    Multi bar seax

    Seax?....as far as I know this is a Bowie blade....but You as the creator can call it like You want....nonetheless respectable effort.
  12. templehound

    Acacia thorn

    Steve, Daswulf, Thanks Guys!
  13. templehound

    Acacia thorn

    Köszönöm, Gergely!
  14. templehound

    Acacia thorn

    Since over hundred years in production , the 1.2516(120WV4) is one of the finest steels for tools. Only available in round stock it requires more effort to bring it to a blade.....it is all worth it. Together with 6Al4V Titanium and Acacia mangium root it results in this small folder. As simple as it gets. Cheers
  15. templehound

    First Damascus hawk

    Very nice!