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  1. Strongly inspired and influenced by the Japanese movie "Samurai Fiction" I didn't followed the traditions in the process of making. Like in the movie, free style is one of the plenty ways besides tradition, that leading to the desired result. I took clay covered 1095, copper, some unknown hardwood root, gave it the overall length of 10 inches and get this fiction of a tanto. for those who are interested in the movie here is a trace to find, do not notice the synchronised versions, watch the original with English undertitels to get the full blast of fun.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TknAs5CrY9s Cheers
  2. I enjoyed the pictures of the kids showing their knives, I wished there were more faces with the associated knives.....and the red haired boy with the mint colored handle is IMHO very good. Extreme tension line of a fighter that dont go out of control,... very well proportioned! but above all, it needs somebody who is able and good in teaching people, especially kids.... ...to me it seems that You are very good in this Theo
  3. Daswulf, MastaStan and Lou L Thanks, Guys!
  4. Those Scandinavian sheaths are a world apart for themselves. In most cases I need 2-3 attempts before I get it right ...difficult stuff So it takes always several days or sometimes weeks before I am able to rouse myself up and complete the job..... Leather is half tanned with a raw hide core and blade section is lined with wood. Cheers
  5. A bit pointy but the Puukoo shape overall is real nice .....take care with that stitching groover.
  6. Practical, sympathetic handle in unusual material combination behind a useful blade with good allround edge.....I like the knife a lot... and Your good intensions also increase it overall. That hammerhead shark signature is awesome!......
  7. Gergely, Daswulf, there is no bigger compliment, Thanks a lot, Fellas Thanks for the fine comment Scrambler82 !
  8. They make me thinking about making one for me too.......Super!
  9. Design, size, material on this locking liner are rather familiar, except the blade steel called TNT Triple6. It is one of the creations of my friend and highly respected colleague Achim Wirtz ([email protected]), who creates steels and alloys like music. The most important ingredients of this cold work tool steel are about 1% C and Tungsten, Niob and Titanium 0,6% of each. This results in one of the most sophisticated steels for knife blades...the flipside of the coin is its workability that I can literally describe as vicious...I never had a steel that screwed up my concept so often....and after successfull completion I promised myself never to work with it again. Just after testing the blade, I knew I only have to wait until the troubles begin to fade and than maybe, (probably) I am on it again..... Cheers
  10. Superb contrast in the etching of the rope pattern allows to conclude the right amount of heat during the welding and forging. Very nice work!
  11. Will W, jlpservicesinc, T-1ToolSteel, will52100, Jspool, LouL,....... Thanks for the nice comments, Guys!
  12. Thanks MastaStan!......with a matching bone sheath is in deed a nice idea.Sadly it would raise the price of the knife merciless, and bound to custom agreements this one goes out with a leather sheath....but I will do that on another one. Looking forward to Your Puukoo!
  13. Jspool and Shamus Blargostadt, Thanks Guys!
  14. Hi Will, I guess that guitar strings maybe have 1% Carbon. Springs in watches, pen nibs and things like that often have 1%C. (At the end of the thicker strings mostly the tempering color is visible and its yellow-orange)... on D'adario strings it is good visible. But I think, it will be very difficult to fire weld those thin wires flawless. You can try with some effort and weld closing it in a small case or box to get the atmosphere out and then with a single first push on a good press or two, three blows on a good dice it might work. an acceptable weld only from strings I guess that needs precise preparation, good equipment and above all a bunch of experience., maybe adding some steel powder(with different, less carbon content than 1%), to fill up the gaps would help to make the project a success .I would leave them straight and not try to twist them together, they are springy hard, needed to be annealed and it will come out in an uneven twist or whatever. And keeping the package small it enhances the success to " the cause ".
  15. Absolutely.....in consideration that they are made free hand they appear in a good round shape.....actually of course they are not, but they look so. Grinding to the scribed circle line is the most important step where You have to practice a little bit, try out material, grit size, tool options and the like, the rest makes the screwdriver. I bet You are already able to do that.......