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  1. Hi there my friend. first ....who would blame You for the amount of pictures? The more the better! for us looking at your skilled work is entertainment and we are not overfloated with that, arent we? To make a living with making knives(or another craft) needs a lot of discipline....I say, more than if You work for somebody from 8am-4am....it more easy to get distracted by some " knife playing in the backyard" ....of course said from my point of view. as ever you show a nice asian influenced row of wild useful tools all looking undestructable and pretty mean And....he year isnt all over yet....keep them coming! Cheers
  2. Yes, I have a website but it is way too old,....no update since years. http://messerboll.net/ I am working on a new website but it really takes time. best place to look at my work is in our German forum https://www.bladecommunity.de/index.php/Board/169-Daniel-Boll-messerboll/?s=17b8052193aff540cdd8f842863f4e71a30e2ada Cheers Thanks a lot, Chris!....much appreciated!
  3. Thank You, DHarris! Yes, I do my own leatherwork. Well, actually it is wrought iron. Cheers
  4. ...I made the blade of Damascus from A.Wirtz(Germany), iron bolsters and sterling pinned Rams horn. Blade length measures 97 mm and 215 mm overall length. Cheers
  5. Is it flat tang of hidden Tang?....on the picture it could be both even if there no pins shown, it could be both sometimes the questions are so simple that I have a problem to understand them.... Cant You find a a piece of crap mild steel?...just something like 100x40x6-8 mm?....or bigger or smaller?.... just by a piece of construction mild steel at your local dealer....maybe cost 2$?.....? ....and by the way....if you are a beginner in knife making, try to keep it simple!!! .....front bolster is enough for the first round. good luck
  6. ..... there we have it.... a rail road spike and a wrench having a lovechild.
  7. Oh my God!....Wrenches, rail road spikes.....rail road spikes and wrenches.... they come with low carbon and while forging this low carbon is even less... ....and yes burning them off is hazardous to man and air polluting.... Apologies, but...after millions of educating posts they are still a pest in the knife world.
  8. rhitee93 and Daswulf, thank you fellas rhitee93: ....actually the layout for the stencil on paper took more time than the work with the jewelers saw
  9. ....textured like sun. So it is O7, copper, sterling silver and Sambar stag. The The riveted tang is picked up between the antler tips of the stylistic deer head on the butt. Cheers
  10. SLAG - Thank You very much for the fine comment, Sir! One handle is steller bone and the other is water buffalo horn. Cheers
  11. Les L, gmbobnick, FatFrumos, thanks a lot for the nice comments.....they are much appreciated! FatFrumos, generally I use everything that reacts on copper....best results I get with liver of sulfur. I spread it on the copper and let it stay there without cleaning it off....so it can react on and build a thicker layer of oxidation. here in the tropics it is very easy to age copper....the high humidity helps a lot to get a patina faster.