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  1. Mr. IDFCW, Thank you for informing us about this really good looking welding text. (I have not read it yet). I have downloaded it. It should prove to be a very good companion to my other book. SLAG.
  2. Fellow Denizens, A good buddy of mine twigged me to a capital trick. He scavenged used oil from some of the fryers at the local Tim Horton and Duncan Donuts shops. There a lot of them in Canada, so he always had a ready supply. Quenching, always, gave off a pleasant aroma. ('odour' in Canada). SLAG.
  3. Mr. Frosty, Your quotation attributed to Mr. Mike Rowe, should, also, be posted to the "sayings and brilliancies" thread on this forum. (if I could only remember its real name). SLAG.
  4. Mr. R. Pedro, Yes I know so. the SLAG says. Give it a shot. Talk to someone knowledgeable in the art scene to get advice before you take it around to art galleries. (perhaps a professor at a local art school). You do not want to be taken advantage of. SLAG. A larger size will transform you artwork from novelty to very serious art.
  5. Mr. R. Pedro, Wonderful work. Think big, Those artistic creations should be sold in art galleries, with a commensurate hefty price. Especially if they were somewhat larger. Just another thought from the, SLAG.
  6. Folks, It has been a while since we have heard from Ian in South Africa? Has anyone been in touch with him? SLAG.
  7. Mr. J T., It pays to frequent the various playing fields regularly during the year. Baseball diamonds, cricket pitches, tennis courts, hockey rinks, playing fields, etc. etc. for broken equipment of many types. The wooden pieces are usually made from quality hardwoods. Even outdoor bowling pins can be turned into excellent hammers and, less often, tool handles. Let your imagination wander beyond standard ideas, outside the box, and you will find all manner of suitable handles, etc. etc. Regards, SLAG.
  8. Mr. D., So put in an insert? Check I.F.I. for the numerous threads, here, concerning that subject. SLAG.
  9. Mr. Dragon, Thank you for your reply. Albeit a depressing one. Milwaukee is surrendering to the dark side! Saints preserve us! SLAG.
  10. Mr. Idfcw, Stated "... it also seems like all porta-band saws are made in China now even the Big name brands". All of them? That is alarming. Even Milwaukie ? Say it ain't so. SLAG.
  11. Mr. Arkie, Some folks have contacted charcoal broiling steak houses and bought a percentage of their order. You may have to bribe them with some donuts or steak flippers! Regards, SLAG.
  12. Mr. Arkie, How about hybrid 'envigorment' with a suitable Colleen? Or Geritol ingestion?? Helpfully, (hopefully), SLAG.
  13. Mr. J. K., Have you considered a suitable casting method and subsequent electrical discharge machining. (EDM). That might be suitable for "Inconel ", metal and probably the other alloy that Mr. Powers mentioned. Just a stray thought. Also, welcome to the forum. SLAG.
  14. Counselor George, Phoooeee!. Concerning the use of hydrogen for forging. that is. I thought I had had a cunning plan. Not cunning enough I guess. Back to the drawing boards. SLAG.
  15. Mr. B. B., You, and your wife have our sympathies. It is very hard to lose a family member. Hang in there. SLAG, & Marg.
  16. SLAG, here, Shoe makers and shoe repairers glue leather to leather by using Barge cement. It woks a treat I speak from experience. I replace heals on my , (& my friends, and family's) shoes when the originals wear out. Been doing it for years. Shoe repair sellers carry it as well as all manner of other shoe products. SLAG.
  17. Mr. Tiki, Please note that Texas, and Wyoming do not have state income tax! SLAG.
  18. Mr. 2-4-, Unless you are a collector of "antiques". It's way overpriced. It is probably too small, unless you smith items larger than jewelry. And those kinds of vices, often, do not work very well. Save your money. SLAG.
  19. SLAG, Here, That gash should be looked at, by a medical practitioner For one to prevent infection. Two: it may require stitches. If you can afford it, get a plastic surgeon to examine it and do the stitching. They do the best job and leave the least scars. Good luck with it. SLAG.
  20. T.P., Have you tried the judicious and cryptic use of potassium cyanide? More seriously, check out the law relating to nuisance. That tort goes back way earlier than 1295. SLAG.
  21. Herr Frosty, I, the SLAG does not "tell on" Frosty nor any other folks. He is a square dealer in a universe of marbles. SLAG.
  22. Mr. Powers, I seem to recall that I asked you for the U.R.L. for the archaeology metallurgy mailing list. And I somehow never got in touch with them to get on the list. Could you p,m, me with it? Were you serious about your reference concerning the Etruscan language. I had not noticed that there were many new elucidations in the last twenty years. (just two or three letters). We are all waiting fir the discovery of a bilingual. Regards, SLAG. Mr. JHCC could I get that tome by inter-library loan. I'm in Missouri, U.S.A. Also, Mr. TIKI I should like to read your cited book.
  23. Mr. I. Dragon, Good evening. I am not impressed with your friend's doctor. That lapse of professional conduct is most probably actionable, (legalwise). But your warning still stands. Great information. Thanks, SLAG.
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