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  1. I get some of the oddest requests for things to do. It is going to cost more for me to repair, restore and restock the rifle than one would cost at a pawn shop Thank you same guy brought me a FN49. No stock, parts missing with a schematic for a Enfield No 1 MK 3. Tool 3 days to convince him what he really had. But, as long as he wants to pay me, I'll keep looking for parts and putting them together
  2. I have a M1 carbine that wasn't in a stock a customer brought in. It isn't rusted just frozen up where it has sit for so long. I have all the Blacksmith solutions I can think of in the shop but, still I cannot get the trigger and hammer to move. Finally got the slide and magazine buttons to move. Safety and trigger till won't budge. Lane Custom Hydrographics
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