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  1. Yes, contact your cardiologist and also the welder manufacturer. You might also consider checking out the "Underwrites Laboratory" yah the U.L. guys. (website or better yet their telephone ...) Good luck with that. The pacemaker manufacturer and seller (vendor), should, also, have the information that you seek. I would ask my dear physician to save the box and its packaging of said pace maker in order to read the fine print. If on the remote chance that the M.I.G. is pacemaker problematic and there is no warning then they would be liable, at least, in negligence. That last scenario is exceedingly unlikely. Hope this helps. SLAG.
  2. T.L.M.G. and T.P., Tannin is found in most tree bark and (less concentrated in ) leaves. Tanners use, tannins from oak, chestnut, mangrove and the tropical tree quebracho tree. Etc., etc. Black tea leaves make an excellent tannin-water liquor that works well with things iron, like knives. SLAG.
  3. I don't really miss all the inappropriate, time worn, laugh tracks they're using, since I mostly stopped watching television. It's commercial studded junk. SLAG.
  4. Folks, The Roman's ingestion of lead was mainly due to the consumption of food and beverages that were sweetened with lead acetate. ("sugar of lead"). Generally the water pipes in areas with hard water form a "limestone interior lining coating the inner diameter of the pipes. This lessens or eliminates water leaching lead from the pipe walls. So pipes in areas where limestone is predominant usually do not result in lead contaminated water. It is a different story in places where the water is soft. Calcium carbonate does not form. And the slightly acidic water tends to leach lead from those water pipes. (we get a similar reaction with some lead glazed pottery when they are filled with acidic beverages. For example orange or tomato juice). Regards, citizens, SLAG.
  5. SLAG , here, The tool looks like a jeweler's hand vise. I think that Lee Valley tools sells a similar implement. They have a catalogue on line. Welcome to the fraternity. Where in Arkansas are you located? SLAG.
  6. Sugar of lead is lead acetate. It is poisonous. The Romans only had honey to sweeten their food and beverages. But they also used lead acetate, the only other sweetener they were aware of. Some historians theorize that it led to the fall of the Roman empire. (as it is known to cause infertility). Lead damages the nervous system among other body tissues. Young children, whose brains are growing, are particularly susceptible to lead. It can cause mental retardation. SLAG. For more detail on lead poisoning check out, Lead poisoning - Wikipedia
  7. Mr. Frosty, The auction anecdote that you described is a sure case of fraud. And it is not allowed because the bidder signed a piece of paper that disclaimed liability for that fraud. Individuals and companies cannot blithely walk away after committing that criminal act. SLAG.
  8. Mr. Deimos, I know that you are a Nederlander. (a southern "Holland" citizen, (Brabant)). That is why I briefly spelled out the criminal legal system of the U.S.A. (a gloss really). Also you opined that you would do some research on said common law. (which I warned, would be an onerous task) Not all of the Nederlands are polders and below sea level. Just most of it. I am curious: how did you come by your vast command of the English language. It's very impressive. I hear that wooden clogs are very comfortable. (but they are not commonly on sale here). I also have been informed that the best Indonesian cooking can be had in the Hague and Amsterdam. Be well: happy hammering, and should you get to these United States let me know. We cook a good Bami Goreng and you are welcome. SLAG.
  9. Mr. Deimos, Sir, Generally criminal law is primarily a state matter. Yes there are, also, Federal offences. Checking fifty state criminal codes would be an onerous task. Please reconsider. The good citizens of most southern states and many midwestern and western states would not take kindly to criminalizing chili flake possession. It is a mainstay of regional cooking. Could you just imagine an honorable member of the state of Texas, (Taijas to some) being arrested for defending themselves with an over stuffed enchilada? ("Yes governor we sometimes do get hungry in inconvenient times and places") Yes good honest members of these United States, disguise your powder puffs as an enchilada, or taco. ("officer I just had this morsel for a snack, in case I got hungry"). Just sayyin', SLAG.
  10. Folks, If mace or other such self defense sprays are illegal, in the jurisdiction you are currently domiciled in; then you can resort to the old 'powder puff' weapon. Essentially it is a one or two ply tissue or toilet paper filled up with cayenne pepper. the paper is folded up around the pepper. It should resemble a powder puff. Secure the puff and carry it in your pocket or pockets. If the evil doing assailant gets close. Grab your puff and shove it into the the gentleman's face. The tissue will break and the pepper will lodge in the miscreant's eyes and nose. Trip the nasty fellow and run. Or if necessary kick (him or her) the cretin in a suitable portion of their anatomy. We used to teach this trick to all our students. And it works. Sincerely, The SLAG.
  11. SLAG

    Flame Check

    Mr. Swfdl, wrote, "The Zinc half life is over 10 years." Do you mean zinc the element (metal)? Probably not as zinc is not radioactive. Do you mean the zinc coating? That is galvanized iron, (or steel), and its deterioration due to weathering. That would be variable, due to chemical conditions. Or are you alluding to the time that inhaled zinc vapor causes lung cancer. (and not metal fume fever, which would not have a half-life.). Clarification would be helpful. Acids can remove zinc coating. Examples of such acids, are vinegar (acetic acid), hydrochloric acid (muriatic acid), sulfuric acid, nitric acid, etc., etc. SLAG.
  12. Messrs. T.P., and Nodebt, A lack of vitamin c causes the serious disease called scurvy. An antiscorbutic is an agent (supplement, or "drug") that prevents scurvy. (for example vitamin C). Vitamin C's chemical name is ascorbic acid. Lemons and limes have great amounts of the vitamin. Sauer Kraut is loaded with it. And rose hips have even more. English sailors were given a lime ration starting in the late eighteenth century. (1795), And they got to be called "limeys' because of that. During the second world war, England used rosehips to supplement the citizens diet. Especially children. Just sayyin' SLAG. p.s. has anybody on the site tried freezing the flour after pumping in some carbon dioxide, or carbon dioxide plus argon into the container? That is the gas used for MIG welding.
  13. Jer The "make reservations" was a 'joke'. Not a very good one. sorry, Dan. I have to get to my first morning coffee. Back at you after I regain consciousness. Dan. Some of your latest post looks better in a P. M.
  14. Glenn, You can revive some can contents by doing a hot water rinse. Discard the water. For example canned water chestnuts, and also bamboo shoots revive very nicely after such a treatment. SLAG. Frosty, When at home, during such difficult times, you can always order in or make reservations. SLAG.
  15. Mr. G.N.M., Counsellor Monsson sir, well said and very true. Retired Attorney, SLAG.
  16. Herr Frosty, The gene pool is already, contaminated, (septic even). We have been notified that it will soon be drained. Sincerely, SLAG.
  17. Mr. Nodebt, The plant (walnut), does not store juglone in the fruit. a.k.a. walnuts. The rest of the plant have juglone in the, the nut hulls, leaves, roots, bark etc. The chemical's function is to 'poison' other plants nearby. Juglone is not soluble in water so it tends to stay in the root zone of the soil. And it breaks down slowly. that's why other susceptible plants, do not grow in soil that has had juglone (in it). It can take a number of years for the ground to be rid of juglone. (bacteria break it down). Enjoy your walnuts, I like them too. Regards, SLAG.
  18. Mr. Nodebt, I am not sure that horses can get canker sores like you seem to get. But horses do get laminitis from walnut bedding. And cases can lead to lameness and even death. SLAG. The walnut chemical juglone, in walnut trees, inhibits apples, tomatoes, pines, birches, beech, and alfalfa. It plays a big role in plant chemical warfare. The phenomenon is called allelopathy.
  19. SLAG

    New to all this

    The size of the post vise and, also the size of the jaws, and opening, would be very useful SLAG.
  20. Mr. Frosty san, Could you please, expand on "heavy duty shop". A definition would prove to be very useful for me and, perhaps, some other folks. Also some mentioned examples would be very appreciated. Thanks, Sometime clueless, SLAG.
  21. Mr. Frazer, Methinks Mr. Mineral Man is a prime example of a person with a big Dunning Kruger problem. Given time he may grow out of it, or earn a Darwin award with oak clusters.* Regards, SLAG. * a wee bit of entrained moisture would do the trick.
  22. How about saliva instead. SLAG.
  23. Mr. Wil, The good folks at SLAG Industries L.L.C. have reported and it is rumored on good authority, that the anvil you were to receive has been delayed. Said anvil is being used as extra ballast in one of their delivery vans. all in order to provide more traction for said van. We have learned that delivery will be made when the snow melts. Helpfully yours, SLAG. ceo
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