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What did you do in the shop today?

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20 hours ago, BIGGUNDOCTOR said:

Michale, the curved "Vixen", lead float files are not meant for steel. They are for soft metals like aluminum, brass, lead body filler. I never saw one meant for steel.

It seemed to work alright on the mild steel of the 1 inch plate I cut the square hole in. I didn't notice any significant dulling of the teeth and the inside surfaces smoothed and flattened pretty well. 

Most (if not all) of my files come from garage sales and flea markets and I'll send the interesting ones off to Boggs File Company in Los Angeles to get them sharpened. I have a buddy who is much worse than me in terms of bottom feeding filestock and he sends 3 packages a year off to Boggs, my stuff just piggy backs along with his.

What I'm saying is I don't have a lot invested in this vixen file, maybe $2, and was pleasantly surprised it worked so well.

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I got an order for 6 hoof picks the other day. So I made one tonight to try out one of my ideas. It turned out okay and I learned a few things that I'll do different. I have a few more complicated designs in my mind that I'll be trying out in a couple of days as well. AA5AD784-3795-4A85-8D90-142710F56E3B.thumb.jpeg.eff28be3a17eab44a4532084a35d3c80.jpegThis one has a bottle opener on it as well. 


Chaos approved but asked me to forgo testing it out on him. 


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I'm beside a cigar vendor at the event. He mentioned cigar picks or spikes. I'd never heard of them so after seeing a simple one I gave it a shot. Sold 4 of them so far and at least one or two will be sold tomorrow. It's always great meeting different people and exchanging ideas. I gave him two different styles and I have an order for 50 of them for him to sell out of his vending trailer. 




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On 6/21/2019 at 2:23 PM, CrazyGoatLady said:

It's really good that you have business drummed up for selling your hoof picks.

Hoof picks from half a horseshoe sell well with the horsey people.  Bottle opener on the back end is optional.  I dunno, never been sure about using the same tool to clean gunk out of the frog and open my beer.  They seem to sell either way.  Easy to forge too.

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20 hours ago, ThomasPowers said:

Nobody; ya gotta remember I'm selling to TEXANS! 

Mr. Powers, with all due respect, I are a Texan, if slightly misplaced at the moment.  Even we have standards...as far as beer cleanliness, at any rate.

Not sure which is worse, spilling beer on a good horse, or spilling good horse in your beer.

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On 6/21/2019 at 12:28 PM, ThomasPowers said:

Make that little flip at the end a beer bottle opener?

That's exactly what it is

Spend some more time in the shop today. But I had a partner this time!  She was really excited to do her own project and turned out a pretty nice heart!  I made another hoof pick with a twist I've never done before but I like the way it turned out!




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