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  1. Everything is as usual. There is not enough space in the workshop. New work retractable ladder.
  2. The client decided to install a large chandelier in her new home under construction. The new chandelier looks even better. Chandeliers changed places today.
  3. Winter frosty evening.-25С
  4. Thank you! I think yes. I have been working in this house for several years.
  5. Final work this year. Diameter 250 cm (98) weight over 200 kg.
  6. I promised the customer to finish the work before the new year. I had to give up all other projects.
  7. A slightly different meaning. If you are experienced, then over time the experience does not disappear, but only increases. Thanks to my experience, I work much faster than I used to, a few years ago.
  8. HI ! There is a good Russian proverb "you will not drink experience" I do not know how it will be correct in English. It's actually not very difficult. I'll take a photo and show you how I'm doing it. Alone, without hammer and helper.
  9. The week went well. Finished 3 new works and took up lanterns on a chandelier.
  10. Customers are in a hurry. I need to be in time before the New Year.
  11. Several new works. Extensive geography: Moscow, Omaha, St. Petersburg.
  12. Hi Thomas ! Most of all I like to make chandeliers, especially large ones with wood. I've been making them for over 20 years.
  13. I continue to work on another large chandelier. Finished with lanterns on it.
  14. VID_20201110_130755.mp4 No, of course not me. I hired a professional climber. Юз VID_84371108_070952_081.mp4 VID_20201110_130644.mp4
  15. I was forced to cut down an old tree, which is more than 100 years old and could have fallen into the workshop.
  16. I visited the house where I worked several years ago. They offered a new job. I took some pictures.
  17. Everything is as usual, a lot of work. I got a good assistant.
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