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  1. Yesterday I finished up a couple of last minute Christmas projects. A Small cross-peen mechanics hammer for my mother's husband and a knife for an 18 year old kid that I'm kinda taking under my wing to help his transition into manhood.
  2. Practice the methods that John shows in the video. Practice makes permanent not perfect, so take your time and learn the blows. Also hang that sucker somewhere you'll see it all the time. It won't be long and you'll be doing beautiful things. So it's nice to be able to look back and see how far you've come! Another way to get the ridge in the middle is to fold the leaf in half then open it back up.
  3. I usually use veg oil when it needs to be food safe. I was just providing a list of options. Speaking of options bee's wax is another good food safe option.
  4. Thanks George! I've been doing a little reading and it seems to be that along with acids heat and time are the main contributers to the danger. Due to the short amount to time and heat they will be exposed to these should be safe correct? I don't care how beautiful they are, I don't want to poison my family!
  5. That's a good point Glenn. These are for my wife so I know that's not an issue. But definitely something to keep in mind! I did not know about that. I assumed because of all the copper pans and utensils for sale it was safe. I didn't realize that they were tinned. I'll have to do some research to know what to keep these tools away from!
  6. Season with cooking oil. I've used Olive oil, canola oil, veg oil in the past. This one happens to be peanut oil. (just because that's what I had on hand.
  7. I got a good start on another present. I'm making my wife kitchen tools. The first three are a spatula, a ladel, and a pasta spoon. I almost finished the spatula, an be still need to assemble the other two. Construction is copper ends with copper scales on the handles. Handles and rivets are mild steel.
  8. As far as curmudgeon experience goes I've been called one for about 36 of my 37 years.
  9. So how does a grumpy youngish man add that title to his profile!
  10. That snail is really cool! I might have to try my hand at one too!
  11. Thanks guys for the encouragement. I know I can be a little too judgmental on my own projects (as most Craftsmen are). I'm fine with the eyes and nose. It's the mouth that I'm not satisfied with.
  12. I'm making these gnomes for my wife. I like the way the bigger one turned out but I'm very dissatisfied with the smaller one. I was wanting it to be a"child gnome" but the face needs a lot of help! I also forged some key rings from a small coil spring. A knife for my brother-in-law. And some lantern hooks for my mom.
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