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  1. Thanks for advise frosty. I have a friend that told me not to fix it because he wants to buy it as left handed. So I'll fine tune the screw and put a nice Olive oil finish on it and sell it to him.
  2. I just made a piece of garbage that is supposed to be a cork screw.....I like the design, but I ran out of propane before I could finish touching up the screw. What makes it garbage is that I turned it the wrong direction. I don't want to have to think about it every time I open a bottle of wine! Once I get more propane I'll try to straighten it out and twist it the proper direction.
  3. I fired up the forge for the first time since moving a couple of days ago. I made a mount for the satellite radio receiver in my log truck. It turned out fairly well, but it showed me that I'm really RUSTY! This morning I made some hooks to hang my "get pulled out"chain.
  4. Make yourself a slitting chisel and got cut it. You can split a cross faster that way than you even can using an angle grinder. I've proven that to myself a few times.
  5. This is where I got the idea from.
  6. Thank you Moose, NASTY is exactly what I was going for!
  7. Yeah he's been doodling on me for years.. Here you go Das!
  8. I'll have to give the "tattoo" idea a try some other time. I have to give him this one tomorrow night before he flies back to California.
  9. Thanks Frosty and CGL! I am very pleased with the way it turned out. I've never forged anything with this kind of a demand for detail, or skill level. So I was really pumped when it came together like it did. This is a birthday present for my brother who is a tattoo artist. I think it'll have a good home in his shop!
  10. Make friends with the yard workers. Give them bottle openers and stuff when you come out and they'll be more than happy to torch of the stuff you don't want or need.
  11. Good point Frosty! Perhaps I should've said life like instead of realistic! I finished the monster tonight!
  12. Thanks Chris that's what I was going for. Hopefully when I fix the eyes it'll really look realistic.
  13. Beautiful craftsmanship! I like how smooth and well finished the rise peddles are.