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  1. Make yourself a slitting chisel and got cut it. You can split a cross faster that way than you even can using an angle grinder. I've proven that to myself a few times.
  2. This is where I got the idea from.
  3. Thank you Moose, NASTY is exactly what I was going for!
  4. Yeah he's been doodling on me for years.. Here you go Das!
  5. I'll have to give the "tattoo" idea a try some other time. I have to give him this one tomorrow night before he flies back to California.
  6. Thanks Frosty and CGL! I am very pleased with the way it turned out. I've never forged anything with this kind of a demand for detail, or skill level. So I was really pumped when it came together like it did. This is a birthday present for my brother who is a tattoo artist. I think it'll have a good home in his shop!
  7. Make friends with the yard workers. Give them bottle openers and stuff when you come out and they'll be more than happy to torch of the stuff you don't want or need.
  8. Good point Frosty! Perhaps I should've said life like instead of realistic! I finished the monster tonight!
  9. Thanks Chris that's what I was going for. Hopefully when I fix the eyes it'll really look realistic.
  10. Beautiful craftsmanship! I like how smooth and well finished the rise peddles are.
  11. I just started on my first dragon. I was going to put it on the ever so popular "what did you do in the shop today" thread. But I decided to make it's own thread. I started out with about 10" of 1" key stock (I should've used mild but it was about the right size so.... In the fire it went!). I drew out the body, cut in the horns, and folded the head over yesterday. Today I forge welded the head together (only my second forge weld ever. So glad it turned out!) Then I got started on the face.... Not happy with the eyes, I'll definitely be redoing them! The horns are in that position because I hammered them back out of the way for the weld. I like the way they look and will probably leave them alone for the most part. I'll continue to update this as it progresses!
  12. I do have two other anvils and a third one on its way. One is home made it of a big chunk of mild steel. One is a big flat faced one that was designed for straightening and cupping saw Mill blades. The one on its way was my great grandfather's I haven't seen it and don't know what it weighs but it's staying in the family and I get to use it. So long story short I have a friend who only has a HF ASO he's paying me back, then I'll air Arc the old stuff on and weld a new face on it for him.
  13. About a half inch. 140 is the weight the truck scale said. But it rounds to the nearest 20, so you could be right on that one.
  14. It did follow me home. $45.50 for a 140# Anvil ain't bad! But she does need A LOT of help!