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  1. Cannon Cocker

    Two deaths

    What a beautifully written obituary remembering the qualities of a man who's type the world needs more of!
  2. Cannon Cocker

    What did you do in the shop today?

    I made this heart tonight. I also tried to do a scarf weld tonight. I don't think my forge gets quite hot enough.......
  3. Cannon Cocker

    What did you do in the shop today?

    No makings that I can find
  4. Cannon Cocker

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Thomas, the hinge plates are sheared on the back side and the rivets look to be poorly hammered. The nut for the jaws is a scrap piece from some kind of equipment. And the handle is just a rod of mild steel threaded with acorn nuts on the ends. All of this leads me to believe that it was put together with whatever a previous owner had on hand.
  5. Cannon Cocker

    What did you do in the shop today?

    That does sound like a good day @BryanL I finally mounted my post vice last night. The hinge plate was made out of mild steel from a repair done sometime earlier in its life, so I welded that straight to the post. Now I can use the vice to make its own brackets for proper mounting. It also needs a new handle and spring...... The base is a feed wheel from a timber processor and weighs close to 100#
  6. Cannon Cocker

    XXL coil springs, usefull ?

    I know a guy who works in the maintenance shop for a railroad. I need to check with him and see if they have any floating around!
  7. Cannon Cocker

    Wrought iron , oak chandelier.

    Beautiful work! Awesome attention to detail! I do agree with the need for black fasteners on the riser clips though....
  8. Cannon Cocker

    Show me your blacksmith pets

    You are right about that. He LOVES all furry little things. He and our cat go on walks together and snuggle up on the front stoop every morning. Yes they do. I don't really need a service dog for myself anymore, the good Lord has led me through the battle with PTSD pretty well. But I run a ministry organization that works primarily with disabled vets and Chaos is VERY helpful in the therapy process.
  9. Cannon Cocker

    Show me your blacksmith pets

    Chaos is NOT a rabbit killing machine. He'll take off after one, the rabbit gives him the split without his ever noticing it, after he finishes chasing the (at this point imaginary) rabbit he trots around the yard like a conquering hero.... It's a comic tragedy....
  10. Cannon Cocker

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Spent the day making hooks to fill my first smiting order. The bottle openers were done yesterday
  11. Cannon Cocker

    Show me your blacksmith pets

    This is Chaos he's my service dog, but I think more than getting to fly with me he enjoys supervising my hobbies here at home.
  12. The program I'm going through in the VA requires a business plan, and a feasibility study just to name a couple of the big steps before they will pay for anything for the business itself. They are also paying for me to take classes so that I have the proper knowledge to run the business on the business side of things.
  13. I do not believe that Mishless was directing that comment at anyone in the thread. I read it as him encouraging me to ignore those who will try and shoot down my dream out here in the real world. This was confirmed through some private messaging between us. So, lets just let that one rest. Thanks again to everyone who has chimed in here to try and help me get my feet on the right path. Whether I agree with/or take the advice I do appreciate it none the less!
  14. I had no idea that I had hit on such a "hot button" topic! I appreciate both the advice from MishlessFeat and This is one of those things that I dislike about online communication. One's nose can get "out of joint" at something said that wasn't even directed at them. I am in the process of putting a few other things together and then I'll be contacting the SBA to get help. I do have a question for @MishlessFeat You said that you took gov money for a business once early on in your entrepreneurial journey. Was that through the VA or through a grant or something else like that? I also have a correction for you @MishlessFeat It's NOT go army..... It's GO MARINES!
  15. Cannon Cocker

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Thanks Marc1. There are also quite a few shows here between now and Christmas so I'm hoping to get a bunch of stuff made soon. Not to mention gifts for my own family!