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  1. I made a towel rack for the bathroom today. 1/2" square with a collapsed twist mounted on old tongue and groove siding.
  2. Ditto what frosty said. One addition would be if you don't have a horn, or if you prefer working over the face of the anvil you can use your cross peen to draw out the width of the leaf. I think the peen also makes it easier to leave a ridge in the center to make it more 3D. Keep it up, Bleu, you'll get the hang of it faster than you think and you'll start loving the things that come off your anvil. Hang some of this earlier stuff in a prominent place in your shop so you can always remind yourself how far you've come. I'd also suggest finding something more solid than an I-beam for an a
  3. I did a rough grind on it last night. I might pull the bottoms of the cheeks down into a subtle point, but I haven't decided for sure yet..... I put it on the kitchen scale and it says 13oz. It feels heavier than that to me, but if that's what it actually weighs I'll put a smaller handle on it so it's more of a finishing hammer than a framing hammer. Tank approves!
  4. Pretty clean job on that kukri welshj That's a crazy design for a weed puller. But exactly what is expect from the Japanese! I was always dumbfounded by the hand tools I saw over there. Then they'd use them and then I was impressed by the ease and fluency with which they'd accomplish their tasks. Well done Omnislug.
  5. There is a single mother of three in our church who is really striving to do a good job and provide for her children. Her home was wrecked pretty bad by hail over the last few years so a foreman for a local contractor went around and got donations for siding, trim, gutters etc. And organized getting men from the church to go help with the work over the weekends. I decided that because he is going so far out of his way to bless this woman he should get a little blessing in return. So, I am making him a framing hammer. I got a good start on it today. Hopefully I'll have it done in time to give t
  6. I really like your idea Dax. If you don't have family to give it to that's a great way to make sure your hard earned and hard made tools will go to a good home.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion Thomas. If I thought that rack would last more than one summer I'd probably do that. The lettering and everything is just acrylic paint and I expect it to peal off pretty fast. This was a family project for something to do over the long 4th of July weekend. I've never heard of Monel before thanks for giving me something to learn! That's some interesting stuff, I wonder what is like to forge? However I definitely won't be spending that money on this project!!
  8. Absolutely I had fun putting her back to work. It has great rebound and moves the steel very nicely. It was a real treat to have the different surface options. I've been forging on a large rectangle anvil designed for straightening larger sawmill blades. It had a lot of mass so the hammer blows did their job, but it wasn't very versatile.
  9. As many of you probably saw on the "it followed me home" thread I am the latest custodian of my great grandfather's anvil. I know my uncle never used it while he had it and I'm pretty sure my great uncle never used it in my life time. I was very anxious to get it mounted and let it move some steel. I made 3 hooks for a poolside towel rack. Still need to make two more. It was a lot of fun. I've never had a horn, step, or pritchel hole before so I made sure to use all three on the project.
  10. I got the tomahawk heat treated mounted handled and sharpened. Need to get some blo for the handle.
  11. Thanks ! It's cool to know that it's rare even though I'll never sell it. I'm really curious what it weighs, but I don't have a scale....... I also don't have a ball bearing to test the rebound but I did drop my hammer on it with a limp wrist to check the action and it bounced pretty good. Hopefully I'll get to give it a good workout this week!
  12. My cousin came up from Colorado today and brought me my great grandfather's anvil. I'm pretty excited to put it to use! It's in much better shape than I was expecting only slight chipping in the edges. In fact most of the edge is way too sharp for my liking and I'll probably grind a slight radius. I've never heard of the brand (Fulton) and can't find markings (besides a 9 on the web) to tell me what it weighs (I'm guessing 120-140#). So any help you guys could give me would be great!
  13. I'm not sure what CGL's concern was but I am concerned that it will break off after not very much use. I've never had a spring that liked to be welded to mild steel.
  14. I got the magician assembled and made a set of butcher dies for it. I also got my first hatchet forged and rough ground.
  15. My family got me a Smithin Magician for Father's day!
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