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  1. I like your idea cedar Crest! I do get the kids out in the smithy with me quite a bit. Maybe I'll let her be the striker to flatten it out too.
  2. My 9 year old daughter found this clip on the ground thinking I could make something out of it. I told her it was to small to use them I felt bad......... Help me think of some things I could use it for please!
  3. I finished the last two anchors for the trampoline. Then I made a little Anvil for my wife. She is making bracelets out of baseballs with brass name plates on them. The plates have a curve to them that needs to be held while she stamps the letters in them. Long story short I got to make a special punch and then stamped the shape into a piece of 1/4 X 1 1/4.
  4. I got home from Missouri late last night. Woke up this morning and sanded the scales down. Mrs Canon cocker really liked her present.
  5. I really like your design. I think both of those yarn bowls look awesome. What about them do you want to change/clean up? I'm looking forward to seeing those yarn bowls when you get them cleaned up to your liking.
  6. That engine has a lot of potential. My vote would be turning that baby into a sleeper. Leave the patina, give her some new suspension, get the motor purring and then wait for some punk in a Honda who thinks he's fast!
  7. I'm a big fan of that door knocker. I've been wanting to make one, but haven't picture what I want it to look like....... So now I've got another idea to play with! No worries. It would look cool in the door to your shop, or even just on the wall in there. It really is a great piece. Thanks. The hook on the end grabs onto a belt loop very easily so it should be a tool that is easily at hand for her when she's gardening.
  8. I got the scales glued on with the rivets in place last night. But I had to fly down to Saint Louis for the week. So I'll be finishing it next week when I get back home.
  9. Thanks JHCC. The handle is spring steel so it should hold up fine. But yes it is getting Black walnut scales tonight after I get it tempered and oiled.
  10. I finished forging a garden had trowel for my wife as a mother's day present yesterday. I made it out of a leaf spring and wanted it all one piece. But in forging the scoop I flexed the handle to much at low temps and had lots of stress fractures where it meet the scoop. So I cut it off and made a new handle that got riveted on. I'll heat treat it today and get the handle slabs put on it tonight.
  11. Some endmills have a void in the center. Perhaps you could find a ball endmill that has a center void and Chuck it up in your drill press. (or better yet a lathe)