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    Russia S-Petersburg
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    schoolboy, student, seaman, blacksmith. The OPTIMIST
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    There are much hobbies . I love domestic animals, nature. I separate bees. love travel. much read.
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    blacksmith, joiner, welder, carpenter and much other. I work by my hands

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  1. Several new works. Extensive geography: Moscow, Omaha, St. Petersburg.
  2. Hi Thomas ! Most of all I like to make chandeliers, especially large ones with wood. I've been making them for over 20 years.
  3. I continue to work on another large chandelier. Finished with lanterns on it.
  4. VID_20201110_130755.mp4 No, of course not me. I hired a professional climber. Юз VID_84371108_070952_081.mp4 VID_20201110_130644.mp4
  5. I was forced to cut down an old tree, which is more than 100 years old and could have fallen into the workshop.
  6. I visited the house where I worked several years ago. They offered a new job. I took some pictures.
  7. Everything is as usual, a lot of work. I got a good assistant.
  8. Walk before bed. Warm evening.
  9. As usual, I have several chandeliers at work. Finish tomorrow.
  10. Snow!It got colder. Today we have -5 С.
  11. Thanks! This is Russia, not far from St. Petersburg, the gulf is called Finnish.
  12. There are a lot of me today! Sorry! 35 years of marriage with my only wife. Good mood! A customer from Galveston sent in a photo of the fireplace.
  13. First snow. Preparing for winter. A lot of gardening.
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