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    schoolboy, student, seaman, blacksmith. The OPTIMIST
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    There are much hobbies . I love domestic animals, nature. I separate bees. love travel. much read.
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    blacksmith, joiner, welder, carpenter and much other. I work by my hands

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  1. Finished one more tabletop, prepared the chandeliers for painting.
  2. I made myself a gift. Put the new countertop on top of the old kitchen table.
  3. Flowering is in full swing, but there is no less work. Customers send photos from their gardens.
  4. These lamps are over 100 years old. Look here. https://soglas-proekt.ru/blog/pavlovskiy-park-12-dorozhek-viskontiev-most-mavzoley-suprugu-blagodetelyu-ruinniy-kaskad.html
  5. Another walk through the suburbs of St. Petersburg. Pavlovsk. One of the most beautiful parks. The territory is over 600 hectares.
  6. A customer from Ventura sent a photo of the installed lanterns. Today I sent another one. фонарь фиоре.mp4
  7. I will cook a barbecue (шашлык) , I will definitely share the recipe. With photos.
  8. May I not answer. I haven't decided yet. Resin alone per countertop costs $ 700.
  9. Pouring resin on 2 new countertops. I coordinated the shape of the "legs" with the customer.
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