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  1. Order for a batch of non-standard skewers. Made a sample. Stainless steel, mahogany handle. Length 35" VID_20191209_223503.mp4
  2. The Narva Fortress is located on the border of Russia and Estonia. 14th century. I drove past her many times, but this time I could go inside. The restored blacksmith's yard, no electricity. Masters work like in the old days.
  3. Yesterday it was winter. The frost is over, the snow has melted, I can work on the street. Finished work, the house has 7 entrances.
  4. I continueto deal with the next project. Several chandeliers and furniture in the gazebo.
  5. Suddenly, frost came. Urgently engaged in warming roses.
  6. Thank ! Ask, I will try to answer. (problem with english) Started a new job. Furniture, lights.
  7. Installed fencing. In the workshop, as usual, do not get through. To be continued.