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  1. The customer is afraid of heights, had to be installed alone, in the rain.
  2. HI ! Sorry my english. This is blowing from a neighboring room so that the paint does not stick to the furnace and does not emit harmful gases. The workshop is heated with coal and diesel fuel.
  3. The second week of rain and cold. In the new painting area it is warm and dry.
  4. 2 times fell from the stairs, once a broken arm, a second fractured rib. I became afraid of heights.
  5. Thanks. Installed with the owner of the house, together. 1,5 hour. The process has been completed ,оne person can raise the chandelier.
  6. I do them all year round, in the summer gardeners order more, but in winter there is as much work. I began to do this 2 years ago. I sell through social networks.
  7. HI ! The cost does not depend on the season, only growing. Inflation.
  8. Golden autumn. Coldly.
  9. Thank Thomas ! Light up the first time. I didn’t count, but I made more than 100 chandeliers, maybe 150.
  10. One of the pleasant things to do is to turn on the light bulbs. Another one at work. Alex.