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  1. Today is Victory Day in Russia, we will rest for 4 days. But tomorrow I will be back at work. Finished the candlestick, it remains to send to the customer. In the workshop, as usual, there is not enough space, although I work alone.
  2. 5 May. Бля.. Winter is back again. Last year, apple trees bloomed at the same time.
  3. Thanks guys. Bench made a couple of years ago, stands in the same room. It isnot mine. My dogs live free.
  4. The customer paid for the hanger 50,000 rubles, about $ 800. Made in 3 days.
  5. Finished another project. Furniture for the hallway. Hanger, bench, shelf for shoes.
  6. Nightmare! April 11, winter is back.
  7. Started a new project. Wish the customer, palm leaves on the fireplace screen. Suggested several options.
  8. Soon I will be trimming a dog pack. They look to drag off the table.
  9. Today, March 29th, it finally warmed up, +10 С, but yesterday it was winter.
  10. HI ! Usually we make baskets for firewood of such a shape. I made the round one for the first time. Photo uploaded is not clear.
  11. Set the chandelier in place. Connected to the remote control, 3 modes of inclusion. Firewood basket.
  12. March 14th. Spring. Winter is not going to leave. Frost - 10, snow every day. Armageddon.