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    schoolboy, student, seaman, blacksmith. The OPTIMIST
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    There are much hobbies . I love domestic animals, nature. I separate bees. love travel. much read.
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    blacksmith, joiner, welder, carpenter and much other. I work by my hands

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  1. Yes! The customer decided to change the chandelier. Mine will hang instead of this one.
  2. "nobleman". A mixture of Giant Schnauzer and Korsa horses. Picked up in the nursery. (Google translator) Loves to be photographed.
  3. The second year I have been working on the stairs. The customer is not in a hurry, I am not in a hurry either. Installed oak steps to the first floor.
  4. I'm talking about something else. Много работы -A lot of work. (The translator gives this option. ) In Russian, there are many phrases that convey the same thing. Гора работы, куча работы, немеряно работы, шквал работы , завал с работой, запара с работой....
  5. Hi guys! I have a lot of work as usual. Poor English, google translator cannot translate normally.
  6. Everything is as usual. There is not enough space in the workshop. New work retractable ladder.
  7. The client decided to install a large chandelier in her new home under construction. The new chandelier looks even better. Chandeliers changed places today.
  8. Winter frosty evening.-25С
  9. Thank you! I think yes. I have been working in this house for several years.
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