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  1. Thanks! As a rule, according to the mood.I usually do 10-15 orders at a time. Or under the deadline for the completion of work.
  2. The kitchen is now also a workshop. Engaged in electrical wiring.
  3. I make 5 chandeliers at the same time. There is not enough space as always.
  4. As usual. Abral. In February I need to finish 5 chandeliers.
  5. At the end of last year, I completed another project. Wrought iron furniture in the bedroom for a teenager in a marine style. Today made a video.
  6. My new painting site. Light, dry and most importantly warm. малярка.mp4
  7. January 15. Snow melted in early December. The first such winter in my life.
  8. Sent a chandelier to Brookville before the New Year. The customer sent a photo.
  9. In fact, there are about 10 of them, they come to devour from all over the district.