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    Russia S-Petersburg
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    schoolboy, student, seaman, blacksmith. The OPTIMIST
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    There are much hobbies . I love domestic animals, nature. I separate bees. love travel. much read.
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    blacksmith, joiner, welder, carpenter and much other. I work by my hands

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  1. This is a joke. Frosty will understand.
  2. Completed the lights for a restaurant in Ventura. Finished the nastiest job, cleaned the "legs" for the bar stools.
  3. On Sunday I worked in the garden, and today it is snowing again. It blew from Alaska.
  4. Drove in for measurements, at the same time photographed the work three years ago.
  5. Plum, apple, pear. I regularly prune trees in the garden, keep beautiful cuts for myself.
  6. April 28. Snow again.
  7. Ordered an epoxy table. I decided to start training on the clock.
  8. Enhanced the front door to the workshop. It will be warm, I will plant flowers.
  9. ... And so every Saturday, from April to June. Delivering flower supports to customers.
  10. In Russian, this is called "клеймо". " штамп " has a slightly different meaning.
  11. Unfortunately I could not find the correct name in the translator.
  12. Yes, there is a stigma. But as a rule, I forget to use it.
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