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I Forge Iron

Words of Wisdom


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Many times we hear the zingers and think, "WOW I wish I had said that" or "What a great comment". Let us put those quotes that are, or will soon become, "classics" here so we can find them again.

Tools do not make the blacksmith, the blacksmith makes the tools. Glenn

If someone questions your standards, they are not high enough. Glenn

You can gain experience without knowledge by doing. You can NOT gain experience by gaining knowledge. Frosty

You can walk with a plastic leg, you can work with a plastic arm, you can hear with a plastic ear, but you can not see with a plastic eye. Jim (PPW) Wilson

Make a list of all the body parts you can do without. It is your personal responsibility to protect the rest. Glenn

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Blacksmithing is easy---You hold the cold end and hit the hot end and please get it right next time.
A saying from an old friend in the MOB, (Mid Ohio Blacksmiths)

Hit it where it's *hot* not where it's *not*! Thomas

Don't look at it HIT IT! Jim Crowel

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A few saying I have heard and have some hanging in my shop are:

"Think at the forge work at the anvil." unknown

"Because I am a blacksmith." Frank Turley

"There is a special place in hell for blacksmiths who beat on cold iron"
Frank Turley

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Measuri, cutti, cursi. not original to me. I have one that perfectly addresses carelessness around things or people that can hurt you. I will do my best to "familyize" it. It is so good it is worth the risk. A friend coined it in the late sixties-early 70's- "If you Fool( or insert rhyming Anglo-Saxon 4 letter word as needed) with the duck, you get the bill." Late, Dean Vance Carlton, my hunting and fishing partner for thirty+ years- at 58 the heart attack came out of the blue- he and his MOM[quad bypass] were always after me to stop smoking and eschew more than one taste of red meat per week- hard for him as we stocked freezers and meat lockers with venison---" Well, Mike, I make an exception for venison and elk- naturally lean red meat."-- I really miss him. Waist high grass on rolling Iowa terrain, 45 degrees, late afternoon golden sun glowing all around us and those last three pheasants after my giant Golden Retriever, Moose, dropped them at our feet. Yeah, I miss him bad. Moose too.jet

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