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  1. Hammer Source gets me my stuff next day -routine. I buy my brass, bronze and weighted rawhides from them. And they always follow up with the satisfaction email. Their hammers are carefully selected for quality. You cannot go wrong with them. My forging hammers are a 2 pound Big Blu and the recently acquired 3 pound Hofi and a 4 pound German(from HS). The Mossad may be after me for this, but the handle on my Hofi took a lot of work to smooth. The Big Blu took minimal rubbing with a medium non-woven nylon abrasive pad- silky but not slippery. The flex-glue used by both is great- it has genuine v
  2. Consider where the forge will be located. I have one T-Rex and in the standard 350 ci. volume forge it will darn near smelt(not the fish). I have had so many things tugging at me professionally, personally and healthily(I made up that word) that I stalled out on the Twin Shorty Crossfire Articulated Forge. If it stays somewhat unseasonably warm next week, I plan to get out in the garage to weld it up. I never feel comfortable with liquid fired implements indoors; shop, garage, attached or not-one spill and poof. I have been on fire-you don't want to be. So, I strongly endorse LP(which of
  3. I don't know, here- if it is good enough for Mr Coyote, it is good enough for me.mtPS--two London pattern anvils, one USA Economy(Illinois Iron and Bolt-Vulcan) and one from near London, (Vaughan-Brooks).mt
  4. I never set by a specific number, even on my Dillon. Unless you have very precise gauges, they are not really telling you anything but self-contained relative pressures. Set for the flame you need-neutral for welding taking into account tip size. mt
  5. If you get curious enough to build, buy Michael Porter's book on burners and forges. Mr. Frosty pointed me in that direction. A bunch of the "why" is answered. Several good people, including a character here on the forum, provided input for the book.mt
  6. Aha-we shop at the same foundry.That is where I got the one with the two across 90 degree outlets for the clinkerbreaker.mt
  7. Same experience with the Ellis' very nice and reliable. And, "just add water."mt
  8. My late hunting partner of 35 years and I bought an unrifled wrought blank and built the rifling tool-a long spiral grooved cylinder that mastered a pull through boring head. Note paper shims to deepen the cut on each pull. If I tried it again, it would be fall or spring-there is a lot of effort involved in pulling the spiralling cutter. At the end, though, we thought we were hotter than FFF with a sparkin' frizzen. It shot OK.mt
  9. Great Apron-thick leather, covered pockets,shoulder straps-price belies how good this is Long Leather Shop Apron - Rockler Woodworking Tools
  10. I use my Dillon or other traditional torch as default. If heat transfer is an issue, then mig. I have the Lincoln SP170T- 220 current and the model sold through welding specialty houses. No 220 in garage. But I have a big noisy 5000w generator.mt
  11. Your description of the taught technique exactly described my weave.mt
  12. Certificate tests usually use what is called a "coupon." This is a piece of material at a specified alloy,heat-treat(aluminum) and thickness that is calibrated with the tester. I learned by myself in a garage with my O/A a big vise and a similarly sized hammer and a 14" adjustable wrench( wrench is excellent for bending). Just kept doing it and re-reading and doing it again until I got it right. The real test is- would you let a friend or someone other than yourself depend upon it?mt
  13. I build the occasional "Super Stock" 1911's for LE around here. Dad and I shot them in the basement in the early 60's. It is a wonder I can hear.mt
  14. Take a look at Hofi's tutorial/blueprint on grip. And, the gel in some motorcycle gloves would likely help. I have to watch my hands-they have been banged up pretty badly in a couple of racing crashes and before I sold off my last bike I wore them.mike t.
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