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  1. I know how it feels to have to wait on life threatening medical test results, I went through it with my wife years back. We will be praying for her health and your family as you go through these rough times. Jeff
  2. It opened ok for me but it did take a few seconds and I have high speed inter-net so if you have dial up then it may take a while to load. welder19
  3. I used to work evenings and weekends for a friend at his scrap yard and you would not believe the amount of people that try and bring in stolen metals and I am not in what would be considered a high theft area but after spending some time there it got me to being more cautous at home with locking up my shop and sheds. I feel really bad for those who have to live in high crime areas, up until a couple years ago we never even locked our house when we left and even now it has just become habit, not really nesecary. welder19
  4. This is a test, which is better 3406 cat or 300 cummins ???

  5. I just wanted to post an update on my situation since I feel I owe everyone who has sent prayers for me. I have finally been approved for ssd and just received my first check, the one they give you for back pay and will get my first monthly check in two weeks, and just in time, if I did not send money to the mortgage co this week then I would have been in foreclosure. It couldn't have been any closer but I never lost faith and knew that things would work out. There are still some things to straighten out and we're not completely in the clear but the danger of being homeless is past and I could not be more thankful. So I just want to say a huge thank you for all the prayers. Now if all goes well with my workers comp case we will be able to, hopefully, get out of this huge hole of debt that this ordeal has caused, but for now I'm happy just being able to tread water and not actually drowning. Again, thank you and God bless. Jeff Hyer and family
  6. I am sorry to hear about your dad's health problems and will be praying for his recovery. Jeff
  7. More than likely it should be ok, just leave the surface rough where the second pour would contact the first, even jagged and uneven as well. welder19
  8. Sorry for your losses, unfortunately I know how it feels. I'll keep you and your family in my prayers. Jeff
  9. Definately leave out the portland. Use a high temp clay, I prefer Kaolin, which runs $10-$15 for 50lb, use silica sand or grog, approx 20lbs grog/sand to 50lb of clay, to reduce shrinkage and add strength and if you want it to be insilated add in some foam beads, bean bag chair filling works good, add as much foam as your mix will allow and still hold together, add water very little at a time and mix well. Then do 1/4"-1/2" hot face, [clay mix with no foam in it]. Let it dry slow and then fire it slowly, if you fire it too fast it will crumble. It will handle 3000F with no problem. I use this mix for my forges and casting furnaces. welder19
  10. Looks good, nice job! welder19
  11. For compact size you can't beat a KA75. welder19
  12. You may want to try a .023" or .030" mig tip, my 3/4" burner uses a .023". Also a pic would be helpful to see if there are any other potential issue's. welder19
  13. welder19

    Ed Viadock

    Will be praying for him. Jeff
  14. Nice knives...apperantly for $300 an inch! welder19
  15. Glad to hear your doing ok and sorry to hear about your dog. My wife has to take seizure meds every day and has been doing so since she was 20, so I know a little about what that is like, so we will keep you in our prayers and hope all works out well. Jeff
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