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  1. Can someone tell me the proper name for the small anvils that are used to sharpen scythes? Thanks
  2. get yerself over to the SteelWheelers Iron show held later this month, irrc.
  3. Here is my nickle worth..... I weld the ends with a mig. Heat and untwist. Heat again several times and beat the snot out of it agains tthe anvil. Most that crud and corruption will come out. Wire brushing all the time. Let it cool. Stick then end of the cable you are going to first weld into a coffee can of kerosene/coal oil. Forget about the borax. Weld that sucker up. You can even use wd40 . Just let the billet cool between heats a little bit so the POL doesn't evaporate from the high heat.
  4. I have a 270# 1897 with lugs. Had one in the 500# range with a cutout on one side. That one went to w Ohio or thereabouts. I believe that one was the anvil for a helve hammer in a Copperweld plant or so the story went..
  5. Go for it! The more people who know you are looking for a hammer the better! Soone ror later one will turn up.
  6. anyone heard of an anvil by Patmar. Possibly Estonian? I'm thinking this is part of a vise/anvil
  7. Milo, I have my Fairbanks A set up to run over head. I'm not far away so if you want to come take a look, you're welcome to. I'm in southern Armstrong Co. bruce godlesky BirdogForge
  8. I've never seen a Champion catalog. Where didja find it?
  9. I have this one setting in a bucket of coal oil right now.
  10. oh ya, the stand is similar to a Canady Otto Big Western instead of a 3 legged one.
  11. SReynolds, where ,if I may ask, did you find all this catalog info for Champion? I've been looking lately as i picked up a C blower that is unlike any I've seen.
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