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  1. Yes! sorry, should have stated how I came about the piece. They, Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept., had a $20m refurb on the support structure under the starboard engine. The engine alone weighs 55tons. Took the contractor 18mos. to complete with only 8 change orders! The metal removed was originally destined to be sold as scrap....to the tune of $11.00 per 100lbs. New steel was used in the rebuilding of the support structure. The HABA group to on the task of making sculptures, actually "ready mades", with the fabric and giving back the TPWD and these were sold at fund raising events or given to dignitaries to help raise funds. Most of these ready mades were selling for $90.00lb. Obviously the better way to dispose of the metal! There is a gentleman in Lufkin, TX that is making Damascus blades using some of the fabric. Check "Battleship TEXAS" on FB to see some of his knives....then come back to IFI!! :)
  2. This is a piece of the Battleship TEXAS that I had the honor of working with. It was chosen to be presented to the Newport News Shipbuilding & Drydock Co. on Dec.1. I was very humbled to have had my work pick from those submitted to be return to the same shipbuilder that built her back in 1911-12. It took them 1yr, 1mo, & 1day from laying the keel to launching her! most impressive. It was another 2yrs before she was commissioned in the USNavy as a battleship....had to get her packin' those big guns! The other pieces of fabric were in a silent auction fund raiser for the ship. There is MUCH to do to keep her from going to rust and the current push is to get her in a permanent drydock. If you ever get the chance to visit I assure you, you will not be disappointed.
  3. Very nice work! As a Dad and PaPaw I feel your PRIDE!! May the 2 of you have many hours at the forge!!!
  4. What shield gas are you using? GTAW use 100% Argon GMAW try a TRI-MIX (argon, helium, and oxy....best I remember) Also, I believe the 4043 wire is more for the 3000 series of al. Try a more compatible wire...they make 6061 wire...
  5. The brain....works both ways, most important tool OR the " there it sits unused, broken or untouched...;"
  6. Howdy from East TEXAS!! and welcome to IFI Check out the Balcones Forge group; www.balconesforge.org They are a bunch of men and women, yes WOMEN, that get together and share their knowledge of blacksmithing. check thier web site to find the next meeting date and GO!!! you will not regret it. You might even contact one of the members for some private lessons, sure shortens the learning curve. I had a young man for north S.A. to come up to my shop/studio for a 1-on-1 class back in Jan, he now is hooked up with the Balcones bunch. Have fun and again, WELCOME!!!
  7. The ring is not an indicator of a good anvil.....you want REBOUND. Fisher's, Vulcan's, and other cast iron anvil will have little or no ring and they are good anvils...more especially the Fisher. Check for cracks in the face, the fewer chips on the edges the better, rebound of 80% or better is great. Use a hammer and tap over the entire surface of the face and LISTEN for any thunks= thunks are indications of the face delaminating from the body. BTW, HOWDY from East TEXAS!! and welcome to IFI. Update your profile and list your location. Can help us possibly put you in touch with others in your area that are likeminded and also a heads up of toys that may come up close to you. Enjoy the journey!
  8. Howdy from East TEXAS!! and welcome to IFI! Don't worry about the looks/condition of the anvil, at least right now. You are doing right by forging leaves and such, when you have several years under the belt then you may want a nice anvil....and maybe not. How bout updating your profile and give your location. Ya never know, could be someone here on IFI that lives just up the street! Good to hear that you and your boy are doing this together! Priceless times together for sure.
  9. The last ones I sold were $95.00 with one sold at $115.00. Been maybe 2 yrs since I have sold any tho. And I make them around 4"dia. heavy texture and flame colored. Check the sheet metal shops that do high end work, tell em what you are doing (cost me a rose once years ago) and ask to purchase their scrap. works for me anyways.
  10. Totally agree with Jerry! Balcones Forge site is www.balconesforge.org give a look see and get to one of the meetings! You will be blown away by the friendliness of this group. Our youngest son lives in Buda. which direction are from Austin? OH yeah, Howdy from EAST TEXAS!! and welcome to IFI!
  11. I made a hoe, shovel, and several other tools but they were for movie series set in the 1st century A.D. They had hired a Jewish archeologist to insure everything was period accurate. Long story short, all of the tools I made are now in a museum in Israel on display....and no, dummy me, I have no pictures. Oh well...
  12. PM Phil Cox, aka 'peacock' here on IFI. He is THE GURU of LG's.
  13. THANK YOU PHIL!! Looks like I will be checking with my machinist buddies in the NEAR future. I really appreciate your willingness to share, as with everyone on this site. thanks again. Bbehnke, sorry for the Hijacking of this thread....didn't mean for it to happen like this. I have used the Say-Mak some and enjoyed it. (They are much like the Sahinler) Hope you work out your bugs with it, nice hammer for sure.
  14. Thanks Phil. Love the hammer! Only thing I wish I could change is the oil mist that you get when it's running. I only open the oiler valve a 1/4 or less. But this is a minor problem to me.
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