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  1. CC--i don't really see any flaming----you presented a project that you were undertaking and others provided feedback----they didn't know that much about you or your particular talents---they did know that some have tried and failed doing what you plan on doing and were just trying to point out the "potholes" that are on the road......... "The hard things take awhile---the impossible, just a little longer" keep us posted and lets see that puppy makin sawdust.
  2. That steampunk pic is cool---but i really like your forge............
  3. spent a summer there (everett) way back when (1969)---liked it alot, but have never been back. don't know how it would be for a place to retire (6 month to 1.5 years from now) may look into it----but tucson will be hard to beat.
  4. figure out what you don't like about the first--then make the same one again without what you don't like-----look at others that are similar and that you like and figure out what it is that makes them look better----
  5. Yea--I'm glad its gone to a good home---made it a little tough when we tested it prior to loading---just plug and play------had another call the day it left from a friend in town -- he thought that maybe i was looking to sell so i could up size--which makes me think he may be putting his on the market sometime here soon---i will try and get some more info on it----i know its bigger but not sure if its a 50 or 100------ I was doing everything by hand before and as i'm sure i can still do a little once in awhile by hand now. Dan--good to hear from ya--maybe i will see ya at the next open forge at harolds. mike
  6. Well it wasn't what i had planned for it--but due to some health issues--and knowing that i wouldn't be using it for the retirement i had planned---i had posted it for sale with the AABA for about the last 6 months (had posted it here too for a month)------i got one person who came down to look at it this week monday---and all he asked (after we ran it) was how do we load it up.........i have an I beam down the center of the garage and a chain fall---back in--lift--set--drive off.........I'm pleased its going somewhere it will be used and he was pleased to get it----------all in all (with just a little regret), a good deal for both of us. Mike
  7. The plant where i work is shut down next week--and the boss asked if i would work saturday/sunday and next week---sure--why not--now i guess i'm stuck, as it doesn't seem that the world has ended (maybe its just not time yet). oh well, the xtra $$ will more than help what with our taxes going up in another week or so.........mike
  8. I started on my first knife before i knew of this or any other sites........when mostly finished i knew it had to be heat treated and looked up some info---then asked the "question" (it was how to h/t a genaric type of s/s). all were nice in their answers and i found out what a dummy i was---and what a great storehouse of info was being provided ---- started reading and kept on reading and figured a few things out. I am still at a point that i have had only one forge weld be successful----and 3 attempts at making mokume have also worked. I also know the answers to most all questions can be found---sometimes you ask and hope the answer tells you more than just the answer. I don't post much--and of late i have not been doing all that much pounding (some health issues)but i always enjoy the reading. take care and the best to those of you who have been thru this past weeks storms. mike
  9. Well Brent showed up this morning and within about a half hour we had it off his truck in my garage and running---got to spend some time with him and what a nice guy he is. now i've just got to get it set where i want it and bolted down. this is my first experience with anything like this so it should be interesting. Wish i could come over for the wkend---but not this year----at least you all won't have to listen to me braggin on my new hammer............. Thanks for posting this David----just what i wanted. mike
  10. Just for the record--he did get just about what he was asking -- and when you figure in that its being dropped off (at my house in the morning) with no delivery charges and I'm getting one of his hand hammers too---both parties are no doubt pleased. mike
  11. we were 102/104 monday and tuesday----but its starting to cool down now---only 96 or so today---down into the low 60's at night.
  12. does "flying off the handle"-"running amuck" and "jumping to conclusions" count as sport and/or exercise?
  13. azmike

    Ironwood EDC

    Chris---Ironwood grows in Az and down thru Mexico (maybe other places too) very dense and in a lot of places its either protected or working that way.......
  14. guess maybe he's lucky that he posted the incorrect price---doesn't it cost a certain percent to offer for sale on e-bay? if he has to pay to post and gets no sale then i guess he is the sucker in this case (but i'm still not ruling out someone bidding on it).
  15. just read the ebay posting and he states he left out the 1 in front of the 5-----so this is a "real" deal...........
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