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I Forge Iron

just because i like making knots


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Mm ... a copper hammer will probably mark it the same if it is hot enough. 

i am planing a gate and was thinking in adding a bar with a knot in the middle, inspired by your sculptures. 

I can see how to do a knot at the end of a bar, how would you make a knot in the center of a one meter long bar in say 16mm diameter? One would need to heat at least one half of the bar to loop it around and make the knot ... mm ... now that I think about it, i can fold it in half by heating the center. then heat again to fold it over and finally heat from one end to the knot to thread it in the loop. Mm ... I like it ... still the chain block is my fall back plan :P 

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11 hours ago, Marc1 said:

Will do,.

As far as no marks, try a hardwood mallet. A nice chunk of Ironbark ... mm ... you are in France ... really old oak?

yes i'm french, really old oak  , i should find a  piece , i'll try it ..or black locust ?,

38 minutes ago, Frosty said:

Nice work J-V. One of our guys up by Delta Junction is your kind of knotty. 

Frosty The Lucky.

thanks !!


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A monkey fist??? Wow you like challenges - As one who has tied many many monkeys fists - the retightening process in steel will be a major chore. I don't think Ive ever seen a steel monkey fist knot. Good luck Sir.!!! Take pictures Please. I'm sure it can be done though.

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