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  1. Ok, sounds good....but I gotta ask.....where are you getting brown paper grocery bags nowadays? Dave
  2. That makes sense.....I understand what yer talkin' about........ dave
  3. C-1...if it took me 30 min. to get my coal forge going.....I would have to quit. I haven't timed it exactly, but up to forging temp in 10 min. tops I would say. A handful of homemade charcoal, a propane torch, some air blown in and last sessions coke and I'm good to go....Should I time it? Life is Good Dave
  4. Sooo.......when and where is the IFI meet-up this year? Any group photo planned? See ya there Life is Good Dave
  5. How to keep tempering color?

    Have you tried the brass brush trick ,to get color? Dave
  6. Tanto Fiction

    Thank You very much, I appreciate you taking the time to school me. Dave
  7. Tanto Fiction

    Ok, I'll show my ignorance here. Is this a take down model? Is the dark wood piece to push the handle pin or a small ceramic sharping stone. And my last stupid question. (for now) If I'm seeing this right....what is the advantage of the take down? Other than you can. Thanks as I've said before..... Dave not a knife maker
  8. Can you ID this found tool?

    I'm going to "guess" ice breaker for stock tanks.... Dave
  9. I received my Quadstate registration pamphlet in the mail yesterday.....looks to be a good 40th year round-up ! I just wish I could stay for the whole thing....Maybe we can con Wayne to put out an IFI member sign in sheet or a can to collect IFI business cards? Now I just need to figure out what day to go....... Life is Good Dave
  10. Orrr.....you could cast a few extra for the next guy in your original situation.....just sayin' Life is good Dave
  11. If I ever say I'm going to build it instead...

    Yip, Vaughn T.....that's pretty much what I found. Shoot, I have even picked up 1/16" rods to give the mig a rest on small stuff. I hope one of the techy guys chimes in to give us a clue of what we're dealing with. Thanks for the feedback Dave
  12. It's OK, I understand the showroom condition thing. The regular start ups make me feel a bit better. I notice there are no oil stains on the floor under them. Unlike most working tractors, that have an occasional drip. Do you have much trouble with condensation in the transmissions and final drives? In my area, I need to crack open the drain plugs once in a while to let a bit of water out. Yes, I would think it would get a bit fumie in there if ya start all of em'. Most people don't realize it's about a 12 step process to start an old Deere. And each tractor has it's own little quirk. Again, very nice line up and I still think you guys are having way to much fun... Thanks Guys Life is Good Dave
  13. OK....I'm better now. I think I will be able to reply....got the eyes dry and twitches gone....Thanks guys, You have a very nice lineup there. Very nice.....I see the paint is still on the steel wheels. Do you get a chance to take em' out and work em' a bit? To me having those sitting in a barn not working is...wait for it......as bad as having an good anvil for yard art.... such a waste. I heard some rumors of some nice tractors in a shipping container headed Aus. a while back. Hmmm.... Brasso, you best be taking good care of those! I bet they sound good in that metal building....Thanks for the pics by the way. Life is Good ( In Aus. too ) Dave
  14. Hey no fair.......2 against 1.....I'll just add a little meat to the pie...(oh, I love meat pies by the way) I have my tissues handy.....Life is Good Dave
  15. Very nice line up you have there...Do you get to work them any? There is a tractor club, about an hour east of me in Rushville In. that has 2 lineshaft buildings that I would love to belt up one of the unstyled A's to. Not much in life sounds better than an old 2 cyl. JD under load..... Life is Good Dave
  16. With that being said.....Now, I know you guys are having way to much fun, and I am really (can't say PO'ed) jealous. I have to do a search to see how far you are from my brother-in-law......maybe have him go and harass you guys....I suppose next yer gonna tell me they are all 2 cylinder tractors. I do have a few of those here. Life is Good Dave Ok, you guys are safe......he is 28hrs. away....in the ACT......He He....... carry on Dave
  17. Nice.... Brasso....Sounds like you two are having to much fun. I suppose now yer gonna tell us you get paid to play together. Life is Good Dave
  18. Peter Wright copy/false stamp?

    Hey Frosty.....I think you have your polarity backwards. Red to rust (or sacrificial electrode) is the way I have done it for years. 1 tbls. per gallon on the washing soda ,works a treat. Dave
  19. Buyer Beware

    I hope not to cobble up this thread.....but yer right. When it comes to puns.....Frosty, rocks! ds
  20. JABOD esc forge

    Basically, Either add a gate valve or just point the hair drier at the air supply tube. Charcoal needs very little air supply. There should be plenty of info on the site about this very thing..... enjoy the ride Dave
  21. JABOD esc forge

    Looks like way to much air......work on air control and the sparks will take care of themselves . Just my thoughts. Dave
  22. OZ roll call

    aus..Thanks for the info. Can I blame it on jetlag? I was lost most of the time anyway...lol Dave