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  1. Changing wheels on a bench grinder

    was it a left-handed thread?
  2. Templates

    Or, when you make one you like. Just lay it on the sheet metal and spray it with high temp paint. Instant pattern, and you can write any pertinent info with a marker or paint stick.
  3. Thanks, Charles and Vaughn. That sounds good to me. I think I'll just box the base of the anvil in with some 1x1s and squirt in the silicone and chain it back down. Maybe later put plastic down on the floor and silicone the bottom of my stump to take out the wobble in that while I'm at it. Life is Good Dave
  4. Nice build Bruno. I do have one question for the experienced. How hard will it be in the future to separate the anvil from the base? Say to change height for another smith or change to a metal stand . Will that silicone release ok? I've thought of doing this to quiet my A&H, but the way I change my mind on things nowadays.....It has me wondering Thanks Dave.
  5. Cleaning/polishing complicated pieces

    When I do small stuff, like 3/8" snowflakes for example, I run them through my sandblast cabinet. For larger pieces that won't fit, a pot sandblaster works well for me. Life is Good Dave
  6. Mike, for me it works about like the linseed oil. you can just coat it hot and wipe off, or you can go with a burnt in, black finish by reheating after spraying. Some times I will spray and heat a couple of times to get that seasoned cast iron look. I like it both ways. Oh and the cheep spay works just as well for me as does the name brand. Thanks JHCC, sometimes I forget to mention the obvious. Dave
  7. I carry a spray can of "Pam" (spray cooking oil) in my kit to "season" my cooking utensils I make. It is easy, no mess, and seems to last well. Dave
  8. Here she is..... Dave
  9. Show me your shop!

    Any danger of hystoplasmosis? dave
  10. Steel Tariff

    Will the EPA allow that to happen?
  11. How's Black Walnut For Small Hammer Handles?

    Very good L/B.....sounds as though a good time was had by all. Nice to hear your hard work has paid off. Also thank you for the update. I am not able to view the video, but your pics show enough to get the gist. Life is Good Dave
  12. How's Black Walnut For Small Hammer Handles?

    Did I miss the update somewhere? Just wanted to hear how the auction and Demo went........ Life is Good Dave
  13. Tx steephollow forgeworks Feb 2016

    Maybe even 2 years ago........Steve, stop by on yer way south and pic me up, if you have room. Dave
  14. Dimensions of flat jawed and gooseneck tongs

    awww......geeze.....All I was looking for was a free easy way out....Now I have to buy play doh......Extrapolate something....Pitter patter on something.....I don't know....I think somebody knows where the chart is, but they just want to see me work for it.......ha Dave
  15. Las Vegas Smiths

    I was lucky growing up in the boonies.....never had a problem with intellect....you must not have been on the north side of Indy. You would have fit right in. And yes I too have a bunch of geodes from working in Brown County. Take care my friend Dave