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  1. Oregon blade maker 2x72 grinder

    Cadillac ? ds
  2. Christmas Gift Ideas

    Thanks for the link JHCC....that's what I wanted to post. The link posted by JHCC should explain it very well....just change the cut ratios to match your 1/2" stock. Although John pronounced my name wrong....I am the Dave he mentions in the vid.....paint em' white, blue or whatever add some glitter and drill a hole for an ornament hook and you won't be able to make em' fast enough. Life is Good Dave
  3. Christmas Gift Ideas

    Snow flakes? ds
  4. Quad Cities, Iowa

    Well I wanted to, but SLIM (sweet lady I married) wouldn't allow the heavy, sharp and pointy things in her luggage..... Dave
  5. Quad Cities, Iowa

    Gary, knowing you, I think if you don't find an experienced smith, you sure could help a beginner smith. I know I sure have picked up a few things from ya........ Thanks Dave
  6. Broken or cut-off?

    Have you done the ball bearing test after all that welding? Dave
  7. Potential first anvil

    Looks like the twin to my 100# A&H to me....... Life is Good Dave
  8. General help on a brick forge/ needing info

    OSB.....Try to con yer Ma and or Pa to take you to Bridgeton, In. this weekend to the Parke Co. Covered Bridge Festival. There are 3 smiths, setup and working. It will be about an hour drive, maybe a bit more. Offer to pay the $5 parking fee....it will be the best 5 bucks you have spent in reference to learning. There will be more yard sales along the way than you can shake a stick at....should I say....smithing tools? When you go.....tell John, John and Ross your just starting out and want to get setup. All 3 are very informative if you approach them properly. Take your phone so you can locate Mom and Dad if you get separated. Enjoy Dave
  9. Anvil Ouches

    So... now on yer side of town. Does that mean you bought it for $450 ? Surely you jest. Dave
  10. Well Glen, a good project is making 3-D snowflakes. John Bennett (linked to this site) has a u-tube video of how to make them. Heck he even mentions me in the small snowflake vid. Although, he did pronounce my last name wrong...... Shoot my wife even likes them...Problem was, she had to have glitter on them. Do you have any idea what would happen if I showed up with glitter on me somewhere? Got it figured out though and life is good......gotta make a bunch more. Thanks for the reminder...... Life is Good Dave
  11. Thanks for the feedback.......And yes, Thomas....the seed has been planted... Life is Good Dave
  12. It was a pleasure to meet and talk to ya Josh. The heat was a bit oppressive. Probably why the loaded backpack trips to the truck were limited. I went by to catch Dave a few times, but there seemed to be a crowd around all the time( probably selling all of Wayne's stuff) and didn't want to butt-in. Only disappointment I had was, I didn't find any mini swage blocks. Was Green Mengel (sp) on site? I may have to figure a way to stay longer next year.....How did the demos go on Saturday? Next question...Is there any other B/S meeting that is larger in the U.S.? See ya next year Dave
  13. I woke up this morning, after thinking about it all day yesterday. And I have decided I have buyers remorse. Unless there is another term for what I have....But there was so much stuff there. Call it what you will, but I call it the "Blacksmith Super Bowl" Like I said, I made it back home with no problems. I didn't make that many trips back to the truck to unload the backpack. I just wish now that I would have bought more...I still had cash in my pocket and room in the truck, dang-it......any advice to help me here? Dave
  14. Well...I made it back home....no flat tires and no broken springs. I did run into a guy that was headed out to rent a U-Haul trailer tho....I do wish I would have taken a pic of the guys wife face as the forklift was placing a 350lb. or so anvil in the sliding door of her mini van..... I got to met Josh( aka....NJ anvilman) too....saw a couple of anvil bikes and the anvil stream was said to be onsite, but I missed it somehow. Actually, maybe thinkin' about it ....you guys didn't miss much...............that's a lie, it was awesome! Life is Great today Dave
  15. Well, is anybody going.....? Guess I'll find out tomorrow. See ya there Life is Good Dave