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  1. Thomas, are you saying he built it backwards for himself? Seems to me if you crank the blower with your left hand you would have your back to the fire. Doesn't make sense to me ......but hey... I'm abit odd anyway. It's all good. Dave
  2. Thanks for that last pic......now I understand why you built it backwards. Life is Good Dave
  3. MB.....We all have to start somewhere. Looks like the only way you can go is up. Kudos to the wife for use of the hairdryer. Yeah you should cut back on the air. Give us a general location, and maybe you could get an invite over for a few tips. If your close by me I say come on over. Life is Good Dave
  4. Hey Russell...good to see ya. Do you know how much she weighs? My A&H anvil #32086 weighs 100lbs. She is a bit noisy, even with chain tie downs and a couple of magnets stuck to her. But I do like that thin heel. That anvil will serve you well for years to come. As stated, try to hook up with a local group if you can. Maybe just to watch others work, perhaps you will see something that touches your creative nerve and help lead you into a direction of creativity. Life is Good Dave
  5. Bring it on over to my house and I'll give you an estimate ....or you can tell us where it is and show some more pics......... Dave
  6. Thanks for the feedback Ben. Dave
  7. Quick non researched question......Is that style spring common on the larger vices? Very nice find Ben. Life is good Dave
  8. TW, are you close by here? I'd like to see it in person..... Dave
  9. Consider this phrase stolen...... Life is Good Dave
  10. Hey Beech....Would that be The Covered Bridge Group? Dave
  11. Just a public "Thank You" to Andres for taking the time to send me the link. Great Vid mutant.... Life is Good Dave
  12. Well shoot.....I missed the second vid..... Anyway I can find it? I am of age...... Dave
  13. If the flat stock was cut out of a Spam can.....I say replace it......if made from a forklift tine...I say use it Dave
  14. aawww geezz.....one wife......she is kinda small tho @ 4' 9" tall. The horse shoe nails were # 41/2. Good catch tho. LOL Life is Good Dave