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  1. I think yer right Jim, makes good use of those flee market sockets......works a treat..... thanks Dave
  2. Neil, that is what I use. Only thing different is I used 1/2" stock for the jig. That lets me use 1/2" drive sockets for the various size bushings. I think I got the idea from here somewhere. I surely didn't come up with it on my own...... Life is good Dave
  3. Very good thread.....learned a bunch and saved me from asking a bunch of dumb questions. I've been burning some corn for a future Co. Fair demo, I just was having a bit of trouble. Thanks Life is Good Dave
  4. So yer saying my concept of a bonfire on the beach, a speed boat with a boom pole and a few brown bottles is a bad idea.... dang-it... oh well. Life is still good Dave
  5. Look up electrolysis for derusting.....saves a lot of elbow grease. I just lay an oil soaked rag on the anvil to protect the face between forge sessions ......nice anvil by the way......Dave
  6. In that case yer the same as local....Check out the IBA ( Indiana Blacksmith Association ) website. There are several groups within driving distance, even one that meets at the State Fair grounds once a month. I will be heading over to Rushville shop Saturday. Dave
  7. OJ.....what part of the Hoosier State holds yer shadow? There a bunch of us around. If ya need any local info let me know. Life is Good Dave
  8. I like the challenge of transforming a known object into a totally different object. I must admit, I have met some great like minded people along the way..... Life is Good Dave
  9. A bit of a drive, but I buy mine in Oden, In. good coal..... Dave
  10. how would i check to see if it is cast iron? What did the guys @ the meeting say about it?
  11. Nope no fee....just show up. Maybe bring something for iron in the hat, and a few bucks to buy tickets for the drawing. That was maybe Bill Newman? I don't know for sure. I have only been there once, and it was all good.....Got a coil spring off a train or something, I'm still making tools from that thing....awesome. If ya go, report back on how it went. Gotta move my son into his new house that day.....Don't be scared....they won't bite...lol Life is Good Dave
  12. Berkley, if you happen to check back in here. The satellite 13 group is meeting @ the state fair grounds blacksmith shop this Saturday. Take the anvil with you and you can get input on it, first hand. If your just looking to sell it, you might run into a buyer.. Life is Good Dave
  13. Rust travels to the red post....I am positive of that........ Washing soda is a good electrolyte .Find it in the laundry detergent isle. About a Tbls. per gallon of water.... Dave
  14. Dave51B

    Plow shears

    Thanks a bunch for that. Like I said, I have been asking for years...Even the old smiths at Quad-State didn't give me a solid figure...speculation, but not firm. Maybe I didn't ask right, who knows...(What was that Carlson guys name?) . Now you got me thinking I need to check in with some of the old shops to see if they have any records from years back..... I guess what got me Thinking about all this is....next month we have a meeting @ my favorite shop. It's a line shaft shop with an ideal plow sharpener in working order. I gotta round up some more shears..... Life is Good Dave