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  1. Tx steephollow forgeworks Feb 2016

    Maybe even 2 years ago........Steve, stop by on yer way south and pic me up, if you have room. Dave
  2. Dimensions of flat jawed and gooseneck tongs

    awww......geeze.....All I was looking for was a free easy way out....Now I have to buy play doh......Extrapolate something....Pitter patter on something.....I don't know....I think somebody knows where the chart is, but they just want to see me work for it.......ha Dave
  3. Las Vegas Smiths

    I was lucky growing up in the boonies.....never had a problem with intellect....you must not have been on the north side of Indy. You would have fit right in. And yes I too have a bunch of geodes from working in Brown County. Take care my friend Dave
  4. Las Vegas Smiths

    Thank You... Dave
  5. Dimensions of flat jawed and gooseneck tongs

    Thanks Glen...... Now if only there was a chart to tell what size and length stock to start with..... Life is good Dave
  6. Las Vegas Smiths

    Now why would anyone want to move away from Indiana? I do hope you hook up with some good people out there. Life is Good Dave
  7. Now you have me wondering if a boomerang would be considered a "weapon" in our school systems.......That may come back to bite you ....so to speak Dave
  8. It was meant as a compliment!
  9. Hey....I resemble that remark........ Dave
  10. Das, good eye....looking closer now, are they 2 different pieces? Not the same rock and the toes seem different also... Beautiful work, what ever the case........ Life is good Dave
  11. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Maybe a forged pacifier to toughen her up a bit?
  12. Forged hand lamp

    Nice 58er, but I do worry about some of these knuckle heads around here...... Life is good Dave
  13. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Thanks Irondragon.....that helps a bunch. Life is good Dave
  14. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    I have a farrier buddy that stopped by last week and drop off 5 used rasp, with a challenge that we would each make a snake to compare. The cobra seems a perfect fit. I started it last night, but am trying to figure out how long to draw it out to. Irondragon, do you think you could give me a help with that? I need to make the eye punch as well. Thanks Dave