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  1. The sign may be OK. Just make sure the clock on the wall is digital....... Dave
  2. super nice project !!! If I may ask, what size jaws did you end up with?.....(not that it matters) life is good Dave
  3. Sweet...just keep in mind electrolysis is a pretty much line of sight action. And, surface area of your sacrificial electrodes to part determines duration and how often the sacrificial will need cleaned. Life is Good Dave
  4. colafran ......Do they have 55gal. drums in California ? Just sayin' Life is Good Dave
  5. I like the looks of the all thread idea. But I think I would just bend the stump end into a U shape, sharpen the end, and drive it into the stump to hold. You wouldn't need to tighten both ends anyway. Plus you loose the shin grabbers. Life is Good Dave
  6. Did I mis the length of the legs somewhere? Or is there a preference? Thanks Dave
  7. It looks like there may be a "Road Trip" in my future......ha Life is Good Dave
  8. Was this perhaps the Vernon group? It was posted on the IBA website a couple of days ago. I did travel down to Odon and pick up some good smithin' coal yesterday for just under 17 cents a lb. Life is Good Dave
  9. There are a bunch of great groups and guys here in the Hoosier State.... Life is Good Dave
  10. Thanks for the link Glenn. I hadn't read that. Very helpful in my quest to learn plow sharpening. Life is Good Dave
  11. I have always used washing soda.......and if ya use stainless for the sacrificial electrodes, you don't have to change them so often... Life is Good Dave
  12. Quad-State...been there,done that, got the T-shirt....If memory serves, there was even a pic of IFI members taken. Seems like I was in that pic with some guy wearing a "kilt"....but it's been a while and the ole memory fails me a bit. I even ran across a guy named Ben Carlson, that tried to help me learn to sharpen plow shears. I make it a day trip and wished I had more time each year....... Life is Good Dave
  13. You are not getting current through each individual piece of the chain. Dave
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