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  1. I went to the IBA meeting today. Where was your hammer-in ? If ya don't mind me asking. Dave
  2. Gill....any chance yer go'in to the IBA meeting next month? Dave
  3. Any plans for an IFI group photo this year? I just simply call it the "Blacksmith Super Bowl" for lack of a better description..... Life is Good Dave
  4. Yeah, I was ask several times about popcorn....I have some Indian popcorn I grew awhile back. May have ta get some out. My good buddy posted a few vids on the Indiana Blacksmith Association facebook page, if ya wanna check me out with the corn. Dave
  5. I used corn again yesterday at a festival. It sure draws a crowd..... I finally figured out a bit, but still a ways to go. I did get a piece of 3/16"mild to melt, and forged some things.....more experience needed.... Life is good Dave
  6. In my limited experience with corn is getting it to "coke" as fast as it burns......and in my rivet forge, I could not get enough heat to melt mild steel. I could forge with corn, but welding not in the cards for me at this time....any suggestions more than welcome. Thanks Dave
  7. Check out the IBA (Indiana Blacksmith Association) website, you should find a few vids of us burning corn @ the fair...... Dave
  8. I was told by a very seasoned smith in one of the groups I frequent, when you make a project....make 2 at the same time. That way, if you mess one up, you have a spare. And if you don't, you have one to use or hang on the wall. Great advice.....I just don't follow it very often.... Life is Good Dave
  9. Just skim the crud off the top of the water when it gets nasty. The process does a fine job removing paint too. Just clean a spot for yer connection to make a good contact. Dave
  10. I think yer right Jim, makes good use of those flee market sockets......works a treat..... thanks Dave
  11. Neil, that is what I use. Only thing different is I used 1/2" stock for the jig. That lets me use 1/2" drive sockets for the various size bushings. I think I got the idea from here somewhere. I surely didn't come up with it on my own...... Life is good Dave
  12. Very good thread.....learned a bunch and saved me from asking a bunch of dumb questions. I've been burning some corn for a future Co. Fair demo, I just was having a bit of trouble. Thanks Life is Good Dave
  13. So yer saying my concept of a bonfire on the beach, a speed boat with a boom pole and a few brown bottles is a bad idea.... dang-it... oh well. Life is still good Dave