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  1. Dave51B

    Shop floor

    How about ag lime or brick dust for a floor? Dave
  2. Oh,I've been to Australia a few years back. I have a brother-in-law that lives in the ACT. Only thing I noticed different was the way the toilets flushed.......ha. Anyway, sure if you lean passed the end of said lever, you sure can lift yer self. But I have had no luck lifting or twisting a sheet of plywood while standing in the middle of it. YRMV........thanks Dave
  3. In my simple mind I'm always interested in seeing something that defies the laws of physics. Thanks Dave
  4. If someone here can post a video of someone standing on a plate of steel, with a vice mounted to it and spinning them selves around, I would be most interested in seeing it...... Thanks Dave
  5. Dave51B

    Canedy Otto rivet forge

    Nice......I'm looking forward to giving it a spin.... life is good Dave
  6. Dave51B

    two leg vise ?

    To bad we are so far apart.......I would trade you a good 6" post vice and a chunk of cash for that vice. Maybe someone near would do the same. Dave
  7. Dave51B

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Funny you should mention that....I got the story and didn't even ask........go figure. It was a good meeting today. Had a good crowd. Life is good Dave
  8. Dave51B

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Nice work., Gary. Practice up, I would like to see a demo on those. I plan to be in Rockville in a few hours. Take care Dave
  9. Netz, Have you been to the Parke Co. fairgrounds blacksmith shop ? Great group of guys there. Meetings are first Sat. of the month. Dave
  10. Dave51B

    Anvil price/pound trends

    Check out the IBA website....meeting and hammer-in @ Vernon, In. Sat. Oct. 20th.... are you close? Dave
  11. Dave51B

    It followed me home

    Like I really needed these.......oh well..... Life is Good Dave
  12. Dave51B

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Ford or John Deere ? Dave
  13. I am kinda proud of myself this year....only 3 trips back to the truck to unload the backpack and no need for the onsite forklift......Life is Good .... Dave
  14. I'll be wearing the chewed up Akubra, "Snowy River" ......See ya tomorrow.... Dave
  15. So...when and where is the meet up on Friday? Dave