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  1. Just a public "Thank You" to Andres for taking the time to send me the link. Great Vid mutant.... Life is Good Dave
  2. Well shoot.....I missed the second vid..... Anyway I can find it? I am of age...... Dave
  3. If the flat stock was cut out of a Spam can.....I say replace it......if made from a forklift tine...I say use it Dave
  4. aawww geezz.....one wife......she is kinda small tho @ 4' 9" tall. The horse shoe nails were # 41/2. Good catch tho. LOL Life is Good Dave
  5. Made these earrings for the Mrs. # 41/2 horse shoe nails. Dave
  6. I played with some horse shoe nails for a bit. Life is Good Dave
  7. Thanks again Kozzy. Sorry I didn't respond to your earlier reply's. I missed them somehow. Must not have shown up with the "unread content" button. I got another recollection from a local farmer here, that stated he paid $2 to get his sharpened in the early 50s. He didn't even have to think about it. By the mid 50s, just about every farmer in these parts had switched to throw away shares. Sounds like we are in the same ballpark on pricing. If your contact has some old shares, you might let him know that they are still of value if he doesn't know. The antique tractor "plow days" are a popular event in a lot of areas. Life is Good Dave
  8. Miller57, advice? I would suggest, putting Grandpa's 4lb. hammers on the shelf for safe keeping and start with a well dressed 2lb. hammer for now. Also, keep your thumb off the top of the hammer handle..... Enjoy the craft Life is Good Dave
  9. Am I the only one here that now wants to drill a hole in the waist of my anvil ? Never thought I'd say that ! Dave
  10. I've heard your life would be better if you make blades...... I don't know...............not a brain surgeon here Dave
  11. TJ, this is what I did......When I first started out, and got to the point you are. I couldn't come up with a name so I just stamped my first and last initials.....DS. As the years went by, and still no official shop name, it came to me this summer. Before the state changed the name of the roads in my area to numbers instead of actual names. the road I live on was called Dead Sea road. Therefor, I just called my setup .....Dead Sea Forge and still use the DS touchmark.....Made sense to me..... Life is Good Dave
  12. Just wondering....Does "The Show" keep all the blades made? Dave
  13. Gee thanks LB.....I think?....I hope the old equipment is what made you think of me. It did make me chuckle when this "Townie" (as I call them) (much the same as the city folks calling us country bumpkins) try's to figure out old farm equipment. I hope I'm not the only one here that knows what the "mystery" machine was.....let alone have worked with one.... Life is Good Dave
  14. If you look at the pic I posted above, The small piece at the bottom is a replacement point. After you trim the existing worn point off. This replacement is forge welded on the share to form a new point. Thanks for Dicks proper name Frank. I mistakenly called him "Ben" Carlson in the other thread...He was a wealth of knowledge and very accommodating to my questions... Dave