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  1. Thanks Thomas....good to see you are back. I may have to ILL that book. Life is Good Dave
  2. Well I finally found a "roundtuit"....and got these fabbed up. I am kinda stoked and think they will work pretty good. What got me back on it was, a gentleman that ask if anyone could sharpen a plow share at a demo meeting we RSMA members were doing, at the Johnson Co. In. tractor show. He was referred to me for some reason......I told him I had worked on a few and was still learning. But I would be at the Rushville, In. show in August working some with the Ideal Plow Sharpener in the shop there. He told me he would be at that show and look me up...So the pressure is back on.... I just want to say thanks again to Frank Turley for posting those pics........ Life is Good Dave
  3. Kinda my thoughts Das... Dave
  4. Picked this up a bit ago.....No ring but about 65 -70% rebound. No idea what make it is. I will clean it up when time allows. Details to follow. Life is Good Dave
  5. Thanks guys. I have some graphite seed lube powder and plenty of bees wax. I'll give it a go....about 50/50 or so... Life is Good Dave
  6. Is there some kind of ratio I could use to mix up a batch? Thanks Dave
  7. Would you guys please get back to the mane topic......
  8. It's ok....You did fine, it's just this ole brain of mine is a bit slow soaking up what it is being told. For a bit there, I thought you were some kind of supersmith that anvil height was a minor detail. I am still very impressed with your shop and you skills. Thank you very much for your time explaining....... Life is Good Dave
  9. Thanks for the reply. So I think you are saying for you.....viewer height is more important than anvil height? I wish I was good enough to be able to accommodate that. Maybe I didn't envision it properly when you stated you have 4" of adjustment in anvil height. I just know when I work on an anvil that is to low...the ole back lets me know in a hurry. Not trying to beat a dead horse here, just admiring you versatility. Thanks again Life is Good Dave
  10. This may be a moot question...but, I am wondering if you find your anvil height changes between set-ups? When I saw the footprint of the base from setting it just got me thinkin'...I would guess you can adjust with the leveling jacks on each corner if needed. Also how critical do you think the same anvil height is? I really like your trailer(shop)....I want one. Thanks Dave
  11. Well shucks, I can't think of any puns............ Dave
  12. Looks good.....care to share what you used to polish it up? Thanks ...... Life is Good Dave
  13. As a tombstone user, it was suggested to me a few years back to try 7014 welding rods. I tried some and had good success. I just repair farm stuff and build a few things. Works for me..... Any input from you welding guys? Dave
  14. These, I cut with a regular hand hacksaw with a 32 tooth blade. Lately I have been cutting with a modified portaband using a 24 tooth blade. As you can see, I don't make the final cut on the bottom (top) leg. Just use the extra material to make the loop to hang. Life is Good Dave
  15. When you say "very small split crosses"... How small are you talking? I've made a bunch out of 1/8" square key stock for ear rings. There are a few tricks involved, but very doable. Any questions? Life is Good Dave