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  1. Hey Kit, just a heads up......take some cash with ya . Yer gonna find some stuff that needs to go home with you....just sayin'. I plan on going Friday just to help you out, so you won't have to haul so much. Dave
  2. Nice.....I'm thinking, for what I do.....if one of the 8 sides was flat, I could sell my anvil and clear out a bunch of tooling. If only the cone was solid and no through hole. That may not be a problem, but I'd sure like to have one to find out. Thanks for posting Judson. Life is Good Dave
  3. Lionel......If that woman decides to leave you, let me know....lol Just kidding, great woman and great score. You better make her something real nice. Life is Good Dave
  4. Well Steve, I hope not in vain.....but as an inspiration? Don't worry. I won't say I found you better in person than you seem here on these pages sometimes. Thomas is right, Saturday would be best, but I will probably go Friday. I have a tractor event on Saturday. Life is Good Dave
  5. Kit, get yer tail over to Tipton for the IBA Conference on June 2, 3rd or 4th. Do what ever you have to do...just get there. You will get yer eyes opened by more smiths than you can shake a stick at.....And if yer lucky like I was, you may get to meet up with IFI's own famous Steve Sells. Life is Good Dave
  6. I always hated those ramps...to heavy to begin with......and he wants to make them longer (heavier)? Is this on a dovetail trailer? Tell him to get off his wallet and buy a tilt top......lol Dave
  7. Welcome fellow Hoosier. As Steve said, there a several smiths in the area. I suggest you check out the IBA website. There is a bunch of stuff coming up. Somewhere on this site there are links to Blacksmith videos, that would be worth looking into. For one, check out John Bennett, he was IBA blacksmith of the year last year. Actually, I will be visiting his group at Rockville fairgrounds in the morning @9:00 AM for their monthly meeting. Abit of a drive for you, bit might be worth checking out. Welcome to the craft...Life is Good....... Dave (not a knife maker)
  8. Very nice.....Did you put your touch mark on there somewhere? I'm pretty sure momma will be carrying that in her hand bag to show it off . Well done..... Life is Good Dave
  9. I looked at it till my eyes glazed over.......I don't see a thing
  10. Abby, I probably won't be able to help with the steel type, but I am a retired hoe operator. What size hoe do you have? Are you thinking of a single ripper tooth? Just a bit more info should help. Dave
  11. Hey Soothbore, while we're nit-pickin'....I have always called those "log tongs" Life is Good Dave
  12. Glen......You must have a really small touchmark.... For me, one of the best ways to tell if my "good enough" is good enough. Is making trade items to exchange at our clubs meetings. Sometimes, your item gets picked first, sometimes last, and sometimes I take my own so no one else will have to take it. The comparison with my fellow smiths work is invaluable to me. Life is Good Dave
  13. Dang it.....I got there about 12:30....I had been to Oden to pick up some coal. I saw a few younger guys working, it didn't even cross my feeble mind to ask about you. Sorry bout that........ Dave
  14. Was this at Rockville? Dave
  15. Some farm equipment is regional by nature......and the type of grain in the field would make a difference in the equipment used.....were you in a rice paddy or a wheat field...milo perhaps maybe flax.......a little more info would be helpful ......ds