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  1. I find your Knot sculptures very relaxing in a simple way . They are very good and would certainly earn room space .
  2. Yea flat cap and white silk scarf ,white scarf only to be worn by fully skilled mon ok or woman.
  3. love it Happy face one side ,sad face on the other. rotate as your mood changes , I.e. sad face showing put it in writing I will read it later
  4. I also don't bother dressing plucking and pulling pheasants ,I just unzip them there is no meat on the back, cut the skin by the crop and pull it apart over the breast and legs .then fillet the breasts of with a filleting knife cut the legs off " p s I don't like them to high". My granddad also used to say to much game can make you bad as it is hard to digest ?.
  5. My prayers are with you both. My wife was very ill some years ago and still as to control her thoughts ,Now the happy times are long and the bad times short . What help her was reading Claire Weekes, I also read it and would read it to her through the bad times when she could not read it herself She was also admitted to hospital . But through the book, a psychiatric nurse and me, is now living again. I feel your pain lord hear our prayers
  6. I would say it is a valve seat stone dresser. A lot of engine valve seats are 30 degrees and 45 degrees. Does the end of the black screw have a diamond for dressing grinding stones? Yea I think you are bang on the money after a google search of valve seat stone dresser. A few extra pics for Frosty to conclude his train of thought ? Will have to think of a use for it
  7. The lever just moves the shaft with the threaded knurled head bolt through up and down.
  8. Collected this item from a boot sale ,the seller when asked said he had know Idea what it was and for a quid "£1" I could have it. Could not resist it at that price any notions as to what it might have been used for ? ,the spigot an back scale are both adjustable. Regards .
  9. Thank you all for telling me what it really is, I shall enjoy using it ,I also have a No 3 & No 2 fly press so it should be very useful . The Maker is:- A Finney and it is a New Wonder they used to manufacture machinery in Birmingham for the aircraft industry just up the road from where I live, they used to call it the City of a thousand trades shame time as moved on. I wonder if people in the future will feel the same about 3D printers ?
  10. Purchased this today from a boot sale. It uses standard type hacksaw blades. I used to use one similar at work years ago, you could also grind the blade thinner and use it like a scroll saw on metal plate. Cost me £40 I think it was well worth it
  11. I can see the breath and feel the heart beat of a wild horse in my minds eye , to be able to create from scrap and achieve that is a wonderous ability . i'm very greatfull to see your creations.
  12. Daswulf your work is Good Good Good I am sure once you find a way to get it out there they will be knocking at your door. Quench, I know that feeling you are not alone
  13. The Blast furnace at Steward and Lloyds Bilston "she was named Lizzy", Had to be lit by a women or bad luck would be prevail and no one would work on it. Lizzy don't smoke any more they blew her up and sold the work off abroad ,Bilston lost it's soul.
  14. Arceye Blue

    Fly press

    Well I have managed to sort out my No 3 fly press the no is stamped on the ram see photo with chalk circle " photo's a bit poor sorry" made a handle out off 1 inch bar . Drilled the ram hole out to 1 inch . to take tooling . it doe's the job. Also aquired another press for £40 with some tooling ,once again no handle or balls , I have two large weight lifting discs and I shall use the to make a fly wheel . Thanks for all your advice see you soon ?.
  15. I have a sweeny& blocksidge on mine it's attached via a split collar ,But it looks a lot smaller than the one you have , I think mine is a 2. The picture was taken before I stripped and cleaned it.