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  1. Love the pattern on it. Is it just me or is the handle a little short?
  2. Calming knife? That is a great description for it. Really like the contrast between the two woods.
  3. I love the framed ones. Very cool pieces.
  4. Stunning piece Chris.
  5. Great work das. I love the mandibles.
  6. Very nice piece aus. Even if it was a good wrench I think you could sell the sculpture for 3 times as much.
  7. So I shined up the blade and did a soak in vinegar for about an hour. I did it before I heat treated just to see if I could get a pattern. I think I will leave this one be and try another piece with a heat treat to see the difference. Frosty, Thats a good point about the twist. I wasn't planning on putting a twist in the piece at all. I was getting a lot of delam on the handle and thought I could twist it back shut. Still had to do a lot of filing to knock off the little flyers. Thank you all for the great info.
  8. Latticino, this is my first pattern weld of any kind. Does the blade have to be heat treated for the pattern to come out?
  9. Just did my first cable Damascus. It was a piece of an electric shovel trip cable. Turned out better than I thought it would.
  10. Anvul. I have been told I have a Pacific Northwest accent. Didn't know there was such a thing until I moved to Nevada. Also I drink Pop not Soda.
  11. So just doing the math you are looking a 28 12hr days? How long did it actually wind up being? Amazing work. Love all the fine detail. You could probly look at it for years and still see something new. Great job.
  12. What about pages from a book. Would they stand up in the acrylic? I used to have a deconstructed blasting cap in acrylic on my desk for training purposes that was pretty cool. It had the primer charge, base charge, and timing fuse all pulled out to show the internals. Might be hard to get you hands on those materials these days. Even if you could I wouldn't recommend dissecting one. Any how I would show a picture but I guess someone needed more than me and it disappeared.
  13. Here is my take on the holder. Very cool project. Thanks for the idea B HoSS.
  14. Found a good use for rebar. I have made some bottle openers in this style. need to figure out how to give it legs.
  15. I just got a nice set of wolf jaws that I really like for Christmas. Very multi functional but a little big for smaller projects so I go to with my old trusty farrier tongs.