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  1. I think flat cord wrap. Some 750 cord with the innards pulled out. Maybe a camo pattern.
  2. Thanks aus. I will try that on the next one. Do you have to forge weld the fold? Thanks 48er nodebt, I like the door nocker idea. It's a constant worry of mine that I wouldnt hear ed McMahon.
  3. That 303 stainless can be forged but it takes some doing. I can across a 1" round bar last year. Get it very hot and it will let you know when it's too cool. Also from what I've read it's a air hardening steel so don't bother heat treatment. I made small very rough looking Hardie cutoff out of it and it held up quite well. Just don't miss or you will ding up your hammer. Might be good for eating utensils.
  4. Made my first rams head tonight. Turned out better than I thought it would. Still need to make a few more. Definitely one of those projects you have to go step by step on. This one I made out of the head of a railroad spike. Next one I think I will try the folding method so I can get more horn out of it. As this one stands it's not a shooter. Not sure what to with the rest of the spike. Maybe a bottle opener?
  5. See if you can find a 4" piece of pipe. Maybe steel sewer pipe or well casing and bend around it.
  6. Like doc said. I just used some 3/8 mild stock and quench in water. Super easy to make and pretty handy.