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  1. Hand steel Hawk

    Thanks Flatliner, I took it out in the mountains the other day and chopped some fire wood. then gave it to the boys and let them put it through its paces. Did some throwing and ice chopping. it did well still holding the edge well.
  2. Spring fuller

    Thanks Thomas. This has quickly became my favorite tool. The same effect can be done with a striker and top and bottom fullers but this is much easier for a single man operation as my self. I have used it to draw out quills on feathers and even collapse pipe down for peppers and candle holders with lighter taps. Thomas, can you please show me your swing arm fuller or send me the link if you already put it out. It sounds interesting.
  3. Feathers

    Yup. Fullered the quill out and used a cross pien for the texture. I have a railroad spike tomahawk I made along time ago that I use to chop in the edge splits.
  4. Feathers

    Just finished the order for all 22. The client was very happy. I learned a lot through the process. By the end I was working 3 at once and got my time down to a half hour apiece. I didn’t make any money on it but it is for a good cause and good exposure. Forgot to pictures. The last one is my first one and last one. Big difference
  5. For all of you on Instagram I recently started  dipping my toe in social media. Check me out @incitatus_forge

    Thanks Joe

    1. BlasterJoe


      Decided to change the forge name before I get any deeper into this. The name is now lockjaw forge

  6. This is little Bea. She’s 1 year yellow lab. She’s like my daughters. Comes in to watch me work and falls asleep. I must be a pretty rhythmic hammerer.
  7. New display

    Thanks for the great input. These will be for both demonstrations and for gaining interest for buyers. Thanks again and I will post some more pics from the demos and fair
  8. First rounding hammer

    I made my first rounding hammer. I made it from a worn out loader bucket pin. 4140. Water quenched faces. No cracks. Drew the temper with the drift I made. Feels really good to finally get it done. It’s always been my real blacksmith project. Need a tool/make a tool.
  9. Safety share

    Frosty. First picture was first day second was second. It’s healing up well. It’s peeling like a tattoo. Did a little burn gel first day then neosporin. As to the way it happened I was making a spring fuller. I had the piece that goes in the hardie forged in and needed the large hoop on the back. Both ends were cold and the middle was hot. I was bending the hoop around the horn of my anvil. For some reason I squatted down in front while holding onto the cold ends and started bending. It cooled quickly and I thought I could get that last little bit done before reheat. (Always the wrong thing). I forced the bend and it popped off the taper of the anvil and I saw it coming, through my head back and it got me. The pictures look different because I had to shave that night to get the smell of burned hair off my face. It sucked shaving.
  10. Safety share

    Don’t do what I did! I was bending some spring steel for a fuller around the horn of my anvil and it shot off and hit me. I was squatting in front making sure my bend was even and where I wanted it. I should have been off to the side or using my vise so it was secure. Stupid! Please make sure you stay out of the line of fire and always keep stuff secure. Hot metal hurts
  11. Spring fuller

    I made this spring fuller out of a scrap car spring I found. It amazing how much more I have running through my head now that I have one. This little owl shaped opener is the first thing I made with it.
  12. I made this hawk out of an old single jack starter steel. I have a hand full I have came across the years in mining. With it probly being over a hundred years old I can’t be certain what the alloy is. It had a complex spark and hardened when oil quenched and drew a light straw temper. “File Skated” only time will tell how it will hold an edge. I figured that if it can cut rock it will handle wood.
  13. New display

    I have a demo, helping with a beginner class and a artisan fair all in the month of April. Since my last craft fair I am taking the advice I received and trying to work on my showmanship. Here is a twist display I will be bringing. I think I will do a hook board as well. Thanks for the great advice from everyone who commented on my craft fair post. my wife did the fancy handwriting.
  14. Show me your Bottle Openers!

    Funky little hook guy
  15. For Those Who Metal Detect

    I didn’t find them with a metal detector but this seems like the place. Found an old blasting cap tin lid and a couple old Copenhagen lids. Me and my boys were out digging around some desert dumps.