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  1. @Arthur210 tu as acheté l'enclume de Stéphane ? Lui as tu pris d'autres outils ?
  2. For now, I will try it as is. It's a first for me, I always prefer to try and understand the tool before modifying it
  3. In the truck... Unload it alone isn't an easy job ! @CtG yes !
  4. I made some cigar holder. The gold one looks like Eddy (Iron Maiden)
  5. Most recent and should be the last one I buy. It weights 150#.
  6. More expensive than vinegar, but liquid Lysol removes zinc in just a few minutes. Very effective.
  7. Thank you dudes. Sorry for my frenchie post but sometime it is easier for me. Anyway Google translate and SLAG are there for us !
  8. SLAG Merci beaucoup l'ami ! Frosty Muriatic Acid.... for 4 days.... I forgot it ! That's why I filed the center of the lip.... the acid ate it.
  9. Found this little dude last night. Now in my shop ! I’m really happy !!!