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bicycle chain kitchen knife


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On 11/17/2017 at 4:45 AM, ZachNiedjalski said:

Thats amazing.  I can say this is a big reason why ive wanted to get into knife making.  What kind of etching did you use?

Thanks a lot.  I did a few quick wipes with a diluted mix of ferric chloride and white vinegar. 

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7 hours ago, DavidF said:

Absolutely amazing. The chain pattern is incredible. And the Trex logo. I had to look at that a few times. Really great work

Thanks a lot, it ended up pretty unique.  Chain is a to work with, though. 


5 hours ago, MotoMike said:

It is visually striking.  does the billet shown on the anvil having been partially  forged, above the tack welded chain in prep for forging, have anything to do with the knife shown?


The upper billet was an earlier attempt, with chain on both sides of a 1080 bar to make a san mai billet.  Unfortunately, I tried to do a fluxless weld which did not work at all... it basically fell apart.  I did make one ugly little knife from about 2 inches of it that pseudo-welded (the small knife in the rough ground photo above).  Here is a pic of it finished, I'm not too happy with the result:




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