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  1. 500 layer laddered chef's knife

    Beautiful blade. My damascus is usually at 448 layers and is fine also, but I understand what you are talking about withe the shimmer, or chatoyance. Great job IMO
  2. power tools for knifemaking, yes or no?

    One thing to keep in mind when comparing smiths of today as compared to yesteryear is the apprentices. Most accomplished smiths had one or two apprentices who would yield sledge hammers at the anvil under the direction of the older smith. With that era gone, the necessity of power hammers increased. I love forging a blade by hand, but with an aging back, and raw stock like 1 1/8" round Cruforge V steel to work with, I don't know where I'd be without my air hammer. Same thing with welding up a damascus bilet. I wouldn't even attempt doing that without my hydraulic press. Unless of course I had a couple of apprentices yielding sledge hammers!
  3. Bob Kramer knife maker raw craft episode.

    Excellent stuff
  4. Heres my anvil on the roller stand it came on. Its balanced so that its quite easy to tilt up and roll wherever I want it. It doesn't seem to have a negative effect on its rebound or noise.
  5. Hey Mike, Any chance we can see a video of this thing hammering on some steel?
  6. Tools that pay the bills and feed the mouths...

    Nice lines. Great steel. The relatively small blades of folders requires damascus patterns that are, well, smaller. This is a great example of that.
  7. WIP "Blacksmith's folder"

    Pretty cool kiddo. You really have no concept of what you can't do! Did you work in a way to create a detent to keep it open?
  8. flipper

    Dodo, I too am tooling up to move into maling some folders. I'm leaning toward framelocks. To have something to aspire to, I picked up a Rick Hinderer MP-1. Great fit and finish. Interestingly enough, it flips open very well and doesn't utilize bearings. Just teflon washers. Now I'm rethinking whether I really want to use bearings in mine. If you are using bearings, are you inserting a ready made race into the liners, or spinning the race in with a drill and extra bearing?
  9. Riged back and bone

    Thats a beautiful blade. Great execution on the fabrication and finish of the handle. I like your lathe, even if it is hand held!
  10. I must be learning like crazy!
  11. Japanese Nakiri inspired knife

    Really nice work. Thanks for posting the second set of pics.
  12. Guitar string Damascus?

    I'm real interested on seeing how this plays out. I can't imagine that so fine a wire wouldn't get burnt beyond usability during the welding process. The guitar strings that are steel are so fine that they make the individual strand of 1" 6x19 cable look fat. I would suggest winding them real tight once they are just red hot, prior to bringing them to welding temp.
  13. 100 Year Old Bakelite Grips

    Great daggers JPH! Love the handles. Love the damascus. Love the grinds. Love the sheaths!
  14. First kitchen knife

    Thats a very attractive knive. Great job.
  15. 8.5" W2 Sanmai Gyuto

    Beautiful work Daniel