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  1. Air hammer

    5hp compressor should handle a 50-60 lb kinyon just fine
  2. CFM and PSI

    Got it. So if I’m operating with a 3.25” bore cylinder now at 135psi, with a 4” cylinder I only need 90 psi to accomplish the same power. (If my math is correct) An air compressor should need to cycle less at 90psi so that would be my benefit to upgrade the cylinder to 4” (plus the ability to turn it up if I wanted to). Thanks
  3. CFM and PSI

    So, if psi is the most predominant aspect of pneumatics, and cfm just determines how long it take for your compressor to refill, what is the significance of cylinder size (diameter) on an air hammer? Just lower pressure requirements to achieve the same power?
  4. CFM and PSI

    Recommended pressure is 125 to 150, but manual says you can turn it down for certain control situations. Neil, This is my second hammer, and I still have my digits. As a big boy, I even have a tablesaw and a buffer! Just kidding. Thanks for the reminder. My 50 pounder doesn’t use much air, so cfm never came into question until I got this one.
  5. My Iron Kiss 150 lb hammer is installed and running. I was surprised that it is running well on my 5hp 60 gal, 17cfm compressor. Naturally, with only 60 gallons of air the compressor cycles relatively early but until pressure runs down the hammer functions quite well. In hydraulics, psi controls power while gpm effects speed. Does that correlate to psi and cfm? I have a 250 gallon tank I can hook up to my compressor, or I can do that and pick up an additional 5hp compressor to double my cfm. What would be the effect of doubling my cfm on the performance of the hammer? Will it hammer more hits per minute, or will double cfm just fill the air tanks more quickly?
  6. Thats crazy Salem! I gotta hand it to you. You have no concept of what you can’t do!. No gusset going in at the elbow of that upright? Can’t wait to see this hammer do its thing!
  7. I always thought that H13 made great hot work tools because it air hardened. While other steels would lose their hardness if you overheated them in the work, H13 would just re-harden by itself each time.
  8. Press type recommendations

    I have a top down H frame. I’ve never used a bottom up setup but can’t imagine I would like it when I would need to guide both my material and a top tool. In that scenario I would prefer my work to remain stationary. C frames afford better access to the dies than a narrow H frame. A wide H frame does work well. How ever, they must constructed well to eliminate flex. Uncle Al’s setup looks sweet, but 50in is pretty high. Is there another cylinder that would allow you to utilize that configuration with a lower die height? Have you any time on different types of presses? Might be a good idea before you strike an arc.
  9. I fired up the hammer today even though it is still on pipes in order to see how it effects the shop. Suprisingly the hammer performed as advertised. It does not require an isolated foundation. Nothing in the shop jumped around. I imagine once I have it sitting on 1” plywood it will be even better. That being said, while it does not require a foundation, I do not doubt that it will perform even better with one.
  10. viking axe class

    Looks blessedly great!
  11. Couple Tomahawks

    Xxxx. I would buy that if not just for the handle!
  12. Ball Peen Hammer Hawk

    Thats a great hawk! Incredible job for a first try. My first one went to the scrap gods.
  13. Beautiful axe. Kinda like a jumbo hawk. I love it!
  14. Well done! This is one of the items on my must do list. I love the form you incorporated into this piece. Did I say “well done!”?
  15. Those top tools do have wire rope handles that have a portion partially unwrapped to create a swelled handle. They were thrown in with the hammer when I bought it.