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  1. Jspool

    Pair of ulu’ish knives

    Thanks. I was wondering how you got around the corner!
  2. Well I'm no expert and while I can hear your .mov files, the visual is not coming through for me. On my Kinyon bpm is adjusted by the placement of the roller valves. Did you try lowering the top roller? Is the hammer hitting hard? Hopefully someone with a lot more knowledge will chime in.
  3. Jspool

    Pair of ulu’ish knives

    Very nice. great handles. I have drawings of a similar design I had planned to make, but never did. Does your tang extend into the handle past where the shortest cross grain exists?
  4. Jspool

    Press build

    What size breaker was required to run that 10hp motor? I assume its 3ph.
  5. Jspool

    some for the Kitchen

    Thats a hansome set!
  6. Jspool

    275-layer laddered chef's knife

    Nicely done. I like seeing a well executed ladder pattern. Great stand!
  7. Jspool

    Drilled (no crayon) ribbon burner

    Just a thought. If you are not casting the holes with crayons and drilling them instead, why not forgo the casting all together and cut a fire brick to size and drill that?
  8. Jspool

    My first Pattern Weld!!!

    Good job! Can’t wait to see your next one!
  9. Jspool

    Power hammer

    A lot of tool rental places rent machinery trailers that lower to the ground. A 1200lb machine is not too heavy to come a long onto one of these with minimal ramping and the use of some 3/4” pipe as rollers, Egyptian style. Same for getting it off. Keep your lines low as that hammer is top heavy, and work slow (I’m talking about an inch at a time slow) and you’ll be fine.
  10. Jspool

    Forging Press Design

    Ross, I see combo dies in your drawing. When utilizing combo dies your work will be offset from the center of the ram. This will encourage canting of your die carrier. In orde to mitigate as much of the canting as possible, I would suggest using longer guide plates. 1/16”of play in 12” guides is a lot less angle than 1/16” play in 6” guides. Just my 2 cents. Lookin good.
  11. Jspool

    What pin material to use on Damascus bolsters

    Aaron, If you want the pins to blend in with the damascus bolster, I assume you will etch after the bolsters are pinned. If (again assuming) your damascus is made from 108X/15n20, if you use a 108X pin it will be black after etching, a 15n20 pin will be silver. Otherwise, DuEulear’s suggestion would be the best option, but the most difficult for you. You could use some scrap from the damascus you purchased to turn a few pins.
  12. Jspool

    Failed 1084 blade

    Hi, A little clarity, and pictures would help alot. When you say “kitchen knife” is it like a chefs knife or a cleaver? How thick is the blade? What is the edge geometry? Did you mean to post “1/4” thick piece of white oak”? Thats not very thick. Not knowing any of the above information, I will say this, I’m not sure any of my chefs knives would stand up to chopping oak. They are designed for slicing, and retention of its edge, not chopping. Now my Bowie could chop a small tree down, but kinda suck in the kitchen!
  13. Jspool

    VFD 10hp

    Very astute reply Tim. I think you probably hit the nail on the head regarding the relay control system. I wasn’t considering that.
  14. Jspool

    VFD 10hp

    Worth checking into