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  1. TheoRockNazz

    Patternwelded modern seax

    First blade of 2019! W2 cutting edge stacked with a twist core and wrought iron spine. Blade was deeply hot blued then sanded back ever so gently to make the pattern pop. Cast bronze fittings with buffalo horn. Theo
  2. TheoRockNazz

    80CrV2 drop point

    Last blade of 2018, woot! Happy new year yall! Forged 80CrV2 full tang drop point with hamon. The blade is blued for added protection against the elements. Handle is buffalo horn with 3D printed cast bronze fittings - I like to leave a bit of the casting texture on the bronze for character. See ya next year! Theo
  3. TheoRockNazz

    The New Yorker did a fun piece on NYC bladesmiths

    Haha, too true. Thanks guys!
  4. Heya gang, Check out this amazing article The New Yorker did about bladesmiths in NYC. It features fellow Forged in Fire contestant Frankie Sausto, several of my students, and my ugly mug. It's all about passing it on, Theo
  5. I am happy to finally show off the economy custom chopper series we've been working on the past six months! The blades are all 80CrV2 high carbon tool steel forged to shape, rough ground, and heat treated by yours truly; then final ground and assembled by Justin Kirck, who also made the leather sheathes. Handle materials include stabilized burls, hybrids, micartas, and hardwoods. While this isn't the completed set, the choppers here are great representation of the fun materials we got to play with. Truthfully, and I will only say it here; this was way more work than we thought it was going to be, and we struggled to keep up with the timeframe the whole time. Who knew teaching and do a run of knives would be a lot for just two people?! :3 More collaborations are on the horizon, I will keep yall in the loop! -
  6. TheoRockNazz

    Sad Passing

    I got started with one of his books. We have lost a great man.
  7. TheoRockNazz

    Collaboration blanks round 4

    WOW! Those look fantastic! I'm so glad other smiths are having as much fun with 3D printing as I do
  8. TheoRockNazz


    Nicely done, looks solid and practical
  9. TheoRockNazz

    Dabbling with mosaic patterns

    Stunning! Well done
  10. TheoRockNazz

    Shop upgrades, guest teaching, and gallery submission requests

    Thank you for the insight and input
  11. Been a while since I posted - been busy upgrading the shop! I've been teaching full time about a year now and thought it was time to step things up a level. Expanded my area and finally have it's confines clearly defined so I can settle in. Still tweaking things, but I am very happy so far, the flow is much better. Now I feel comfortable offering teaching opportunities for my fellow bladesmiths interested in vising us in The Big Apple. If this sounds like fun to you please reach out to me for more information on how this would work. Mace Vitale has already started the process and Walter Sorrells and I have been plotting, I hope to have them scheduled for later this year (or early next year). Lastly, the front hallway/entrance to the forge has been turned into a small gallery of student, teacher, and local bladesmiths to show off their wares. I want to include work from anyone interested in displaying their blades - we get lots of eyes on them via walk-ins and students. I do not plan on selling blades for other smiths, but send lots of cards for people to take so I can help arrange sales. Currently it's just the 3 cases (bolted to the table), but I am picking up some sword sized as well. Always looking for input on everything, Theo
  12. TheoRockNazz

    My first Pattern Weld!!!

    Wonderfully done! On to the next!
  13. Fantastic work - it's been great watching your blades progress. Your patterns are becoming cleaner and better defined. The handles look solid and comfy, plus the material is just tons of fun. My only critique is to find a balance between your lines. Your knives tend to be lean towards roundness or edges; soft or hard. Your first knife strikes the best balance in my opinion.
  14. TheoRockNazz

    Skinner set for family

    A set of skinners I forged for a father and two sons. The scales are antler from a deer they hunted with their grandfather before his passing, and the inscription is his initials plus harvest year. Forged 80CrV2 blades with hamon, bronze fittings and brass pins. Any time I can make something special, that has a lot of meaning to a customer and their family, I jump right on it - by far the most rewarding commissions. Sheaths by bladesmith Justin Allen Kirck.