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  1. A few of my recent attempts (Photo Heavy)

    Fantastic work, that bowie kicks butt!
  2. Twisted low layer 1095 and 15n20 blade, forged to shape with integral guard and pommel. I had to forge weld on a little more from another billet so the guard has some funky stuff going on. Cyprian olive wood stabilized with blue resin in cracks. This is the wood I brought back from Cyprus a LOOOOOONG time ago in this post hoping to use it on a Kopis... ended up going on this short sword instead. Medallions are 3D printed cast brass and have the Nazz logo in the center. Leather sheath by Justin Kirck. Let me know what yall think! Theo
  3. Folding sword

    Thanks guys! I will check that out. And yes, this was more along the lines of you can probably expect the guy on the other end does not have a sword
  4. To The Wall..the Last Three Weeks

    Always inspirational work, thank you for posting
  5. Can i substitute a Habaki with a Ricasso?

    These guys are doing it right - I do not even try. I take measurements, plug it into Rhino, and 3D print then cast those xxxxxxxxx. Hopefully you get the idea that this is a particularly hard step in a already difficult process If this is your first knife I recommend good ol' K.I.S.S.
  6. This one was a little different than usual: I received a rush commission for a replication of an older blade blade and called on my buddy and fellow knifemaker Dave Schmitt - it just so happened he had some random pattern at the ready, so he quickly shaped it and sent it my way. 1095, 1084, and 15N20 blade forged and ground by Dave. Heat treated and handled by me; copper, faux ivory, stabilized zebrawood, and cast bronze medallion with the customer's initials. This was my first coffee etched blade and HOLY COW is that better than acid alone, even makes the hamon pop more.
  7. bicycle chain kitchen knife

    Lookin good! Clean pattern
  8. Kiridashi from file

    There are threads dedicated to answering that question:
  9. Thank you all, it was such a pleasure being on the show, I just wish I could keep em all haha
  10. Ernesto Urdanata's steller pictures of my first chopper from my Forged In Fire Chapions of Champions edition! @efactor1 Thank you again Ernesto, the pictures are fantastic! I had a blast making this knife even though the time constraints were tight. Stabilized dyed maple, black G10, brass pins with brass medallion. Forged 80CrV2 blade with leaf lanyard hole on base.
  11. Shorty and it's issues

    Despite jumping into damascus way too early, this is very impressive as a first knife. What is your fuel source?
  12. Blademithing series on History channel

    You guys are too punny
  13. Blademithing series on History channel

    Thank yall Had a blast forge welding on that guard
  14. Collaboration blanks round 4

    Wow man, you've really transformed my hunkajunk into something beautiful, can't wait to see it done!
  15. Blademithing series on History channel

    Thanks man!