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  1. Blademithing series on History channel

    You guys are too punny
  2. Blademithing series on History channel

    Thank yall Had a blast forge welding on that guard
  3. Collaboration blanks round 4

    Wow man, you've really transformed my hunkajunk into something beautiful, can't wait to see it done!
  4. Blademithing series on History channel

    Thanks man!
  5. Blademithing series on History channel

    Oh snap! Good one old man
  6. Blademithing series on History channel

    It's gunna kick some butt, probably the best episode yet... you know, all hubris aside lol
  7. Something WICKED

    Awe inspiring work. Regular inspiring as well, makes me want to sketch some ideas lol
  8. Blademithing series on History channel

    Hiyall! Just a head's up, I got confirmation my second episode airs October 17th! So excited!
  9. Bos Taurus Blades

    Stunning work! Always love your patterns
  10. New bladesmithing specific logo - looking for input

    Thank you everyone for the great input!
  11. Heya guys, So I got some great advice recently that I need to better embrace the nerd, and also update the logo - something that will also work as a shop sign. Video games and anime heavily inspire my creations, so I wanted to come across clearly... although I do worry it sort of slaps you in the face, haha
  12. Thark bush swords

    Always a fan, well done
  13. Stuck in the city. Now what?

    I am in Brooklyn, email or PM me and we'll work something out
  14. Road to Damascus

    Those chains will be great practice! I encourage you to attempt that several times to get used to forge welding. You can also then add a fun extra element by san mai-ing that with the 5160 you have as the core.
  15. Collaboration blanks round 6