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  1. TheoRockNazz

    Skinner set for family

    A set of skinners I forged for a father and two sons. The scales are antler from a deer they hunted with their grandfather before his passing, and the inscription is his initials plus harvest year. Forged 80CrV2 blades with hamon, bronze fittings and brass pins. Any time I can make something special, that has a lot of meaning to a customer and their family, I jump right on it - by far the most rewarding commissions. Sheaths by bladesmith Justin Allen Kirck.
  2. TheoRockNazz

    1095 skinner

    Yes they did, bet they're awful proud and the lucky recipient happy
  3. TheoRockNazz

    Failed 1084 blade

    Pictures are necessary Sounds like you quenched too hot and got some cracking and/or made it far too brittle. Pictures please
  4. TheoRockNazz

    Blade Show 2018

    Heyall! Here are some pictures from blade. It was great seeing you guys there, sorry if I seemed frazzled - I was! Almost packed the cat, she blends in with the bag too well.
  5. I have not made a whole lot this past year and a half... but my students sure have! Check out this long montage of students at the forge and showing off their knives!
  6. TheoRockNazz

    Two student swords

    New pirates movie anyone? Pirates of the Brooklyn
  7. TheoRockNazz

    Two student swords

    Luke and Eli finished these AMAZING swords a couple days ago!! These kids are 13 and 15 and doing better blades than folks twice their age. Remarkable! Luke (left) forged a damascus blade from 15n20 and 1095, and forged mild steel fittings with caribou. Eli (right) forged an 80CrV2 blade with copper and walnut. So proud of em! Stupid me forgot to get close ups... haha
  8. TheoRockNazz

    Finn's SPECTACULAR first sword

    lol, on point
  9. TheoRockNazz

    Dragon Katana

    Just got that 9gag joke... lol
  10. TheoRockNazz

    Finn's SPECTACULAR first sword

    He forged the modified type XVIIIb blade in 80CrV2, and the guard & pommel from mild steel. The handle is leather wrapped walnut, then everything was blackened. Did I mention he's only 15?! I am thinking a fun Forged In Fire episode would be just my four best students going head to head because they are getting daaaarn good.
  11. TheoRockNazz

    Coffin handle Sheffield Bowie in damascus with hamon

    Thanks guys! The pattern was supposed to be a modified basketweave where each repeat was kind of like a blocky spiral... didn't work but still fun! The medallion actually acts to round off the handle and fill the palm of the hand. The edges are all softer than they look. It's actually quite comfy... despite the fact it's probably rarely going to be used... the sad part of art knives I suppose
  12. I put this knife together pretty fast out of two fun side projects/experiments that ended up working out together. The cast bronze guard was the big sister to my nuts-n-bolts canister damascus from before, and the damascus a pattern experiment. The pattern didn't turn out as planned, but it's still a lot of fun (especially if you throw a hamon over it). Handle is stabilized burl with cast brass medallion and pins. Comments and critique always welcome, Theo
  13. TheoRockNazz

    Dragon Katana

    Pretty photo by Jim at Sharp By Coop!
  14. TheoRockNazz

    Carbon in Steel

    Welcome to the wonderful world of knifemaking! Many kind and skilled bladesmiths have contributed to the pinned posts and classes, it's the best place to start. You'll find a lot of the first-timer questions have been answered there, but if you need further clarification or examples always feel free to post. Theo
  15. TheoRockNazz

    Dragon Katana

    It's still blade heavy, all the fittings are 3D printed and cast in bronze, so I make them as thin-walled as I can, they just look hefty