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  1. I don’t know if it’s just me, but it seems like more and more people selling things online are going the “He who speaks first looses” rout when it comes to pricing their items. They just say “make me an offer” which invites the prospective buyer to send a conservative offer to which the seller replies “no lowballs”. Instead of getting offended at a low offer, why not just list the item a little on the high side and let negotiating do its thing?
  2. Yup! Gotta do that heat treat and file test before shaping. Nice letter opener, though.
  3. Thinking about trying Penetrol instead of an aerosol solution. Anyone here use Penetrol before?
  4. I’ll have to look into that. Thanks. Anybody else have a favorite?
  5. Hey everyone, it’s been a while! So I’m entering a welding sculpture contest, and looking for your recommendations for the best gloss clear coat for a steel sculpture with nooks and crannies that are hard to spray (clear coat is the only finish we’re allowed to use). It’s an 18” sculpture of a man sitting on a stool with a guitar, mostly a grey/smooth scale texture with polished steel in places. Unfortunately I can’t post pics until after the contest... Curious if I should stick to a spray finish, or try a thin brushed clear. So what type/brand do y’all recommend? Thanks in advance!
  6. Thanks y’all! Used different sized pipe, round stock, bolts, screws, nuts, nails, chain links, square tube, etc. The “seat” was made from a valve handle.
  7. @CrazyGoatLady Thanks. I think I looked at a picture and traced it out before wood-burning.
  8. @arkie Awesome ideas! Made this for a friend’s wedding a few months ago (I wood-burned the horse darker later).
  9. Been a while since I posted anything, but I just finished a fun project... So, I’m going to a trade-school to become certified in MIG, stick, and TIG welding, and I had some extra time on my hands. Every now and then we have groups from different high schools come out to tour the campus, and when they come through the welding shop, the tour tends to be pretty boring with very little interest from any of the students. Well, I got to talking with the instructor and asked him if I could make something for the school to show to tour groups that represents the possibilities of what you can do with welding, and he said “sure”. Took a few days to make, but I’m really happy with how it turned out. Maybe it will inspire a couple kids to learn welding. Alexandr Amazing work as always!!
  10. Here’s one: “Forged in Fire”
  11. Finished up a little bass I’ve been working on. Now I need to come up with something to make that I can put it on... Maybe a lamp or something?
  12. Have you tried the ring and rebound tests?
  13. Nchammer, Great looking knife for your first! Personally, I think the proportions would look a tad better with a smaller choil and maybe a little bit bigger of a guard. Just me though... One more thing... I’m not sure why 1095 is recommended so often as a great steel for beginners, because a soak time in hardening is recommended. 1084 is easier for beginners who don’t have a controlled heat treating oven at their disposal. Overall, a very nice job.
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