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  1. New display

    Love it. My only suggestion would be maybe to upset the very tip of the pieces so they flare out a little at the end. It helps to break up the cut-off look and make them look more like finished pieces.
  2. Why not just use some big chunk of scrap with the scouts? Probably one of the best things you could teach them is that you don't need a London pattern anvil to shape steel.
  3. Anvil costs

    Some people say old is better. Some people say new is better. Both of groups are wrong. It isn't the age of an anvil that determines the quality. It is the quality of an anvil that determines quality. ...if that makes since. Lots of factors determine the market for both new and used anvils. Ignorance is, perhaps, the biggest factor, nostalgia is another one, and convenience is too. Is a nice old anvil with a few chips in the tool steel face better than a brand new ductile iron anvil? It all boils down to personal preference.
  4. Little things that make a BIG difference

    Using proper tongs, using the correct weight/type of hammer for the job, using good fresh sandpaper, using sharp files, soaking things in venegar to remove rust or scale... And then on the bad side: Sticking your work down in the bottom of the firepot (too much scale), letting your mind wander with a blade in the forge, forgetting to wear dirty clothes when in the shop.
  5. Show me your blacksmith pets

    Nice score, bro!! SUPER cute. ...can't get over that face.
  6. Show me your blacksmith pets

    Great thread! Here's my current arsenal. One to guard the palace and one to survey the rest of the kingdom...
  7. Old Swedish anvil

    More pictures please! I don't think I have ever heard of that one.
  8. Show me your blacksmith pets

    Fine lookin' set of paws you got there.
  9. Starting a very small businuess

    Don't decide what you are going to make. Let the demand for certain items decide what you are going to make. In other words, make everything and see what sells.
  10. Starting a very small businuess

    Etsy requires that minors use their parent/guardian's bank account, so you actually don't need one yet. The fees are minuscule, and they make shipping really easy with printable labels. Online or not, it takes a while to build a reputation, and you shouldn't expect it to replace a good summer job. As a hobbyist, though, it's fun and gives me a chance to make a little money when I go "what do I do with ALL THESE LETTER OPENERS!!".
  11. Presentation and first two knives

    That turned out beautifully. Very nice job!
  12. Sgian Dubh Colaboration (pic heavy)

    Thanks guys! For the etch, I did three ten minute soaks, cleaning up in between, in a 1:3 ratio of ferric to water. After that, I did one coat of Birchwood Casey Super Blue and sanded over the high spots with 1200 grit. Really helped make that "web" stand out.
  13. What to look for at auctions

    Man, I should've overpaid a long time ago...
  14. Sgian Dubh Colaboration (pic heavy)

    Next one I make, I need to etch a "skyin' dude" on the blade, and maybe people will stop asking how to pronounce it.
  15. Sgian Dubh Colaboration (pic heavy)

    Thanks y'all! TP - Interesting. Any particular kinds of leather that do that? I used soft upholstery type leather with the bottom grain facing in. Of course, veg and oil tan is commonly used on sheaths, though I have heard people say not to store your knife in its sheath. Never known anyone that does it, though. Please educate me.