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  1. Howdy folks! A good friend of mine wants me to make him a custom fixed blade carry knife primarily for cutting hay string on round bales. He wants to be able to slash across the entire bale, so not looking for a hook shape or something that would be prone to getting caught. Any thoughts on the best design for a blade of this purpose? He was thinking about something with a blunt looking (but sharpened) tip, but I’m curious what blade profiles some of y’all would go with.
  2. My brother used a Tormach to create this aluminum side wheel that I designed for my airgun scope. If ya don’t have rifle with scope that needs a focus wheel I could always use an extra...
  3. I like the way Chris Willams put it - looking for someone who’s *qualified* but may or may not be certified. Of, course some specialized welding jobs with higher risk/liability will require certain credentials, but I think for the “general welding” you mentioned, whether or not you choose standardized schooling over good ol’ long and sometimes frustrating hours in your garage is up to you. I took a 1 year combination welder course in Tennessee which covers basic stick, MIG, TIG welding in various thickness and positions as well as plasma, oxi-torch, grinders, print reading, etc. I am now a
  4. Thanks guys! Really appreciate it. Kevin Olson, the Guitar player is 16 inches tall.
  5. Hey all! Been forever since I’ve been on here, but looks like this is still the same great forum with a lot of the same great people. 2 years ago I decided to get certified in combination welding, and I’m now doing metalwork full time. Although, the welding I’m currently doing for a living isn’t art, I’ve been able to keep my artistic side alive with some side projects, so I thought I would share a few pics. Hope you enjoy.
  6. Thanks for all the suggestions! I went ahead and tried Penetrol and I’m very pleased with the results. Brushes on easily without any dripping problems.
  7. I don’t know if it’s just me, but it seems like more and more people selling things online are going the “He who speaks first looses” rout when it comes to pricing their items. They just say “make me an offer” which invites the prospective buyer to send a conservative offer to which the seller replies “no lowballs”. Instead of getting offended at a low offer, why not just list the item a little on the high side and let negotiating do its thing?
  8. Yup! Gotta do that heat treat and file test before shaping. Nice letter opener, though.
  9. Thinking about trying Penetrol instead of an aerosol solution. Anyone here use Penetrol before?
  10. I’ll have to look into that. Thanks. Anybody else have a favorite?
  11. Hey everyone, it’s been a while! So I’m entering a welding sculpture contest, and looking for your recommendations for the best gloss clear coat for a steel sculpture with nooks and crannies that are hard to spray (clear coat is the only finish we’re allowed to use). It’s an 18” sculpture of a man sitting on a stool with a guitar, mostly a grey/smooth scale texture with polished steel in places. Unfortunately I can’t post pics until after the contest... Curious if I should stick to a spray finish, or try a thin brushed clear. So what type/brand do y’all recommend? Th
  12. Thanks y’all! Used different sized pipe, round stock, bolts, screws, nuts, nails, chain links, square tube, etc. The “seat” was made from a valve handle.
  13. @CrazyGoatLady Thanks. I think I looked at a picture and traced it out before wood-burning.
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