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  1. C-1ToolSteel

    It followed me home

    Nice score, JHCC. No rust!
  2. Before I switched to using actual coal, I experimented with several different methods of making charcoal. Your “plan B” method is what I found works the best. The idea is really to more or less “smoke” the wood rather than to partially burn it - just like you would smoke a brisket in a smoker. Same idea. You have a small fire (that you feed as it burns down) on one end that becomes the heat source, a large chamber in the middle filled with the wood that is being “smoked”, and a pipe on the other end to draw the heat through. Once most of the smoke is gone, you need to make sure that everything is completely sealed, so your charcoal doesn’t burn up into a pile of ash. I’d also recommend that you wait at least say, 12 hours before you open it up again. Charcoal making is a fun experiment and good learning experience. You will probably find, though, that after several batches of the stuff, you’ll be hooked on making ironwork and a little less jazzed about making charcoal... Look around and if your lucky, you might just find someone with a big supply of coal that they want to get rid of. If not, depending on where you live, there are still companies around that will fill your trailor with coal for a very small fraction of the cost of ordering it online!
  3. C-1ToolSteel

    366 Hooks

    Now THAT is pure inspiration.
  4. JHCC, have you thought about welding several hardy shanks on to improve stability?
  5. C-1ToolSteel

    MouseHole ???

    I believe it says: Vulcan Works Sheffield Not to get confused with the cast iron American Vulcans.
  6. C-1ToolSteel

    Help identifying my first anvil :)

    Interesting. Not a name brand, but it might still be decent quality. Face is a little rough and unfinished. I'd at least take an angle grinder to the casting line over the horn. Does it ring when struck, or just a dead thud. This is where we separate the anvils from the ASOs! The look of it kinda reminds me of some anvils I recall Thomas Powers talking about that were hit-or-miss, depending on whatever type of steel they had left over to melt. Have you tried a rebound test?
  7. C-1ToolSteel

    New Work

    Gorgeous work! Thanks for sharing.
  8. C-1ToolSteel

    2 Hay Buddens

    The only thing better than a Hay Budden is two Hay Buddens!
  9. C-1ToolSteel

    Buy? 350 lb Lewis anvil for $350

    Sweet! Interesting markings. I would have assumed that "LEWIS" was stamped in at a later date, except for the fact that the letters are so bold (instead of thin and shallow). Appears to say: Warranted, Best, Tredin below. I thought I recognized those markings from a recent thread...
  10. C-1ToolSteel

    Buy? 350 lb Lewis anvil for $350

    It's an old English anvil. Looks like it has some significant chipping on one side, but If it passes the ring and rebound tests, I'd say it's probably in good enough shape for $1/lb to still be a good deal. Doesn't really look like a 350lber to me, but my eyes could be playing tricks... Snatch in up good and quick, if it is for sale on a public site and you have done the research to know you want it.
  11. C-1ToolSteel

    It followed me home

    Don't try to weld on the face!!
  12. C-1ToolSteel

    Show me your anvil

    Nice anvil! Sad, though, that it appears that someone welded on the edges to make them nice and sharp... Probably the same guy that Cut the clip off.
  13. C-1ToolSteel

    could use some anvil advice

    Leave it be. Trying to add a thin plate will actually make it worse. Usually, we talk about anvils in terms of mass and weight, but I'd say 10 or more inches of solid mass under the hammer would be ideal. The more, the better.
  14. C-1ToolSteel

    could use some anvil advice

    That's not an upgrade. Obviously cast (not forged), so I wouldn't trust that it is steel either. You already have a horn and hardy hole, so I'd recommend that you be on the look out for just a large hunk of steel from the scrapyard. A LOT better bang for you buck!!
  15. What about making things that don't make sense...