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  1. And most of us don't have a super sweet anvil before we even get started!
  2. That is the handsomest rail anvil I have ever seen. When you upgrade anvils, I think that one will bring a pretty penny.
  3. I don't recommend S hooks for a first project. Do things that use long pieces of stock that don't require tongs. Buy the necessary tools, and just play around. Stop trying to make *things* and just make *stuff*. It's a good way to learn hammer control and other skills, and you can't mess up! The blades will come before you know it.
  4. MBForge, I like it! Wrap it in duck tape and it will last longer.
  5. Forge out a thin piece, heat it to critical temp, quench in water. If it bends and doesn't break, then it is too soft for a knife. Good for other things, though.
  6. I'll pray for her. Blessing that they caught it early.
  7. Greetings Russel! Glad to have you. Maybe we will cross paths some day, as I ain't all that far from ya. Yep, that is an Arm and Hammer. Very nice anvil!
  8. There's a lot of blacksmithing that requires mostly practice and hammer control rather than hard labor.
  9. Naw, it looks fine to me. Fisher chain vises are cast, and the way they work is the chain drives the bottom screw which makes them parallel at any opening. No company other than Fisher ever made them. They are going for BIG bucks, so if it is a good deal, jump on it.
  10. Yep that's a Fisher. Those Fisher parallel jaw vises are becoming quite rare.
  11. Nice! The side with the horn facing left is usually in better shape than the other one, but if the edge on the far side looks anything like this side, you have a nice one. From what I've seen, anvils in your area tent to go for more than they do around here. If I were you, I would put it on Craigslist for $700 and go from there if it doesn't sell quickly.
  12. Nifty idea!
  13. The tang didn't just grow longer than it was, so figure out what is blocking it, and get it out of there. If you can't get it out, I second Turbo about just cutting 1/2" off and gluing it in.
  14. JB weld glue is about 5 bucks a pack.