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  1. Dylan Sawicki

    Champion blower model #?

    Looks like the same gear box that’s on my Champion midway spiral gear blower. But with a different fan housing.
  2. Dylan Sawicki

    DIY Micarta

    Very cool! Looking forward to seeing the end result.
  3. Dylan Sawicki

    Show me your anvil

    Vulcan brand cast iron with a steel face plate.
  4. Dylan Sawicki

    NEB Fall Meet

    I had a great time at the meet! Mark Aspery is an amazing demostator! It was a lot of fun.
  5. Dylan Sawicki

    Floor Drill Presses

    When I was looking at replacing my small bench top drill press there weren't many used ones for sale in my area. So I did some research and the best one I could find in my price range (around 300$) was the Porter-Cable 12 speed floor drill press. It's a really big improvement over my small craftsman bench top. I especially love the moveable lamp it has. When I bought mine it was around 325$, I just checked on the website and now its 399$.
  6. Dylan Sawicki

    It followed me home

    JT I don't really know anything about boats but that boat looks pretty cool. If Airstream made a boat I imagine that's what it would look like.
  7. Dylan Sawicki

    Second Damascus project

    Looks great!
  8. Dylan Sawicki

    Show me your anvil

    Thats a really neat anvil Zrognack!
  9. Dylan Sawicki

    Peddinghaus replica ?

    Looks similar to the Bulgar anvil sold by old world anvils.
  10. Dylan Sawicki

    A collection of improvised anvils

    I think it was a ferrule for a knife.
  11. Dylan Sawicki

    My first anvil!

    I wish my first anvil was 416 pounds!!
  12. Dylan Sawicki

    How to Forge a Frying Pan

    Now I really want to make a skillet.
  13. Dylan Sawicki

    Grappeling Hook

    I am curious what is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?